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CoLORADO L1sERTARIAN PARTY CliPboard Official monthly newsletter of the Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave., Suite 309 Denver, CO. 80203 Telephone (303) 837-9393 September, 1988 issue

Paul, 3 local Libs 111ake ballot

Following the Aug. 2 deadline for minority party candidates to tum in their petitions for access to the Colorado general ballot, it seems certain that the names of five Liber­tarians -including presidential candidate Ron Paul and vice presidential candidate Andre Marrou -will appear on 1988 ballots it•ttt i£~ff::;J~iii!iffJazernorth (talk) 09:30, 11 July 2017 (CDT)1Ji

elJ~'@MIBiH{J{Wliifo# the signatures had arisen by the Aug. 15

IfI ;~~t~i~tJazernorth (talk) 09:30, 11 July 2017 (CDT)'~!t;;~;;~;;;;

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if,li~llll[~!~~,11111: car of 6th Congressional District candidate Jim Phelps' daughter, and the inability of 1st Congressional District candidate Robin Rei­d's campaign to generate the required num­ber ofsignatures. CLP Finance Director David Aitken was successful in his bid to get on the ballot as a candidate for the Colorado General Assem­bly in State Representative District 6, the Capitol Hill area of Denver. RTD board candidate Geoffrey Lloyd turned in the required number of signatures to gain ballot access in that non-partisan election, but a reported challenge of the va­lidity of those signatures remained unre­solved at the time of this printing. The only Western Slope LP candidate is Robert C. Martin, who got on the ballot as a Mesa County commissioner candidate. Pleasure Park in Delta County, to be followed by the CLP board meeting. Marrou will then address a fund-raising dinner for Libertarian Mesa County commis­sioner candidate Robert C. Martin in Grand Junction that evening. On Sunday, Sept. 18 and Monday, Sept. 19, Marrou will be appearing in Fort Collins. Mary Margaret Glennie is scheduling his ap­ pearances there, and can be reached at 484­ 8184 for more details. Denver Libertartans will see Marrou on Sept. 20-21, and that month's Cocktail Party will be held Wednesday, Sept. 21 to host him.

From the Chair By Mary Lind, CLP Chairman Greetings! Great things are happening in Colorado! By the time you read this, Ron Paul will have already wowed a rally at Washington Park. PLEASE be sure to send us back your contribution envelope with some Funny Reserve Notes trapped inside to help us pay for that rally. No handout's too big or small. Make a point to attend as many of Andre Mar­ rou's events as you can during his Sept. 17-21 visit. It'll be a stimulating weekend! I heaved a sigh of relief when I opened a letter today from the Secretary of State's office stating that our Ron Paul petition "appeared sufficient." Golly, nice of her to drop a line, eh? Won't it be amusing someday when the Libertarians are the majority party and we can send the Demopubli­ cans little notes from the capitol? Of course, we'll save money by writing the_m_ on the backsides of all those laws that we've done away with. Your state board will be working on outreach programs very actively now. Part of this is moving the monthly board meetings to various locations around the state when we can. A more important part, though, is to reach "invisible" Libertarians. These are people who are: 1) libertarians, but don't know about the state party; 2) folks highly dissat­isfied with the two fat parties and needing a change, and 3) Libertarians in the making (i.e., free-thinking students and youths). There are a LOT of these people out there! As a party, we have a lot of catching up to do to contact these people, and the time is ripe. Help us out by contacting and getting LP literature to local schools, colleges. and civic and religious organiza­tions. Contact teachers and group leaders and offer to get them a Libertarian speaker. Give them the CLP office number, and we'll be happy to get a speaker to them. Many schools are hosting special election year forums to get students interested in the vote, and teachers are surprisingly willing to include the Libertarian alternative. I'll see you all at Andre Marrou's activities this month. Keep up the good work. Yours in Liberty,

