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This page is for discussing the multi-hierarchy plan for LPedia categories.

Top Level Categories

  • Events
  • Issues
  • Lists
  • LPedia
  • Organizations
  • People
  • Places
  • Publications
  • Records

What are important subcategories for Events?

  • Elections
    • Elections by State
    • Federal Elections
  • Meetings
    • Conventions
      • National Conventions
      • State Conventions
    • Libertarian National Committee Meetings
  • Holidays (commonly celebrated and libertarian-oriented, e.g. "Bill of Rights Day")
  • Historical Events (e.g., American Revolution, Vietnam War)
    • Formation of the Libertarian Party
  • Protests (End the Fed rally on 22 November 2008) -- may want something a little broader that this is a subcategory of
  • Abstract Time Periods
    • Years
    • Decades?
  • Presentations (shared with Publications)

What are the important attributes on which to categorize People?

  • Location? (activities?, birth? most prominently connected with?)
  • Internal Party Positions? (Current and former LNC, Affiliate officer, chairs (but not more granular than that)
  • Time Periods?
  • Candidacies?

Set Categories:

  • Libertarian Party Founders
  • Memoirs (shared with Publications)
  • Candidates
    • Candidates by State
    • National Candidates
    • Federal Candidates

What are important subcategories for Organizations?

  • Libertarian Parties
    • National Libertarian Parties
    • State Libertarian Parties
    • Local Libertarian Parties
      • Local Libertarian Parties by [STATE]
  • Libertarian Think Tanks
  • Caucuses
  • Movements? (or would a movement belong elsewhere)
  • Movement Organizations
  • Political Action Committees
  • Locality-Specific Organizations by State?

What are important subcategories for Issues?

  • Ballot Access
  • Campaign Finance Laws
  • Major areas of focus like gay rights, gun rights, etc. (could potentially be any issue mentioned in Platform)
  • Essays
  • Slogans and Themes

What are important subcategories for Places?

  • Countries
  • States

What are important subcategories for Publications?

  • Libertarian Party Publications
    • Libertarian Party Publications by State
    • National Libertarian Party Publications
      • National Party Press Releases
      • National Party Emails
      • National Party Video Advertisements
      • National Party Newsletters
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Zines
  • Libertarian Movement Publications
  • Libertarian Political Publications
  • Press Releases
  • Training Materials
  • Publications Endorsing LP Candidates
  • Presentations (shared with Events)
  • Memoirs (shared with People0

What are important subcategories for Records?

So top-level would be Records with the following sub-categories: >Governing Documents >Meeting Records >Financial Records Etc.

So it would be first by “type” and then potentially under those would be by geography.

What are important subcategories for Lists?

Is this really its own category of categories? Isn't a category a "list"? If so, should "Categories" be one of the main subcategories of the Lists category?

  • There are pages that are "lists" like a page called "List of _______"
  • I think people may want to find all lists quickly. It might not technically be a category, but it is something I think is useful to the user.
  • National
  • By States

What are important subcategories for LPedia?

  • Maintenance
  • Policies
  • Projects