Libertarian Party of Maine

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Libertarian Party of Maine


Chairperson Mark Cenci
Vice-Chair Elizabeth Anderson
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Geoff Keller
Secretary Angie Wise
Member at-large

LNC Region '

Address PO Box 2020
Biddeford, ME 04005

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Additional Commettee Members:
Charles Jacques
Travis Spencer
Dana Snowman
Shawn S. Levasseur
R. Cullen Stuart

Past Officers and Committee Members

Chris Bliersbach, treasurer
Ron Clement
Robert Coolidge, newsletter editor
Richard W. Eaton, chair
Sara Fraley
Bill Griffith, webmaster
Davis Hart
Saavik Leary, database manager
Shawn S. Levasseur, secretary
Bill Reid
Jeff Sherman, treasurer
Brian Staples
J Fred Staples, chair
Chris Ziagos, campaign coordinator


See: Libertarian Party of Maine Historical Election Results

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