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The second issue of the LP News publication discusses various aspects of the very beginning of the party including the choice of the party name, ideas for presidential nominees, ballot requirements and recruitment.



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Name and Convention Details

The Committee to Organize a Libertarian Party chose the name "Libertarian Party" by a vote of 111 to 87. They also selected the first week of June as the best time for the party to hold its first national convention in Denver, Colorado. The Convention would be open to all Libertarian Party members at a registration cost of $25 which included access to the first, second, and third sessions of the convention and the various activities on those days.

Tentative Convention Agenda

Day 1 - Sunday, June 4th, 1972 - Open hearings by platform and constitution committees.
Day 2 - Monday, June 5th, 1972 - First session of the convention to vote on Party rules, constitution, and bylaws. Evening open for caucuses of various groups. Also to include some closed committee sessions and workshops.
Day 3 - Tuesday, June 6th, 1972 - Second session of the convention to vote on Party platform.
Day 4 - Wednesday, June 7th, 1972 - Third session of the convention to elect Party's officers for 1972-1974 and to nominate a President and Vice-President of the United States of America. "Big bash" in the evening.
Day 5 - Thursday, June 8th, 1972 - Open session of the newly-elected Executive Committee to deal with any necessary matters.

Symbol and Slogan Adopted

Libersign logo with slogan "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch"

Libersign chosen as the parties official emblem by a vote of 88 to 79. Libertarian Party member John James, a graphic artist, volunteered to draw the new symbol, the Libersign. The logo has been trademarked, and was used as an identifying mark by the Party and its state affiliates, on literature and on ballots (in states where that was permitted).

There was no clear-cut choice for the party slogan ("Laissez Faire" was preferred over "Live and Let Live," but both choices received many negative comments, and numerous alternatives were suggested). Imagery of the Libersign shows the acronym TANSTAFL, which stands for "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch".

Presidential Questionnaire


Rothbard first choice for Presidential candidate; Greenspan, Kellems, Fitzgerald make strong showings.

By a wide margin, the 52 people who returned their questionnaires by December 15th indicated that Rothbard would be their first choice to be the Libertarian Party's Presidential nominee in 1972. Running behind Rothbard was Greenspan.

The results lead the party to persuade Rothbard to accept the nomination with the remaining top five candidates being given first consideration for vice presidential nominee. The bottom three in the questionnaire were offered to be eliminated as unacceptable to most libertarians. A reminder was made that the official nomination would be determined at the party convention in June.

Platform Comments Welcomed

Membership Application

State Chairman Needed

A Correction


Colorado Libertarian Party Members Publish "The Fire Bringer"

New Book Documents $179 Billion Wasted by Bureaucrats

Learn How To Conduct A Petition Drive To Get Referenda On The Ballot

Ballot Requirements

Recruiting Contest First Prize $100

Recruiting Tips

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