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Platform is spelled wrong for the name of the page Libertarian Party Patform. I tried moving pages, but it wasn't working for me.

Eep! Thank you for catching that. I believe I have it fixed now.

So who at the Watergate decides who is allowed to have admin powers here? The only admin doesn't have even remotely enough time to take care of this place unassisted.

My phone call inquiry last week has so far not resulted in anything, possibly lost in the shuffle of more pressing and less discretionary concerns.

Now to see if I can possibly get back to updating and expanding the state party sites, or should I just assume that the bulk PageRank fraud links aren't going to be handled any other way than the hard way in any reasonable amount of time and give them a higher priority? -- Strangelv 23:18 UTC, 17 July 2006

I'm looking into the admin access. is the email to direct requests through.

That was the first thing I did, right after the convention with a reminder to replace the front page. My guess is things are already too busy there (and requests such as upgrading the Wiki to a version that's still supported need to wait until after November -- just cross your fingers and hope that we don't get 0wned before then -- I wonder how old the most recent backup is), and it's clear that Lpadmin didn't know about the improved Michael Dixon article when it and the main page were minimally upgraded today, which implies he or she never saw my email.

I agree we need more admins if we are going to keep on top of these spammers. There are also issues of moving pages around that can't be done without more access.

There's also a couple of fixes that seem to be done to minimize damage to a site whose sole admin doesn't have the time that could be seen as obsolete with three regularly active users, such as locking pages to minimal versions to prevent them from being vandalized and to prevent bad images by blocking all image uploads (at least I'm assuming this is the reason).

Since, you seem to have a lot of experience with wiki, so I'm suggesting that your access be upgraded so you can help admin this site.

Thank you. It would also be good to know what, if any, main guidelines I would be expected to follow (although I believe I have some good ideas of what to do if given carte blanche). Most of my relevant experience is actually from maintaining design documents in a far more rigid setting (I've recently ported most of the documents to a publicly inaccessible wiki -- MediaWiki as with here, only it's the current stable version).

If you want to reach me more directly, you can try to email me at jamesg at lptx dot org, just make sure the topic won't leave me guessing that the email is junk or just another list email to skim past unopened.

-- Strangelv 01:44 UTC, 19 July 2006