Kevin Moore

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Kevin Moore
Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Incumbent
Personal Details
Residence: Concord, California
Party: Libertarian Party

Kevin Moore is a recovering, socially liberal ex-Republican who finally got fed up with their shenanigans after the 2008 corporate bank bail-out. He's a moderate Libertarian (70%/80%) who believes in intelligent government oversight and smaller, local government. He believes in having a real impact on politics by *introducing successful legislation* and *getting people elected*. In order to do this he believes that an evolutionary - not a revolutionary - approach is necessary to win over the majority of people. (Most people in the US believe that things are generally working pretty well, and don't see the train wreck that's coming.) People are often heard saying, "He's not Libertarian enough". As of 2017 he is currently Chair of the Libertarian Party of Contra Costa County living in Concord, California. He also volunteers to with the national party to help connect new volunteers with their local chapters.

Political Positions

He believes that environmental regulation for the protection of all people is a proper function of the government ("Love Canal" could not have been prevented by private actors),

He believes that the FDA with a much more limited scope is appropriate and necessary (see "Chicago Stockyards" circa 1906 vis-a-vis Chipotle, 2016).

He believes in re-establishing small business interests by stopping the abuse of government power by large corporations to stifle competition.

He believes that abortion, as a legal matter, is a complicated issue that centers around when an unborn child has rights of its own, and that that time is not the day of birth.

He believes that the current course of the USA is taking us towards unemployment like Spain or economic collapse like Greece or Venezuela.

He wants to protect the freedoms we have enjoyed in the USA for his children and future generations.