Susan Jane Hogarth

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Susan Hogarth
Libertarian Party of North Carolina
Predecessor: Brian Irving
Successor: Incumbent
Region 5 Alternate
Libertarian Party
with Jim Lark
Personal Details
Residence: North Carolina
Party: Libertarian Party

Susan Hogarth is a libertarian activist from the state of North Carolina and was elected its Chair in 2017. She is also the Co-BFDL of the LP Radical Caucus with Marc Montoni.

Susan ran for LNC at-large in 2008, but failed to receive enough votes to be elected. In 2018, she was elected as the Region 5 Alternate. She serves as the Chair for the Credentials Committee 2018 and is presently the interim chair for the Credentials Committee 2020 for the National Libertarian Party.

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Preceded by:
Brian Irving
Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Chair
2017 - present


Radical Caucus At-Large
2016 - present