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The National Chair of the Libertarian Party is essentially the chief spokesperson for the party. The National Chair also is the head of the Libertarian National Committee. The bylaws of the Libertarian Party purposely leave the duties of the Chair vague to allow the chair to take on any duty he sees fit.


The role of the Chair is described in Article 6, Section 3 of the Libertarian Party bylaws:

"The Chair shall preside at all Conventions and all meetings of the National Committee. The Chair is the chief executive officer of the Party with full authority to direct its business and affairs, including hiring and discharging of National Committee volunteers and paid personnel, subject to express National Committee policies and directives issued in the exercise of the National Committee's plenary control and management of Party affairs, properties and funds. "


# Name Term
1 David Nolan 1971—1972
2 Susan Nolan 1972—1974
3 Ed Crane 1974—1977
4 David Bergland 1977—1981
5 Alicia Clark 1981—1983
6 Paul Grant 1983—1985
7 Randy VerHagen 1985
8 Jim Turney 1985—1988
9 Dave Walter 1988—1991
10 Mary Gingell 1991—1993
11 Steve Dasbach 1993—1998
12 David Bergland 1998—2000
13 Jim Lark 2000—2002
14 Geoff Neale 2002—2004
15 Mike Dixon 2004—2006
16 Bill Redpath 2006—2010
17 Mark Hinkle 2010—2012
18 Geoff Neale 2012—2014
19 Nicholas Sarwark 2014—present

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