LP News 1972 February Issue 3

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The third issue of the LP News publication was primarily focused on setting the party up after the party's foundation in 1971. It was published by The Libertarian Party's National Headquarters in Colorado.


LP's public debut a smashing success

The article describes the Libertarian Party's first press conference, all major Colorado newspapers reported on it. It celebrates membership doubling and it announces the formation of The Libertarian Party of Texas, Libertarian Party of Colorado, Libertarian Party of Utah, and Wyoming Libertarian Party.

Temporary Executive Committee

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Political Perspective

This issue contains a political article criticizing Richard Nixon over his visit to Peking among other things. It is quite harsh calling him deceitful, tricky, the great deceiver, and a rascal. The article goes on to insist that Libertarians shouldn't find hope in Nixon calling the idea "retarded". In addition other prominent politicians involved in the GOP primary such as Pete McCloskey and John Ashbrook are criticized, Ashbrook to a much lesser extent. The article concludes with a prediction for the primary and sets out the fololowing recommendations for the Libertarian Party to take in order to increase the chance of libertarian ideals being heard:
  1. Libertarians should support Ashbrook in the Republican primary in order to harass Nixon
  2. Pass a resolution at the Libertarian Party convention endorsing Ashbrook and withdrawing Libertarian Presidential candidates conditional on Ashbrook endorsing at least 50% of Libertarian platform planks and Ashbrook's continued challenging of Nixon even after the Republican Primary
  3. Continuing to strengthen the Libertarian party to give Ashbrook supporters a second choice if point 2 doesn't come to fruition.

Bits & Pieces

This part of the issue keeps readers up to date on what's happening in the Libertarian Party and what's happening to her ideals in general.

Willam Rickenbacker

Willam Rickenbacker sent an article written by LP member Ken Ryan into the National Review, it was published in the January, 21 1972 edition. The article published in the National Review calls for the end of stamp on sin laws that ban things such as drug laws, bedroom laws, usury laws, and vice laws.

Good Guys and Bad guys

Here the LP News article points out a new and revised way to score federal representatives using a Libertarian rubric. It ensures for a representative to get a 100 that representative mush vote for liberty 100% of the time