Libertarian Party of Nebraska

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'Libertarian Party of Nebraska'


Chairperson Gene Siadek
Vice-Chair Klaus Linder
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Chris Costello
Secretary Danny Cox
Member at-large

LNC Region 6

Founded 17 December 1999
Address 1009 Jones St. STE 923, Omaha, NE 68102


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-Smaller Government-

We believe government is responsible TO us, not FOR us. Our view of government is that of a necessary evil; one that must be kept in-check by an aware and informed public.

-Lower Taxes-

When a government taxes its citizens, it is essentially taking resources of one to give to another. We believe government is, by its nature, inefficient and spends our money with wanton abandon. We feel citizens should choose what to do with their money and their resources.

-More Freedom-

Our lives belong to us, not the state. Things such as mandatory service, warrantless searches, and intrusions on rights guaranteed by birth are not in keeping with the Constitution or common sense.

Past Officers

Karl Wetzel, chair

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