Golok Z L F Buday

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The My Ego Times
An Intoduction

Mr. Buday is a off and on Candidate seeking the job of Mayor for Vancouver, BC and runs a rather Central Libertarian position based campaign independently, he writes for and publishes the My Ego Times, has managed a single political campaign aside from his own, and is a Philotician and E-Pamphleteer (much of the time on usenet) (His Bio).


 This user is a Philotician


This user ran for Local Office

 This user is a Gun Owners of America Supporter
 This user is a Law-Abiding Unlicenced Fire Arms Supporter
 This user is a Arms Rights Supporter
 User is a United States of America Constitutionalist (Not Nessesarily By Party Name)
 This user serves as the Libertarian Party of Canada Vancouver East Contact
 This user serves as a Libertarian Party of Canada Constituency Contact
 This user is a Libertarian Part of Canada Voting Member
 This user is a Libertarian Party of Canada Advocate
 This user is Philosophicaly Libertarian
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Voting Member of the Federal Libertarian Party of Canada and Independent Elsewhere.
Planning an Independent Run for Mayor in 2008 and is the Vancouver-East Contact for the LPC.


Philotician/Philotical (Philitical/Philitician): A Person or Refering To A Candidate Running On Philosophical Positions and Principle Regardless Of Outcome. Swagtervism: Activism Swag and Appearal.



"There may not be an 'I' in team, but there is an 'I' in Libertarian (in fact 2)" -- Golok Buday, April of 2002
"Small Government's A Start" -- Golok Z. L. F. Buday.