Libertarian Party of Dallas County

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Libertarian Party of Dallas County
General Information
Jurisdiction: Dallas County, Texas
Status: Active
Chair: Paul Petersen
Vice Chair: John Jay Myers
Secretary: Jordan Wagnon
Treasurer: Paul Osborn

The Libertarian Party of Dallas County is an affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Texas.

Serving Executive Committee

Paul Petersen, chair
Curry Taylor, vice chair
Paul Osborn, treasurer
Jordan Wagnon, secretary
Dave Mason, Executive Committee
Kevin Frederickson, Executive Committee
Marshall Beerwinkle, Executive Committee
Ethan Brockman, Executive Committee
Marcus Huffer, Executive Committee
Cory Lane, Executive Committee
John Lindsay, Executive Committee

Historical Membership

Bill Brunch, chair
Marshall Beerwinkle, chair
Evan Fisher, chair
Lance Flores, chair
Vickie Flores, chair
Eugene Flynn
David Helber, newsletter editor, artist (c.1973)
Sarah Helber, committee member (c. 1973)
Kris Kooper (c. 1973)
Tim Lebsack, chair
Matthew Moseley, chair
John Jay Myers
Paul Osborn, vice chair
Paul Petersen, chair
Mike Stephens (c. 1973)

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