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Christopher Padilla

Christopher Robbin Fuentes-Padilla, better known as Christopher Padilla, is the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Queens County. He has been serving, officially, since April 2017. Prior to his current position, he served as the Acting Vice Chairman, until the Chapter Re-Chartered back into the Libertarian Party of New York.

Prior to serving in politics, Mr. Fuentes-Padilla was the Vice Chief of Administration for the City's Order of the Arrow Lodge. He currently serves as the Chapter Chief of the Lodge's Eastern Queens Chapter. His term as Chapter Chief is set to end June 30th, 2017.

Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla, speaking in full BSA Uniform, in May 2015's Order of the Arrow Citywide Lodge Elections. Credit to Kintecoying Lodge 4, BSA

General Information

Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla (b. 1997) is an Life-Long New Yorker and Eagle Scout. He is best known for his Practical Leadership Theory and his bi-partisan analysis of NYC Politics. His involvement in NY Politics began at age 16, at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, where he ran the school's first and only Public Safety Career Exploring Club as President/Chief Explorer. He used this position to advocate for the student's right to participate in emergency drills and planning, the execution of the drills and the evaluation of their own response times.

In 2015, upon turning 18 years old, Christopher dropped out of Cardozo to pursue a "Direct to Tech" EMT Program at Northwell Health's Emergency Medical Institute. He also pursued a GED, to no success, at the NYCDOE's Pathways to Graduation @ LaGuardia Community College. He is currently taking a Career Pathways Program, to complete his GED and earn an associate's degree in Paralegal Studies, at TCI College in Manhattan, NY.

He is considered to be a major critic of the Career Politicians in NYC and NYS. He is also in support of non partisan local legislative councils that are controlled by no one party.

In November 2016, he publicly announced he would be considering a underdog run for Queens Borough President, against the Incumbent Melinda Katz (D), with the Republican Party's Backing. Shorty after 10 December of that year, He would take the stage at the Libertarian Party of Queens County's Meeting to renounce his pursuit for Queens Borough President. In his speech, he cited that the "political aftermath of Donald Trump's Victory over the Clinton Machine" had "damaged the chance for any GOP Member to win in NYS for the next couple of years".

In January of 2017, there where rumors that he was tapped by Libertarian Party of Queens County Chairman Elliot Axelman to become Acting Vice Chairman. The Libertarian Party of Queens was rechartered in April 2017, And Elliot Axelman was the first to nominate Mr. Fuentes-Padilla for Election to Full Vice Chairman. In April 2017, Christopher Fuentes-Padilla accepted the offer and became the Vice Chairman of Queens County.

Personal Life

Mr. Fuentes-Padilla is the product of a Single Mother's Household. His mother, Carol, works as a employee at the United Nations, a job she has held for over 13 years. He holds a deep sense of respect for Single Mothers, partly due to his upbringing.

He is a major promoter, in Queens, of the Scouting Program and it's benefits to the city's youth.

As a Boy Scout, he has held a variety of Leadership Positions, in all kinds of different scouting units. And as of 26 August 2015, holds the Eagle Scout Rank, the organization's highest and most prestigious title for youth membership.

Unit Position Tenure
Troop 199 Assistant Scoutmaster Current
Troop 142 Senior Patrol Leader 2015
Troop 142 Asst. Senior Patrol Leader Late 2014
Troop 142 Patrol Leader 2014
Troop 1 Asst. Patrol Leader 2013 - 2014
Troop 142 Quartermaster 2010 - 2011

Mr. Fuentes-Padilla, while still maintaining activity in Scouting, joined Civil Air Patrol in November of 2014 as a Cadet. He currently still serves as a Cadet, most recently attaining the grade of Cadet Chief Master Sergeant and serving as his Squadron's Cadet Safety NCO.

Christopher has been heard, on multiple occasions, stating that he hopes to serve as a City Agency Commissioner or a Federal Department Secretary.

