Libertarian Party of Ohio

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Libertarian Party of Ohio


Chairperson Kevin Knedler
Vice-Chair Michael Johnston
Treasurer Bryant Callaghan
Secretary Daryl Olthaus

LNC Region 3

Founded 1972
Address 2586 Tiller Lane Suite 2K
Columbus, OH 43231


The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) is the Ohio affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The LPO is the 4th largest affiliate of the LP and the 3rd largest political party in Ohio.

Current Executive Committee

Kevin Knedler, chair
Michael Johnston, vice chair
Bryant Callaghan, treasurer
Daryl Olthaus, secretary
Bob Bridges, at-large 1
Ann Leech, at-large 2
Aaron Harris, at-large 3


The Libertarian Party of Ohio (LPO) was created in 1972. Over the years, Ohio Libertarians have been elected to a number of local offices. From the beginning, the mission of the LPO is to make an impact on the political and policy environment in Ohio. The LPO core issues have been limited government, lower taxes, and greater personal liberty.

Ballot Access

The LPO has been in the middle of several lawsuits involving ballot access and has succeeded in getting one ballot access law overturned in 2008.

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

Jeremiah Arn, vice chair (c. 2008)
Matt Bianco, at-large 2
Robert Butler, executive director (c. 2005)
Paul Conroy, at-large 1
Robert DeBross, southwest regional chair (1977-?)
Jason Hallmark, chair (c. 2005)
Michael Johnston, treasurer (c. 2009)
Elizabeth Krepp, secretary (c. 2005)
Ann Leech, vice chair (c. 2009), secretary (c. 2008), treasurer (c. 2005)
Bill MacReynolds, chair (c. 1976)
Mark Noble, at-large 3
Scott Urquhart, secretary
Josh Weitzman, vice chair (c. 2005)


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