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The Libertarian Party of Louisiana (LPL) was founded in 1972. It has had ballot access in Louisiana since a law changed in 2004, allowing the LPL to become an official party in Louisiana. Since 2004, candidates have been able to run for office with "Libertarian" printed on the ballot next to their name (rather than "other" as before) and registered voters have had the option of choosing the Libertarian Party as a pre-printed choice on their voter registration forms. Since 2004, registered Libertarians are designated by LBT on their registration cards rather than OTHER which is used for non-recognized parties.

Libertarian Party of Louisiana


Chairperson C. Scott A. Lewis, III
Vice-Chair Scott A. Lewis, III
Treasurer Lindsay Roberson
Secretary Jennifer Werther

LNC Region 7

Address P.O. Box 572
Greenwood, LA 71033



[edit] Membership

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana only gained official party status in 2004. Since then, registered voters have been able to choose the Libertarian Party as a pre-printed choice when registering to vote, instead of having to write the party name in. As of Febraury 1st, 2013, the Party had 7,342 voters registered as Libertarian. In addition, about 140 national dues paying members reside in Louisiana. State membership dues presently start at $25.

[edit] Current Officers

[edit] SCC At-Large Representatives (Supporting Committee Chairs)

  • Economic Development Officer (Econ Development Cmte.): T. Lee Horne, III
  • Communications Officer (Media Relations Cmte.): Keith Thompson
  • Membership Officer (Registration Cmte.): Howard Kearney
  • Finance Officer (Finance Cmte.): Wes Benedict
  • Elections Officer (Elections Cmte.): Boyd Smith
  • Strategic Planning Subcommittee: Chaired by the Vice-Chairman, committee consists of the chairmen of all committees.

[edit] Parish SCC Representatives

  • East Baton Rouge - vacant
  • Lafayette - Frank Griffin
  • Caddo - vacant
  • Saint Tammany - Joey Kahrs

[edit] Parish Executive Committees

[edit] Past Officers, Committee Members & Key Volunteers

[edit] Awards

[edit] Walking Liberty Award

This award recognizes an outstanding individual who rises above the crowd by personally spreading the Libertarian message through personal contact with more citizens and voters than anyone else. There is no requirement that it be given on a periodic basis, and is only awarded when someone meets the standard set by the inaugural recipient, T. Lee Horne, III. The award itself is a current year proof version of the Silver American Eagle[1] coin with the "Walking Liberty" design.

  • 2008 - T. Lee Horne, III {in recognition for his spreading the message of Liberty across the state during his three year RV campaign for governor for 2007}

[edit] Elected Libertarians

[edit] Current Candidates

[edit] 2013

There are no candidates for 2013 at this time.

[edit] Past Election Results

See: Libertarian Party of Louisiana Historical Election Results

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