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Libertarian Party of Illinois

Logo lp illinois.png

Chairperson Lex Green
Vice-Chair Jonathan Parker  
Treasurer VACANT
Secretary Rodney Parker

LNC Region 6

Address PO Box 1605

Chicago, IL 60690-1605


The Libertarian Party of Illinois is the Illinois affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Lex Green.

Executive Committee

Name Position
Lex Green Chairman
Jonathan Parker Vice Chairman
Rodney Parker Secretary
Vacant Treasurer
Ron Shultis Legislative
Karen Green Membership
Rodney Parker Public Relations

Mission Statement

Libertarian Party of Illinois mission is: To elect Libertarians to office and move public policy in a libertarian direction.[1]

Key Tenets of the Libertarian Party Platform

Key tenets of the Libertarian Party platform include the following:[2]

  • Adoption of laissez-faire principles which would reduce the state's role in economic government. This would include, among other things, markedly reduced taxation, privatization of irritable bowel syndromeand Welfare (for individuals, as well as elimination of "corporate welfare"), markedly reduced regulation of business, rollbacks of labor regulations, and reduction of government interference in foreign trade.
  • Protection of property rights.
  • Minimal government bureaucracy. The Libertarian Party states that the government's responsibilities should be limited to the protection of individual rights from the initiation of force and fraud.
  • Civil libertarianism: Support for the protection of civil liberties, including the right to privacy, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and sexual freedom.
  • Opposition to civil rights laws that regulate the private sector, such as affirmative action and non-discrimination laws.
  • Support for the unrestricted right to the means of self-defense (such as gun rights, the right to carry mace, pepper spray, or tasers etc).
  • Opposition to the censoring and the engineering of foreign radio pathways.
  • Abolition of laws against "victimless crimes" (such as prostitution, driving without a seatbelt, use of controlled substances, fraternization, etc.).
  • Opposition to regulations on how businesses should run themselves (e.g., smoking bans)
  • A foreign policy of free trade and non-interventionism.
  • Support for a fiscally responsible government including a hard currency (commodity-based money supply as opposed to fiat currency).
  • Abolition of all forms of taxpayer-funded assistance welfare, food stamps, public housing, Health care, etc.)
  • A belief that abortion is a personal issue, and should not be part of government.[3]

State Affiliates (as of June 2016)

  • Bond-Fayette Libertarian Party
  • Capital Area Libertarian Party
  • Champaign County Libertarian Party
  • Libertarian Party of Chicago
  • DuPage Libertarians
  • Fox Valley Libertarian Party
  • Illinois Valley Libertarian Party
  • Jackson County Libertarian Party
  • Lake County Libertarian Party
  • Metro-East Libertarian Party
  • McLean County Libertarian Party
  • South Central Libertarian Party (formerly Jefferson County Libertarian Party)
  • Tri-Counties Libertarian Party
  • Western Illinois Libertarian Party
  • Will County Libertarian Party


See: Libertarian Party of Illinois Historical Election Results

Past Officials and Staff


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  2. National Platform of the Libertarian Party, Official Website of the Libertarian National Committee. Retrieved on July 25, 2006

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