Libertarian Party of Kentucky

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Libertarian Party of Kentucky


Chairperson Ken Moellman, 2007 -
Vice-Chair Ron Seiter, 2009 -
Second Vice-Chair
Treasurer Matthew Holder, 2009 -
Secretary Eric Cranley, 2009 -
Member at-large

LNC Region 3

Founded 1972
Address P.O. Box 432, Independence, KY 41051

Schwarzwald Uhr Kupferstiche cropped.jpg This state party article contains time-sensitive information that may no longer be accurate.

Please contact the State Chair for updates and move out of date information to this article's appropriate historical section.

LPKY Executive Committee Seats

The executive committee of the LPKY is mandated as follows, by the LPKY Bylaws and Constitution:

LPKY Chairman Ken Moellman
LPKY Vice-Chairman Ron Seiter
LPKY Treasurer Matthew Holder
LPKY Secretary Eric Cranley
LPKY At-Large Representative Mark Gailey
LPKY At-Large Representative Paul Ard
LPKY District 1 Representative Thomas Papperz
LPKY District 2 Representative Harlen Compton
LPKY District 3 Representative Jennifer Caummisar
LPKY District 4 Representative Matthew Keefe
LPKY District 5 Representative vacant
LPKY District 6 Representative Daniel Defoe


The best result achieved in a 3-way race for US Congress in known history was the 2006 KY-4 US Congressional Race, in which Brian Houillion placed 3rd (of 3) with 4.9% (10,100 votes) of the popular vote.

The best local result is unknown

See: Libertarian Party of Kentucky Historical Election Results

Past Officers and Committee Members

Past Chairs

George Dick, chair 2005 - 2007
Donna Walker Mancini, chair 1995 - 2005
John F Kilpatrick, chair
David Gailey, chair 1974 - 1980


Josh Koch, vice chair 2007 - 2009
David Adams, vice-chair 2005 - 2007
James Patrick Haynes
George Baumler
Ray Carr, vice chair
Sherry Clark, secretary
Marsha Foster
Victoria Lee
Alan Handleman, secretary
James Patrick Haynes, treasurer
Greg Holmes, vice chair
Nick Karem, treasurer
Dennis Lacy
Steven F. Larson
Kurt Maddox
Bradley Monton
Dave Murphy, newsletter editor
Joseph Novak, secretary
Rebecca Novak, secretary
Bob Plunkett
Roger Schattilly, newsletter editor
James Stidham
Gerald Sullivan, MD
Mark C. Webster
Tom Wimmer, chair

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