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==Historical Officials and Staff==
==Historical Officials and Staff==
[[Joseph Buchman|Dr. Joseph Geddes Buchman]], ''secretary'' (c. 2005)<BR/>
[[Karl Bray]], ''chair (1972-?)''<BR/>
[[Jim Dexter]], ''treasurer'' (c. 1995)<BR/>
[[Joseph Buchman|Dr Joseph Geddes Buchman]], ''secretary (c. 2005)''<BR/>
[[Jim Elwell]], chair (c. 1994)<BR/>
[[George Chapman|George A Chapman]], ''chair (c. 1975)''<BR/>
[[Andrew McCullough|W. Andrew McCullough]], ''chair'' (c. 2005)<BR/>
[[Bonnie Darley]], ''secretary (1972-?)''<BR/>
[[Dylan McDonnell]], ''vice chair'' (c. 2005)<BR/>
[[Jim Dexter]], ''treasurer (c. 1995)''<BR/>
[[Patrick Powers]], ''vice chair'' (c. 2012)<BR/>
[[Jim Elwell]], ''chair (c. 1994)''<BR/>
[[Brent Zimmerman]], ''treasurer'' (c. 2005)<BR/>
[[Andrew McCullough|W. Andrew McCullough]], ''chair (c. 2005'')<BR/>
[[Dylan McDonnell]], ''vice chair (c. 2005'')<BR/>
[[Patrick Powers]], ''vice chair (c. 2012)''<BR/>
[[Cynthia Skousen]], ''vice chair (1972-?)''<BR/>
[[Brent Zimmerman]], ''treasurer (c. 2005)''<BR/>
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Libertarian Party of Utah

UT Logo.png

Chairperson Jake Shannon
Vice-Chair Mark Hilgenberg
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer W. Andrew McCullough
Secretary Courtney White
Member at-large

LNC Region 1

Address PO Box 526025
Salt Lake City, UT 84152-6025

Website http://www.lputah.org/

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Kenny Barlow, media director
Katie White, event director

Ballot Access

After losing ballot access in 2006 as a result of failing to acquire the required 2% vote, the Libertarian Party of Utah regained ballot access in February 2008 as a result of acquiring the required number of signatures. [1] The party, currently chaired by Jake Shannon, consequently received over 125,000 votes in 2008, compared to 118,000 in 2004.

Historical Officials and Staff

Karl Bray, chair (1972-?)
Dr Joseph Geddes Buchman, secretary (c. 2005)
George A Chapman, chair (c. 1975)
Bonnie Darley, secretary (1972-?)
Jim Dexter, treasurer (c. 1995)
Jim Elwell, chair (c. 1994)
W. Andrew McCullough, chair (c. 2005)
Dylan McDonnell, vice chair (c. 2005)
Patrick Powers, vice chair (c. 2012)
Cynthia Skousen, vice chair (1972-?)
Brent Zimmerman, treasurer (c. 2005)

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