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Table in a Table Test

2016 Libertarian Party Convention Presidential Nomination
Gary Johnson Austin Petersen John McAfee
1st Round Upper left Upper middle Right side
2nd Round Lower left Lower middle Lower right
2016LPConPresResultsRound2 Blank.png
2nd Round Delegate Vote Results. Delegate majorities are represented as Green for Gary Johnson, Blue for Austin Petersen, and Orange for John McAfee. Black denotes states where delegate majority was split, and grey indicates states that did not participate.

Table color Test

2016 United States Presidential Election [1]
Party Candidate/Running Mate Electoral Votes Percent Votes
Republican Donald Trump/Mike Pence 304 46.2% 62,979,984
Democratic Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine 227 48.3% 65,844,969
Libertarian Gary Johnson/Bill Weld 0 3.3% 4,492,919
Green Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka 0 1.1% 1,449,370
Others (Various) 7 1.2% 1,684,908
  1. https://ballotpedia.org/Presidential_election,_2016