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Bots can help with wiki maintenance, content creation, and adding additional content.

Bots with Completed Tasks

Bots in Use

  • AutostubLP2 -- This bot is the page generator for a project to create information on all county, parish, and borough parties that can be found. It currently operates by generating articles and creating export files to be imported into the wiki. The limiting factor is assembling information into the spreadsheets it uses to create pages, which generally involves lots and lots of dumpster diving into the Internet Archive. It is only run either when a new state has been completed, or when it's being tweaked or tested.
  • WHUMP -- As this wiki continues to be hammered by attacks, this bot -- the Wiki Handler for Unwanted and Malefactorous Posts -- was created as a solution for neutralizing them. It runs client side and checks every few minutes for articles that appear to be garbage. When it decides that it's found garbage it deletes the article(s) and bans the perpetrating account. It's also being tested on a few space science and development wikis.

Wanted Bots

  • State party page project -- After county party pages are put into place, a long overdue systematic overhaul of state party pages should be done. Previous attempts never made it through the entire list of state parties, and most state party pages are well below the quality of several automatically generated county pages. The methods that the original Autostub pages use won't work well with state party pages because pages for all state parties -- however low in quality -- already exist.
  • Personal page generator -- Even with the county page project incomplete and the state parties typically in very poor shape, LPedia.org is rapidly becoming the biggest online source of names of party activists and their positions. The job description for this bot has been changed: It's first to data mine LPedia itself for names and positions and dates, then to aggregate together pages on everyone it's been able to identify. Presumably Gary Johnson and Gary E Johnson aren't the only two people it's going to get confused by, which means an industrial strength Autostub warning tag will be needed to note that all of the information was automatically assembled and presented and may be very wildly wrong...
  • Year Page project -- With articles on people and state parties and county parties, mine the wiki for everything with a year associated with it and collect them and create or append to year articles.