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{{Infobox Person
|name = Kenneth Lee
|name-first = Kenneth
|name-last = Lee
|image =Kennylee.jpg
|image-size = 300px
|office = [[Libertarian Party of New York]]
|title = Representative from Queens County
|term-start = November 8, 2017
|term-end = March 24, 2018
|alongside =[[James Mcinnis]] and [[Simon Lee]] (Deputy Representatives)
|predecessor = [[Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla]]
|successor = [[Aaron Commey]]
|office = [[Libertarian Party of New York]]
|title = Treasurer from Queens County
|term-start = March 8, 2018
|birth-date = {{Birth date and age|1999|1|14}}
|birth-place =Queens,NY
|education = George Westinghouse High School
|military =Civil Air Patrol {{!}} Cadet Member
|occupation =Metropolitan Transportation Authority {{!}} Administrative Support Aide
|residence =Brooklyn, New York
|party = [[Democratic Party]]
|website = [[lee-kenneth.com]]
|facebook =[https://www.facebook.com/KennethLee4NY/ KennethLee4NY]
|twitter =[https://twitter.com/kennethLee4NY @kennethLee4NY]
|instagram =
'''Kenneth "Kenny" Lee''' is the current Representative from Queens County to the [[Libertarian Party of New York]]'s State Committee. He was elected by the County Committee on November 19, 2017 to a 2 year term.
Prior to being elected to serve as State Representative, Lee was the Deputy to former Representative [[Christopher R. Fuentes-Padilla]] who became the Chairman of the [[Libertarian Party of Queens County]] following former Chairman [[Elliot Axelman]]'s resignation.
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