2 Letter to the CLiPboard (Editor's Note: The following letter was submitted for publication by Penn Pfiffner, who wrote to 1984 Libertarian vice presidential nominee Jim Lewis, the author of Liberty Reclaimed" who is now in federal prisonfor willfulfailure to pay federal income taxes, and received this reply). Dear Penn: Thanks for taking time to write. The letters I've received, especially from people I stayed with in '84, have brought back many pleasant memories. There is nothing about the prison experience that has been a surprise and since I knew when I started down this road in 1981 that this was a possibility, I did a good Job, preparing for it. The charge was "willful failure to file tax return." My task was to convince the Jury that I believed in what I have researched and that my action or inaction was not knowing and willful. I represented myself, using their trial tran­scripts as a guide. The trial was an experience I will never forget. I was able to tell my story and present considerable evidence, though the jmy was not permitted to have the material in the de­liberation room. The jury was out only two hours and I knew the second the door opened and they filed into the courtroom that I was a goner. I recognized the difficulty of my task, when I placed a copy of the Constitution in front of each juror and had to explain the tax clause -direct, indirect apportionment, etc. Allenwood is a minimum security facility; no walls, cells or watch towers. The layout, the camp would remind you of a small college campus. The dorms are crowded because the camp was built to accommodate about 500 and there are 800-900 here. The issue in the trial as it was leading up to the trial was: 'Where is the Constitutional authority for Congress to impose a personal income tax on individuals, receiving no privilege from the government?" To understand the ques­tion, one must be acquainted with the provisions in the Constitution regarding taxation. What was a direct tax, what were indirect taxes? The best answer was in one of Hamilton's essays in the Federalist Papers. Most people believe that the Sixteenth Amendment gave Congress a new taxing power -the Supreme Court said otherwise. My feeling in retrospect is that the jury felt intimidated -probably believing that the IRS would be after them if they brought in an acquittal. Penn, no one has suggested a Ron Paul visit. He would have to have a special visitor's form from me if he was in­terested. There is much more to the income tax question than I could give you in this letter. The question, of course, to this date, is unanswered. I believe the best strategy for the Libertarian Party would be to work for the Liberty Amendment. which would abol­ish the income tax. Ron Paul is familiar with this amend­ment and itwas written into our first LP platform. Thanks again for taking the time to write -it was great hearing from you. For Liberty Reclaimed, Jim Lewis, Dear Friend: Know what I've been doing for you this summer? Busting my behind to protect your freedom from those clowns in the State Legislature, that's what. Let me tell you, it's hard work. Simple, yes. But there's a lot of time and effort involved. By now you know that I'm running my second campaign for State Representative from Denver's Capitol Hill area. I'm doing most of the work myself, putting in about 8 to 10 hours per week. But I ' ve also had some excellent help from dedicated folks like yourself; people who are committed to seeing freedom restored to this great nation of ours. ~hat are my chances of winning? Slim, for sure. But we won ' t know until we try, and I'm doing my best. Last time I pulled 3.2 percent in a 3-way race. This time I'm committed to breaking the 10 percent barrier in a similar contest . Ten percent, especially if it's more than the difference between the other two candidates. will make people sit up and take notice. But it can't happen without your help . Please help me reach 4000 voters we didn't get to last time with your generous investment of $25, $50, or $100 in our effort to return freedom to our nation. Please make it payable to Citizens for David Aitken, and send it to the Colorado Libertarian Party, 720 E. 18Th Ave., #309, Denver, Co 80203. Please do it today, so we'll have time to make a difference. Thank You for caring, •

  • -----Like to Stay in Touch? -Here's Bow! -----*

If this is the first issue of the CLiPboard you've received since contacting us, and would like to receive it on a regular basis, please fill out the coupon elsewhere in this issue.

  • -----You've Got 60 Days to !tale a Difference!-~-*

That's right! There's only 60 days left, give or take a few, before the election, and we need your e1pert help! Please choose one of the 4 tasks below and DO it! 1. Donate the last two digits of your phone nuaber in dollars to one of the three caapaigns listed below. Or just pick any nuaber. Your Colorado choices are Ron Paul for President, Andre Harrou for Vice-President, or David Aitken for State Representative. If you haven't aade a donation to one of these caapaigns yet, please send your donation to the CLP office, 720 E. 18Tb Ave. , #309, Denver, Co 80203.

2. Andre Harrou is co1ing to Colorado Septelber 17th to 21st. We need volunteers to answer the office phone during that ti1e. Please schedule yourself for a 2 or 4 hour shift by calling David Aitken (831-4334).

