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Policy and guideline documents for this wiki.

These documents are in active development at this time.

General Disclaimer

LPedia makes no guaranty of validity or neutrality. Opinions recorded of various figures in Party history are their own and not official statements of the Party.

Manual of Style

Documentation of ongoing and proposed practices for this wiki

Article Licensing and Usage

Documentation of what permitted and historical terms that content may be covered by.

Codes of Conduct

Documentation of best personal conduct practices including disclosures of interests.

Disputed or Controversial Material

Libertarians never disagree. But when we do...

LPedia is not Wikipedia

We're not a subset of some other wiki.

Contributing Historical Documents

How to help build our library of bylaws, platforms, newsletters, press releases, etc.


Information about the administration of LPedia and the mandate of the Historical Preservation Committee and how to be kept up to date.

Requests for Deletion

How to submit a request for page deletion to the community and administration.