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There have been multiple iterations of the Radical Caucus.

Brief History

The first iteration of the LP Radical Caucus was active from 1972 to 1974 and was created by Samuel Edward Konkin III.

The second and best known Radical Caucus was founded by Justin Raimondo, Eric Garris, and Bob Costello in 1979 in order "to unify the party around radical and hardcore libertarian programs."[1] Raimondo led the caucus from inception until he abandoned the Libertarian Party in 1983. That Radical Caucus was dissolved in 1984.

The current Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRadicals) was formed in 2006 by Susan Hogarth, Marc Montoni, Morey Straus, and other party members who opposed removal of much of the material in the Party platform during the 2006 National Party convention.[2]

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