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This a complete list of all Series Abbreviations currently in use in accordance with the LPedia: Manual of Style

SERIESABBREV is a standard abbreviation for the series (e.g., publication). The ones assigned so far are:

  • generic (may be combined with affiliate or other code or not-at which point the default is the National Party or an individual, if specified)
    • Book
    • Bylaws (bylaws, or bylaws combined with standing rules, convention rules, etc.)
    • Conf (Conferences)
    • CONVMIN (convention minutes)
    • Elections
    • FLYER
    • Manual
    • Minutes
    • Platform
    • PRESENTATION (talks, seminars, guest appearances)
    • PRrelease (press releases)
    • Program
    • TVAd (Television Advertisement/Spot)
    • VIDEO or HDVIDEO or H264VIDEO (for videos in various resolutions)
  • national-specific (for making the above generic categories national-specific add LP before the abbreviation if there is not already a dedicated SERIESABBREV)
    • LPNews (LP News)
    • LPledge (Liberty Pledge or Libertarian Pledge)
    • LNCMIN (minutes of LNC meetings)
    • LNCECMIN (minutes of LNC Executive Committee)
    • LNCPM (LNC Policy Manual)
    • LPEmail (National Party Email)
    • LPMiscPub (Misc. National Party publication)
    • NatMemReport (national membership reports)
  • Misc. Publications
    • FPPNews (Free Press Publications News)

Note: To avoid potential confusion with affiliate codes, series abbreviations should all be at least three letters long. Note: National/LNC minutes and publications have a specific standard series abbreviation. All others should use the generic abbreviation and identify a particular committee as author (see here for some standard committee abbreviations."