Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

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Libertarian Party of Massachusetts


Chairperson George Phillies
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Walter Ziobro
Secretary Mary-Anne Wolf
Member at-large

LNC Region Orphan State

Address 30 East Chestnut Street

Sharon, MA 02067


Libertarian Party of Massachusetts

Political Facilitator 
Carol McMahon
Operations Facilitator 
Art Torrey
Recording Secretary 
Mary-Anne Wolf
Membership Secretary 
Walter Ziobro
Bill Hees
George Phillies
State Committee
Robert Underwood
State Committee
Dave Blau

30 East Chestnut Street
Sharon, MA 02067


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Past Officers, Representatives, and Other Contacts

Heather Ashcraft, regional chair (Boston)
Moira Ashleigh, website design and maintenance
Richard Aucoin, regional chair (region F)
Ronald Bargoot, communications/outreach coordinator
Elaine Berchin, communications director
Jessica Bowen, asset manager, associate board member
Michael Cloud, associate board member
George Coffey, board member
Dennis Corrigan, political director
Christopher DeLeo' associate board member
Laura El-Azem, secretary
Patrick El-Azem, candidate coordinator
Stephanie Farrell, editor, Massachusetts Liberty
Richard Freedman, board member
Robert French, assistant secretary, regional chair (Region H, Boston), associate board member
Kevin Haskell, board member
Carla Howell, associate board member
Sally Howes, board member
T. David Hudson, associate board member
Elias Israel, chair
Kamal Jain, state chair, vice chair, executive director, editor, Massachusetts Liberty, regional chair (Greater Lowell)
Ron "Rocky" Jepson, associate board member, regional chair (North Shore)
Doug Krick, associate board member, glbt outreach chair
Peter Kuntz, associate board member, secretary
Ann LaRoche, associate board member
Thomas LaRoche, state chair, vice chair, representative
Tristan Lewis, executive director
Eve Maler, associate board member
Jim Marshall, associate board member
Carol McMahon, assistant treasurer, regional chair (Central MA, Region B)
Robert O'Keefe, board member
Celeste Parent, board member, associate board member
Carmen Pepicelli, social night coordinator
Kay Pirrello, executive director, regional chair (Region D/North Shore), social coordinator, volunteer coordinator
George Phillies, board member
Amanda Phillips, associate board member
Raymond Phoenix, board member
Prema Popat, communications director
Sue Poulin, board member
Dave Rizzo, assistant treasurer
David Roscoe, membership & corresponding secretary
Muni Savyon, electronic outreach coordinator
Christine Schoaff, executive director, marketing director, press release editor
P. Christopher Schoaff, editor, Massachusetts Liberty
Alvin See, regional chair (Western MA)
Rebecca Shipman, Hurst social coordinator
Jason Solinsky, Cambridge Libertarian Association chair, legislative liaison
Mark Tuniewicz, board member
Jay S. Vandersloot, Jr, vice chair
Alan Wilcox, associate board member
Walter Ziobro, Jr, treasurer

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