Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm

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Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm
Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County
Predecessor: Joe Dehn
Successor: Incumbent
Communications Director
Libertarian Party of California
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown
Personal Details
Party: Libertarian Party

Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm is currently the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County in California.

She was previously the Secretary of the LP of Santa Clara County (2017), an At Large member of the LPC Executive Committee (2017-2018) and LPC Communication Director (2016-2018). She also served as the California Communication Director for the Gary Johnson 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Jennifer ran for San Jose City Council District 5 in the 2018 June Primary and received 16% of the vote.

She is a student of Communications at San Jose State University, a Community Manager for a local information security group, and a public speaker on diversity in technology. Jennifer is also a life member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and volunteer with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center (ITDR).