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{{Infobox_States_Party |
{{Infobox_States_Party |
   party_name    = Libertarian Party of Michigan |
   party_name    = Libertarian Party of Michigan |

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Libertarian Party of Michigan


Chairperson Scotty Boman
Vice-Chair James Hudler
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Will White
Secretary Chris Watson
Member at-large

LNC Region '

Founded 1972
Address P.O. Box 27065
Lansing, MI 48924-7065

Website http://www.lpmich.org/

Newsletter Director and Editor: Andrew Wrenbeck
Political Director: Leonard Schwartz
Communications Director: Tom Bagwell
Development Director: David Raaflaub
Membership Director: Jim Allison

Judicial Committee:
Jerry Bloom
Mike Corliss
Bill Hall


The Libertarian Party of Michigan was founded in June 1972. Its first state chair was Stuart Weiner, who was soon succeeded by either Jeffery Doan or founding vice chair Bill Krebaum. Weiner and Doan were both students at the University of Michigan.


The Defender of Liberty Awards, also known as Libbies, are given every year at the banquet to a maximum of four recipients. These recipients are deememed to have acted in the defense of liberty and may or may ot even be in the Libertarian Party.

State Party Chairs

Note: This section is choppy and is based partly on conflicting historical summaries and is not to be viewed as definitive.

Stuart Weiner 1972
Bill Krebaum? 1972?-1973?
James Hudler 1973
Jeff Doan? 1973?-1975?
James Hudler 1975-1978
Larry McKenna 1978-1979
James Hudler 1979-1980
Brian Wright 1980-1984
James Hudler 1984-1986
Janet Parkes 1986-?
Keith Edwards 1991-1995
Emily Salvette 1995-1997?
Stacy Van Oast
Michael Corliss 2000?-2001?
Ghazey Aleck 2001?-2002?
James Hudler 2002?-2003
Bill Gelineau 2003-2004
Michael Donahue 2004-2005
Nathan Allen 2005-2006
Scotty Boman 2006-present

Past Officers, Committee Members, and Other Contacts

Ghazey Aleck, assistant newsletter editor (affiliates section)
Nathan Allen, at-large director, finance director
Jim Allison, at-large director, database managerLPM Secretary]] - Committee Chair
Ben Bachrach, web site director, database manager, Pledge Program Coordinator, treasurer
Diane Barnes, at-large director
Anne Bilinski, treasurer
Jerry Bloom, at-large director, affiliates committee chair, vice chair
Scotty Boman, vice chair
David Collver, at-large director
Jon Coon, judicial committee member
Mike Corliss, judicial committee member
John DiGiacomo, affiliates page manager
Keith Edwards, parliamentarian, state chair
Michael Freese, vice chair
Bill Gelineau, field director, bylaws committee chair
Bill Hall, judicial committee member
Alan Harris, founding secretary
Paul Hitch, at-large director, affiliates committee member
James Hudler, secretary, judicial committee member, nominating caucus chair
Trafton Jean, office manager
Rae Jozwiak, at-large director, onvention director
Richard Jozwiak, Platform Committee Chair
Denise Kline, executive? director
Bill Krebaum, founding vice chair
Jamie Lewis, newsletter editor
Scott Maczuga, in oakland county
Jim Miller, vice chair, outreach committee chair
Tim O'Brien, executive director
Tom Quinn, secretary, communications committee chair
Barb Rowe, secretary
Emily Salvette, convention chair, database liason
Leonard Schwartz, Election Law and Campaign Finance Law Advisor
Dan Sheill, at-large director, newsletter editor, fundraising director
Sara Sjoberg, at-large director, membership committee member
Erin Stahl, at-large director, membership committee member
Greg Stempfle, at-large director, political director, campaign committee chair, newsletter director
Dianne Szabla, state election committee treasurer, campaign committee treasurer
Al Titran, products liason
Stacy Van Oast, convention chair
Steve Van Til, website director
Howard Victor, founding treasurer
Raymond Warner, secretary
Keith Wesselmann, secretary
Will White, federal election committee treasurer, finance committee chair, treasurer
Ernie Whiteside, membership outreach director
Brian Wright, vice chair


See: Libertarian Party of Michigan Historical Election Results

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Libertarian Party of Michigan
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Former affiliates: KalamazooSaint ClairSouth Central MichiganThumb AreaTri-CityWayne
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