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[[Shawn Levasseur]] 2007-2008, 2010- present
[[Shawn Levasseur]] 2007-2008, 2010- present<br/>
[[Clark Phinney]] 2008-2010
[[Clark Phinney]] 2008-2010<br/>
[[Mark Cenci]] 2002-2007<BR/>
[[Mark Cenci]] 2002-2007<BR/>
[[Fred Staples|J Fred Staples]] 2000-2002<BR/>
[[Fred Staples|J Fred Staples]] 2000-2002<BR/>

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Stephen Dow, chair
Mark Bodenhausen, chair
Dick Clark, chair

District of Columbia

David Alan, chair, vice chair
Kat DeBurgh, chair, secretary
Rob Kampia, chair
Shannon McMenamin, chair
Carol Moore, chair, treasurer, secretary


Jack Aiken, chair, vice chair
Michael Cartwright, chair, vice chair
Dr. Helmut Forren, chair, vice chair, representative (at large)
Mark Mosley, chair, executive director
Jason Pye, chair, at-large representative


Tracy Ryan Mike Rossel, chair
Dick Rowland, chair
Ken Schoolland, chair
Roger Taylor, chair


Bill Bockoven (1975-1977)
John Ball (1977-1978)
Gary Roewe (1978-1981)
Mike Grant (1981-1982)
Dale Roewe (1982-1983)
Mike Lewis (1983-1985)
Tim Hird (1987-1991)
Marcia Roewe (1991-1995)
Dick Kruse (1995-1997)
Randy Herod (1997-1999)
Mark Nelson (1999-2005)
Christy Ann Welty (2005-2006)
Kevin Litten (2006-2007)

Ed Wright


Sal Giangrosso, chair
Crayton Green "Sparky" Hall, Chair 1980-1985
T. Lee Horne, III, chair 2008-present
Jerry Millett, chair
Charles Adrien Monteleone, chair 2007-2008
Vinson J. Mouser, chair 2003-2007
Wayne Parker, chair
Michael K. Perkins, chair
Charles Sallier, chair


Shawn Levasseur 2007-2008, 2010- present
Clark Phinney 2008-2010
Mark Cenci 2002-2007
J Fred Staples 2000-2002
Richard W. Eaton


Dave Sten Steve Boone, chair
Roy J. Meyers III, chair, vice chair, executive director, petition drive coordinator
Nicholas J. Sarwark, chair, fundraising director, youth outreach director
Chip Spangler, chair, vice chair, communications director, media relations, webmaster


Elias Israel, chair
Kamal Jain, state chair, vice chair, executive director, editor, Massachusetts Liberty, regional chair (Greater Lowell)
Thomas LaRoche, state chair, vice chair, representative
George Phillies, board member


Stuart Weiner 1972
Bill Krebaum? 1972?-1973?
James Hudler 1973
Jeff Doan? 1973?-1975?
James Hudler 1975-1978
Larry McKenna 1978-1979
James Hudler 1979-1980
Brian Wright 1980-1984
James Hudler 1984-1986
Janet Parkes 1986-?
Keith Edwards 1991-1995
Emily Salvette 1995-1997?
Stacy Van Oast
Michael Corliss 2000?-2001?
Ghazey Aleck 2001?-2002?
James Hudler 2002?-2003
Bill Gelineau 2003-2004
Michael Donahue 2004-2005
Nathan Allen 2005-2006
Scotty Boman 2006-2007
Bill Hall 2007 - Present


Pat Dixon, chair (2004-present)
David DeLamar, chair (2002-2004)
Geoff Neale, chair (1998-2002), treasurer (2004-2007)
Jay Manifold, chair (1994-1996), vice chair
Joe Barnett, chair (1993?-1994)
Bruce Baechelor, chair (late 1980s)
Honey Lanham, chair (1980s)
W T Fraser, chair (early 1980s)
Mike Grossberg, chair (1970s)
Bill Howell, chair (1970s)


Bob Collison Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Voice Mail
Ron Emery Chair, Past Chair, Judiciary Chair
Arif Kahn Chair
Leslie Graves Key Chair, Executive Director
Jim Mueller Chair, Vice Chair, At Large, Legislative Liaison
Dave Redick, Chair
Mary Roffers Chair
Linda Sturtzen Chair
Ed Thompson, Chair
Tom Westgaard Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary