Blay Tarnoff

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Blay Tarnoff
Libertarian Party of New York
April 2011—May 4, 2019
Predecessor: Brian DeMarzo
Successor: Fred Cole (ISC)
Bill Schmidt (FLP)
Libertarian Party of New York
Predecessor: Gail Bova
Successor: Lloyd Wright
Personal Details
Residence: New York
Party: Libertarian Party

Blay Tarnoff is the chair of the Nassau County Libertarian Party. He previously served as Chair (1995—1996), Vice-Chair (1998—2002), and Secretary (2005—2007; 2011—2019) of the Libertarian Party of New York. He joined the Libertarian Party in 1990.

Political Campaigns

  • Nassau County Legislator, 2019

Party positions

Libertarian Party of New York

  • Chair (1995—1996)
  • Vice-Chair (1998—2002)
  • At-Large Committee Member (2004—2005)
  • Secretary (2005—2007; 2011—2019)
  • Member, Administrative Committee (2018—present)
  • Member, Party Rules Subcommittee (2018-2019)