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See: ''[[Libertarian Party of New York  Historical Election Results]]''
''See: [[Libertarian Party of New York  Historical Election Results]]''
==External links==
==External links==
*[http://www.ny.lp.org/ Official Libertarian Party of New York website]
*[http://www.ny.lp.org/ Official Libertarian Party of New York website]
{{United States}}
{{United States}}

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Libertarian Party of New York


Chairperson John Clifton
Vice-Chair Bonnie Scott
Thomas Ruks
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Werner Hetzner
Secretary Blay Tarnoff
Member at-large

LNC Region '

Founded NA
Address P.O. Box 728
Bellport, NY 11713

Website http://www.ny.lp.org/

The Libertarian Party of New York was one of the first Libertarian parties to organize and run candidates in the US. The LPNY has run statewide candidates regularly since 1974.

You can now register to vote as a member of the Libertarian Party in New York. About enrolling as a Libertarian in NY

To find out about local meetings near you in NY, please see the LPNY Chapter Meetings page

The Libertarian Party holds an annual convention, where its five officers and five At-Large board members are elected. Those 10 people, the immediate past chair (if any), plus one representative from each recognized affiliate, comprise the LPNY State Committee. The LPNY State Committee conducts business on the lpny_committee mailing list, which every LPNY member is encouraged to join (read-only for non-committee members).


See: Libertarian Party of New York Historical Election Results

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