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The Libertarian Party is a United States political party founded in 1971. It is the largest third party in the United States.

The Libertarian Party was founded on the basic ideas of Libertarianism the Libertarian Philosophy. This philosophy is rooted in ideas such as Self-Ownership, The Ownership of Property, and the Objectivist notion of man as a heroic being.

Founded in one mans house among friends, the LP has grown to considerable size, reaching almost 1 million voters in an election, and is the only party ever to have run a woman who has gotten an electoral vote.

The LP runs on a grassroots Jeffersonian ideal where individuals take the stand. The party has people from all political breeds, and has many variations on it's main ideas. But still the main ideas hold true.

It is the third party with the most elected officials in the United States with some 300 elected, and 300 appointed, these officials stand for Liberty even on the smallest level.