Libertarian National Committee (2014-2016)

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The Libertarian National Committee controls and manages the affairs, properties, and funds of the national Libertarian Party.


Date Location
29 June 2014 (post-convention) Columbus, Ohio
20-21 September 2014 Alexandria, Virginia
13-14 December 2014 New Orleans, Louisiana
28-29 March 2015 Phoenix, Arizona
3 May 2015 teleconference
18-19 July 2015 Alexandria, Virginia
14-15 November 2015 Orlando, Florida
20-21 February 2016 Phoenix, Arizona
26 May 2016 (pre-convention) Orlando, Florida


Executive Director Wes Benedict
Political Director Carla Howell
Operations Director Robert Kraus
Member Services & Affiliate Relations Manager Casey Hansen
Special Projects Nick Dunbar
Candidate and Affiliate Support Specialist Bob Johnston
Associate Editor and Technology Developer Eric D. Dixon
Member Services Specialist Molly Schwoppe

Preceded by:
Libertarian National Committee (2012-2014)
Libertarian National Committee
Succeeded by:
Libertarian National Committee (2016-2018)