3. Help with Ron Paul's ne1t visit to Colorado. Call Jon Baraga (722-1626) for details.

4. Do you live in David Aitken's State Bouse District 6? (In Denver -Broadway to Quebec, 8th Ave to Colfax -Capitol Hill and East Denver) Could you put up a yard sign supporting bis caapaign? Could you spare a couple of hours to help walk the neighborhood or prepare literature? Please call hi1 -831-4334.

  • -----RON PAUL RALLIES DENVER!! -----1 8}' fllary Lind

Despite a rainy afternoon, LP Presidential candidate Ron Paul rallied al.most 150 people into a freedom fervor Sunday. August 21 at the Washington Park boathouse in Denver. And despite the legal constraint of not bein~ allowed to do any fundraising at the public park, total receipts were $1589! It was by far the best CLP fundraiser of the year lo date, and without actually asking tor funds! Dr . Paul arrived in Denver Sunday 1orning, speaking to a crowd of over 300 people at the Global Science Congress. "We were deluged after the talk with requests for more information about the ca1paign and the Party", said Paul. He spent the afternoon inleniewing with the Den\·er Post. the Rocky !lountain News, and with former LP State Chairman Dwight Filley, who was there on behalf of the new Colorado Statesman. Former Idaho Congressman George Hansen kicked off the evening, waning up the crowd and lashing out al big gover1U1ent and the IRS. David Aitken. our ow!l Libertarian candidate for State House District 6, preceded Ron Paul , speaking eloquently on Libertarian principles and his hopes for this election year. By the ti1e Ron Paul reached the microphone, the crowd was primed. In a rousing and animated speech, Dr. Paul covered everything fro1 environ1entai issues and abortion to the Fed and the drug war. "It's ludicrous," said Paul, "to spend billions of dollars protecting our borders to stop drugs, and ha\'e laws that restrict the sales of hypoderaic needles, and at the sate ti1e use tax dollars to bu}· sterile needles to band out free lo drug users so they can practice their habit and not get AIDS.• The crowd frequently interrupted Paul's speech with their applause and cheers. The rally was a great success, and both Ron and CLP 1el.bers left that evening with s1iles their faces . And the best news of all was in Ron's parting words: "1'1 coting back!!"


  • -----Tea1work Works!! ----­By Jon Baraga

If there was a single message that caae across during the Libertarian Ron Paul for President Rall}·, it was that is the essential ingredient to i1ple1enting societ;·'s transition to freedom. The Ron Paul Rally was a rousing success in all ways (Local TV stations excepted). Approxi1ately 150 freedo1-1inded folls joined us on Sunday, August 21st. Disregarding unfa\'orable climate. they cheered and applauded Ron Paul; they cheered and applauded George Hansen (the fouer congress1an from Idaho): they ate copious a1ounts of excellent food; and they gave generously. Considering that we only had 19 days lead tiae, we were extremeh successful. I e1phasize I!~, because it was teamworkJazernorth (talk) enthusiasm that aade it happen. Those responsible are noted elsewhere. Outreach is the singularly most i1portant facet in guaranteeing our ultimate success. The 1988 presidential campaign is our greatest outreach tool. VP candidate Andre Marrou will be in Colorado Septe1ber 17th through the 21st. Ron Paul ~llJ be back. Teamwork and entbusias1 are the essential ingredients. So now 1ore than ever, join the lea1. We're getting stronger and tougher every day. WE hafe the winning combination. Our goals are in sight. We're picking up steam. We're having fun. Won't you join us? Volunteer. Send money. Donate skills. Bring us new blood. There are thousands of freedo1-1inded individuals in Colorado who are ready for our message. They deserve it. Won't you help us help the1? Spread the word. Freedo1 is our message. Volunteers -Thank You!!! Rysz 11ysiiw Gordy Haug Kurt Jones Tom Hartin Hark Baraga ltary Lind Nikli Baraga Derek Reich Jon BaragaDe\;on Rei ch Nark Welch Ji1 Glennie Chris Petty Jaaie Petty Steve Vandervelde Charles Stogsdill Bill Harrigan Kirby Werner Geoffrey Lloyd Dave Aitken Chris Bechtold

r Sept 17th Big Welcome at .Montrose Airport. Please Come!

Cavalcade through Delta. Come Honk With Us!

Keynote Speech Delta Colorado Libertarians & Tabor Amendment Supporters at

Gunnison River Park · Hope You'll Come! Barbecue Grand Junction With L.P. Candidate Robert Martin & Seminar on "How to Build The Party"

Sept 18th Possible Visit to Aspen Details to Come!

