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Libertarian Party of New York

LPNY liberty.gif

Chairperson Mark E. Glogowski
Vice-Chair Brian Waddell
Jim Rosenbeck
Treasurer Michael Dowden
Secretary Blay Tarnoff

LNC Region 5 - North

Founded 1971
Address P.O. Box 728
Bellport, NY 11713


The Libertarian Party of New York was one of the first Libertarian parties to organize and run candidates in the US. It was originally named the "Free Libertarian Party" to prevent confusion with New York's Liberal Party. Its first state chair was Ed Clark.

You can now register to vote as a member of the Libertarian Party in New York. About enrolling as a Libertarian in NY

To find out about local meetings near you in NY, please see the LPNY Chapter Meetings page

The Libertarian Party holds an annual convention, where its five officers and five At-Large board members are elected. Those 10 people, the immediate past chair (if any), plus one representative from each recognized affiliate, comprise the LPNY State Committee. The LPNY State Committee conducts business on the lpny_committee mailing list, which every LPNY member is encouraged to join (read-only for non-committee members).


The Libertarian Party of New York was established in 1971 as the Free Libertarian Party. Founding members include Edward and Alicia Clark and Jerome J. Klasman. Ed Clark served as the first State Chair and Klasman served as second chair from 1972–1973. In 1973, it ran a slate of candidates in the New York City municipal elections including Fran Youngstein for mayor and Gary Greenberg for Manhattan district attorney. The LPNY has run statewide candidates regularly since 1974 when its candidate for governor was Jerome Tuccille.

"It is a measure of the state of the Free Libertarian Party of New York that our marathon annual convention (March 29-31) was scarcely enough to finish the Party business. This despite a preceding Special Convention at which we wrangled over the party logo and chose delegates to the National Convention in Dallas in June, and despite the fact that the Convention began every morning promptly at 10:00 A. M. and lasted through special caucuses and post-mortems until after the bars closed at 3:00 A. M. Yet we concluded with no resolutions on issues and no platform. these being put back to yet another mini-convention at the end of April. Three conventions in two months begins to resemble the unfortunate and frenetic Peace and Freedom Party of 1968, which reached a crescendo of almost continuous conventioneering before its rapid demise."
— The Libertarian Forum, April 1974
"Meanwhile. New York's Free Libertarian Party has had its annual spring convention. Your editor is living in California for the spring, and so was not able to attend, but from all reports the convention was almost remarkably smooth and harmonious, free of the factionalism and of the barely suppressed hysteria of the year before. In a personal triumph, the able but formerly widely attacked Gary Greenberg has been elected state chairman."
— The Libertarian Forum, April 1975

In 1987, a new publication, Free New York, was created as a newsletter for the party.

In 1994, Howard Stern sought the Libertarian Party nomination for Governor of New York and won the nomination at the State Convention. However, he later dropped from the ticket.

The 1998 State Convention was held in Poughkeepsie, where Christopher Garvey and Donald Silberger were nominated to head the governor / lt. governor's ticket. Conti and Goodman also ran for statewide offices. Bill McMillen and Ambassador Alan Keyes are candidates for U.S. Senate, and McMillen is given the nomination. Among the noted speakers at the convention included Sharon Harris, Michael Cloud, John Cushman, Ron Crickenberger, and Muni Savynon. Jim Harris was voted as the new state chair.

In July 1998, delegates from New York attended the national convention in Washington, D.C. David Bergland served as chair and Muni Savyon as Regional Representative. In August 1998, the LPNY handed over 27,862 signatures in Albany to get the statewide candidates on the ballot.

In 2015, there began a rapid growth of forming new county chapters.


Appointed positions


Administrative Division
  • IT Committee (December 4, 2016)
  • Strategic Planning Committee (February 12, 2017)
Political Division
  • Ballot Access & Petitioning Committee
  • Candidate Recruitment Committee
  • Candidate Support Committee
Communications Division
  • Communications Committee (December 4, 2016)
Outreach Division
  • Chapter Development Committee (April 25, 2015)
Finance Division
  • Budget Committee (February 12, 2017)
  • Fundraising Committee (February 12, 2017)

Former appointed positions and committees

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Party Registration

Voter registration statistics as reported by Ballot Access News.

Year Registered
2016 7,128
2014 5,376
2012 3,874
2010 2,680
2008 1,545
2006 1,061
2004 362

Local chapters

The Libertarian Party of New York contains 18 local chapters:



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