Volunteerism Initiative

In 2015, Christopher Fuentes-Padilla, Michael J. Caruso, Usman Ali Chohan and others in Queens, NY started a volunteer organization. Department of Services: NYC, is a volunteer based public safety initiative with the intention to serve the entire county of Queens, NY.

Prior to the creation of Department of Services, Christopher was a Boy Scout, Order of the Arrow Lodge Officer and Deputy to the Director at the Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans (CIANA) in Astoria, NY.

Christopher has been volunteering for community based projects and organizations in Queens since the Second Grade.

Political Life

Mr. Fuentes-Padilla is considered a semi-feminist and a Democratic-libertarian. He believes that men are equally as important to the Feminist movement as women.

He frequently claims that "Men can help the movement in many ways. A Man can show up to a march and simply chant with them to show his support and it'll catch the eyes of hundreds. But, If 100 or even 200 men show up and do the same, it will catch the eyes of millions. The idea that men can't help the movement because they are men is ridiculous. Feminist leadership should take advantage of every man that wants to help them."

Fuentes-Padilla is also a supporter of equal pay for equal level of service (EX: If a man works 14 hours straight and all of his tasks are completed and a woman works 10 hours straight and she still has four tasks incomplete, she doesn't get equal pay for the amount of service completed doesn't match the pay demanded. And Vice-Versa.)

He is a major fan of the plans and feminist ideology of English Actress Emma Watson and her U.N. sponsored campaign to get people involved in the fight for equality in the workplace and other issues. According to his Facebook page, "Emma Watson is the most entertaining actress of our time. But, is by far the most influential in the fight for women's equality in the world theater. She should be leading our feminist marches and events and maybe even the entire movement. Linda Sarsour and others just make the movement look bad."

Campaign Experience

He has worked on three campaigns to date, Usman Ali Chohan in 2016, who ran for New York State Assembly in District 25, against the Democratic Party Incumbent Nily Rozic. He was the Deputy Chief of Staff for that campaign, while simultaneously serving as the Canvassing Supervisor for the Entire District and the Precinct Captain of the Bayside Hills Area.

He also worked in the Mark Cipolla Campaign for New York State Senate, against the incumbent Tony Avella. He was a On-Call Canvasser for the Campaign, due to his busy schedule working for the Usman Ali Chohan Assembly race.

As of 2017, he was the Campaign Manager for Usman Ali Chohan's New York City Council Race, which was publicly cancelled due to Personal Issues and the Candidate's Financial Issues on April 17th, 2017.

Party Affliations

Upon turning 18 years of age in 2015, he was registered as a Republican in Queens County, NY. He attributed this as a attempt at a power grab in the party to change the platform to better represent the people. In November 2016, He launched a run for Republican District Leader in the 25th Assembly District of Queens, NY. He dropped the candidacy citing that he no longer had trust in the County GOP Leadership.

As of April 2017, Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla is a registered Democrat in the 25th Assembly District of Queens, NY. He stated that the change was what "he should have done in the first place in 2015." and that he would be considering a run in the Democratic Primary against the party's incumbent Assemblymember Nily Rozic[1]

Political Positions/Experience

The below is all the political positions that Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla has held or been considered for:

Campaign Position Party Election Year Result
Usman Ali 4 Us (NYS Assembly) Deputy Chief of Staff Republican 2016 LOSS
Mark Cipolla for NYS Senate Canvasser Republican 2016 LOSS
Usman Ali 4 NYC Council Campaign Manager Fusion Ballot (D/R/LP) 2017 N/A (Candidate Renounced his run due to Financial Reasons)
Chris Padilla 4 Us Candidate for District Leader Republican 2017 Renounced Candidacy citing distrust in the County Leadership
Chris Padilla 4 Us Candidate for Queens Borough President Republican 2017 Renounced his Candidacy, Cited Political Inequality in NYC Politics for a GOP Candidate to win.
Libertarian Party of Queens County Vice Chairman Libertarian 2017 - 2018 Incumbent
Christopher Padilla 4 NYS Assembly Candidate for NYS Assembly Fusion Ballot (D/R/WF/LP) 2018 N/A (Exploratory Committee)

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