Sept 19th Ft. Collins Monthly Party-Do Come!

KIMN Will Huett Talk Show -Call In! CSU Debate -Let's Organize on Campus!

Sept 20th Boulder Breakfast With Libertarians & Friends -We Need You to Be Here! Golden Odd Fellows Club Debate on Drugs -Public Welcome!

Sept 21st 0 z: ~ Denver Monthly CLP Cocktail Party ~ 0 u We Need You to Come to Events & Bring Friends! Call the Media and Ask Them to Cover the Visit!!

Fund Raising!H Can You Help? Will You?

Call These Area Organizers For Details

Delta Co. Ron Bain Mesa Co. Steve Thurman Ft. Collins Mary Margaret 323-6853 Boulder Chuck Wright 924-6247 243-1088 Denver Doug Anderson 757-8896 484-8184

3 1988 Campaign Update: The following Libertarian candidates have either gained ballot access in Colorado or are facing a challenge of the va­lidity of their ballot access petitions: Candidate Office Status Telephone Ron Paul President On Ballot David Aitken State Rep. Dist. 6 On Ballot Geoffrey Lloyd RTD Dist. A Denver Challenged Robert Martin Mesa Co. Comm. On Ballot

I""\ 0 0 0 N ~ w. V') a.1 > < ~ ~ > > ~ C: ~ co N L/'\

.­ Q,. _; • ~ ~

0 ... ~ E "'O C: ~ E The League ofWomen Voters to include

Ron Paul

Libertarian For President in the Presidential Debates

a,f~, the Libertarian Party has run five candidates for President. in every election since 1972. GJ(/~, the Llbertartan Party is the third largest political party in the U.S .. '-))f~, the Honorable Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party candidate for President. has been elected four times to serve as a Representative in the United States Congress, aw~,Ron Paul's Presidential campaign has now received widespread national and local media attention, aw~,the Paul campaign already fulfills the debate requirements of the League ofWomen Voters, ~that we, the undersigned. strongly believe the League should include the Libertarian Party Presiden­tial candidate in the debates against the Republican and Democratic Party candidates. The League sh ould do so 0 in fairness to voters as well as to enliven - an event that. withou t Ron Paul, "' promises to be prosaic. ~ ... ~


g signature

date__________ _

I'-----------------­ 756-6601 831-4334 733-7962 241-5324

KUDOS Neal Lafon for paper; Stanley Larson, Victoria Mason, Dave Tyson, Brian Hohhouse, Clyoo Harl<ins, Bill Fargo & AitKen for assem­bling 1he lastCUP­ board.

r--------------------------, YES! I'd like to help the cause of freedom in Colorado. Here's my: _one-time _monthly donation of: _$5 _$10 _$25


I'm low on funds, but I'd like to volunteer to: _Raise funds_Speak _Staff office_Pamphleteer I'm not a Libertarian (yet), but I'd like to receive the CLiPboard ­here's $6 to cover postage _ Name ------­

Address -------------­ City ____State __ Zip Phone ____



~=~=~=~=~=Jazernorth (talk)LJR~e~gistered Libertarian update

Ifyou live in a county not listed below and haven't done so already, go to your county clerk's office and ask for a listing of the registered Libertarians. In small counties, sometimes it is a free service; in larger counties, you might be asked for a cent or two per name. It's part of the CLP's current outreach effort, so do your part! Adams 35 Denver 131 Summit 2 Arapahoe 57 Eagle 3 Unknown 13 Boulder 76 Jefferson 93 Delta 6 Montrose 4 Total 420

TABOR petition numbers are adequate, but challenged Early in August. the Taxpayer's Bill ofRights tax limitation amendment was assigned position six on the statewide ballot and 69,000 signatures on petitions were turned in to support the ballot access effort. However, TABOR/6 author Douglas Bruce says Secretaty ofState Natalie Meyer is aiding and abetting opponents of tax limitation. A mid-August hearing didn't resolve a challenge of about 40,000 of the signatures, and was rescheduled for Sept. 13. Bruce says he'll seek an injunction against Meyers. Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage


Permit No. 675 Denver. CO.

Please deliver this message about freedom in Colorado TO: