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Page 2 CLiPboard Sept./Oct., 1993 From the Editor by Chuck Bilbe I would like to share with you the enthusiasm I feel after attending the National LP Convention in Salt Lake City. My overall impression: a top-notch group of dedicated people who belong to a political party that has emerged from its adolescence. This is no longer just a band of wild-eyed idealists. The convention got front-page coverage in the Salt Lake Tribune twice. A U.S. Senator spoke to our group. He treated us with respect, and we treated him likewise. The media was there. Quality speakers were there. A three-day workshop on running political campaigns was outstanding. Libertarians are going !Q@! elected. It's just a matter of when, not if. I hope you enjoy this issue, and that you keep up the fight for liberty. Our time is coming -soon. The Raw Deal Psalm by Anonymous Bill Clinton is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He leadeth me by still factories and abandoned farms. He restoreth my doubt about the Democratic Party. He annointeth my wages with taxes and inflation so my expenses runneth over my income. Surely poverty and hard living shall follow the Democratic Rarty.,-and-L.shall work--0n a-i:entecLfarm--and live-in-a.-rentecL­house forever. CliPboard

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-l'his-eemmitment-helps-t1s-maintain--ot1r-principles-and-provides--tls-with-a measuring stick to determine if we have strayed from our common goal: a society where all relationships among persons are based on voluntary cooperation. Make checks payable to Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave, #309 Denver Cb 80203

To the Editor

Take the secrecy away from the sixteen and seventeen year­olds. That's the most cost-effective measure that we can take to combat juvenile crime. Let the public know their names when they are arrested. When people commit crimes, they should be ashamed. Withholding names from the public takes away the shame. Under the present system, the only reinforcement that juvenile criminals get is from their hoodlum friends. Imagine how different it would be if everyone in the community knew.

Lifting the veil of secrecy would be a transfer of power away from government and back to the community. The government could be more effective by doing less. The power of community opinion could be a powerful force to check criminal behavior.

In addition, modify the present practice of wiping the record clean when they turn eighteen. Make it contingent upon completion of community service. That way we'll find out who has committed crimes without remorse.

The public might be shocked to see the criminal track records of certain individuals, prior to turning eighteen. The public might conclude that the system is nurturing criminals. -Daniel O'Haire, Arvada


Sept./Oct., 1993 CliPboard Page 3


The Boulder LP has been busy, holding very successful outreach booth events at the Pearl Street Mall on August 21 and September 18. National campus organizer Joe Knight came to Boulder on September 15 to do recruiting outreach on the CU campus. On September 22, the 7PM Meeting at the Depot is scheduled to be a public Town Meeting at which we will present our alternative proposals for controlling land use in the mountain areas. Judd Ptak is spearheading this effort. The Adopt-a-Highway program will do its cleanup on November 13. The Boulder LP meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Old Train Depot, 30th & Pearl, at 7 p.m. Contact the BCLP Chair, Kevin Wilkerson at 443-1870 for more information.

---Denver --­

Congratulations to Denver LP Chairman David Segal (and young daughter Victoria) for having their picture in the Denver Post on September 8th. David and Victoria were photographed peacefully protesting at the opening ofthe special session of the legislature. David was carrying a sign reading "Fight Crime: Shoot Back," with the LP logo and motto "Defenders of Liberty." He followed up with a letter to the editor of the Post, published on September 14th, in which he exposed that hundreds of students from several high schools were bused to the rally by their schools to demonstrate in favor of the gun legislation advocated by Governor Romer. Annual election of officers will be at the October 5th meeting. David Segal announced that he will not run for reelection as Chairman. All members are urged to consider running for office. Planning is underway for the Bill of Rights rally to be held on December 11th on the. steps of the Capitol. A speaker will address each of the Ten Amendments of the Bill of Rights. Anyone interested in helping with this project should contact David Segal at 296-4059. The speaker at the August 3rd meeting was Tom Tancredo, new president of the Independence Institute. Tom discussed ideas for increasing the Institute's visibility and effectiveness, including a more practical and action-oriented agenda. The scheduled speaker for the September 7th meeting, Sllite Representative Penn Pfiffner, had a slightly higher priority for the evening: the special legislative session. As a last-minute fill-in, David Segal gave an entertaining account of the origins of vigilantism in 1850's San Francisco. He has written an article on the subject which he hopes will appear in the Denver Post in the near future. The Denver LP meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Village Inn Restaurant, 890 S. Colorado Blvd. at 7:00 P.M. Contact David Segal at 296-4059 or Larry Hoffenberg at 755­4843 for more information.

---Aurora --­

The Aurora Libertarians celebrated their one year anniversary last month as an organized affiliate ofthe LP. The group has been discussing the $100 million Capital Improvement Project which will be put to the voters in November. A position paper will be put together at the September and October meetings. Guest speaker at the July 20th meeting was Mark Culverhouse, Chairman of the Colorado Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Mark discussed the Medical Marijuana Initiative being circulated, and various bureaucratic problems encountered along the way. The guest speaker for the August 17th meeting was Dick Sargent, Republican candidate for Governor in 1994. His three main campaign issues will be crime and public safety, the economy and education. David Kopel of the Independence Institute, is scheduled for September 21. He will be speaking on "Kids & Guns." Aurora Libertarians meet the third Tuesday of every month at Archie Malone's Restaurant at Iliff & Buckley, 7:00 p.m. Call Chuck Bilbe at 690-4565 or Larry Hoffenberg at 755-4843 for more information.

--Jefferson County --

Jeffco Libertarians have been growing since early spring. Our monthly speaker series titled "Freedom and Government" covers wide-ranging topics designed to interest those who are not necessarily libertarians. David Bryant (CLP Membership Director) spoke in May on "Why America Needs the Libertarian Party." Clyde Harkins (from the TABOR committee) spoke in July on the Election Reform Amendment. Chuck Write (Boulder LP) spoke in August on "Winning the Drug War." David Aitken (CLP State Chair) spoke on September 15th on "The Fully Informed Jury." A surprise contingent of Mr. Lombardo's Wheatridge High School students earned extra credit attending his talk. In addition to learning that as a juror they have the right to judge the law as well as the facts of the case, they talked with us later and took some libertarian literature with them. Our future outreach plans include contacting all the JeffCo high school social studies teachers, inviting them and their students to our "Freedom and Government" speaker series, and offering to provide speakers or people for panel discussions. The JeffCo LP welcomes one and all. Speakers are the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th. Please call Brandt Swanke, 424-9687 or Sandra Johnson, 973-0594, for more information.


The Liberty Coalition held an outreach booth on July 23-25 at the Carbondale Mountain Fair, and another one at the Aspen Hemp Rally on August 14. For information about future events call Tom Peckham at 925-6027 or Gerry Johnson at 963-1913. Page4 CLiPboard Sept./Oct., 1993 Hatch, Libertarians find Common Ground by Michael Dann Hayes SALT LAKE CITY -Utah Senator Orrin Hatch was greeted with cheers and applause when he spoke to the National Libertarian Party convention in Salt Lake City on Friday, September 3. Hatch, R-Utah, lambasted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a speech designed to seek support of Libertarian Party members and delegates to the convention. Senator Hatch is sponsoring a bill to forbid the FDA's upcoming restrictions on vitamin supplements and food additives. "The goal of my legislation and the goal of the Libertarian Party are one and the same . . . to make sure that 01.l.f system encourages all people to choose what they wcµit from life," Hatch said. "And in order to choose what they want from life, th(lre has to be that essential respect for the individual and the individual's freedom and independence to direct his or her own life," he said.

How <fya do? State Representative Calvin Warburton (L-New Hampshire), left, shakes hands with LP Convention speaker Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).

Expressing concerns that he may have entered a lion's den, Hatch nevertheless held the attention of Libertarian Party members and delegates by continuously expressing his dislike of the FDA while extolling the virtues of Senate Bill 784 which would deregulate the supplemental vitamin industry. "The government shouldn't control how we keep fit," Hatch said. "Yet, government bureaucrats want to have ever-increasing control-ofhow.-we run our lives;:.-­ The convention gave a telling indication of the wide range ofbeliefs Hatch shares with the Libertarian Party. "What the FDA has forgotten is that Americans never wanted to be taken care of," Hatch said. "It is the FDA which needs a warning label, not a bottle of vitamins." Hatch has taken a high profile in fighting the FDA's attempts to toughen testing and labeling rules on a host of high-potency vitamins, amino acids and herbal remedies. Basically, his bill would allow supplement manufacturers to regulate themselves, a proposal Libertarians can agree with. "It is incredible to me that one tiny agency can take on over 100 million people, and expect to win," Hatch said of the FDA. "The taxpayers are paying almost $1 billion a year to fuel the FDA bureaucracy, and a lot of that money could be put to better use by them ifthey would just do their job. "Americans must be able to continue to make their own decisions," he said.

Doug Bruce Found Guilty by Larry Hoffenberg

Colorado Springs real estate investor and Amendment One author Douglas Bruce, recipient of the Colorado LP's first annual Friend of Liberty Award last April, was found guilty on August 24th oftwo misdemeanor criminal violations of the Denver building code. The charges stemmed from Bruce's alleged failure to "wreck or repair" a vacant four-plex rental property. Bruce said of the guilty verdict: "It's a travesty. I'm in shock. There is no other way to put it. There has been a miscarriage of justice, and the jury just didn't get it." Bruce could be sentenced to up to two years in jail and fined up to $4,000, but he hasn't yet decided whether to appeal the verdict. He faces another jury trial on September 21 on similar charges involving a second rental property. Bruce is currently leading the effort to place the Election Reform Amendmenton the November, 1994 ballot. COLSON FINANCIAL GROUP, INC. Independmt Broker RONALD S. COLSON, lv'£A, CFP

Certified Fin4ncud P'4nner Registered Representative of Broker/Dealer GDN Securities Ltd.

FINANCIAL PLANNING WITH AN EMPHASIS ON: + lift Insurance, Disability Income lnsur1111ce

+ Environmmul ilnd SocudJy lusponsibk Investing

(303) 986-9977 • 1-800-530-3~ Fax(303)985-9235 PO Box 281028 • Lakewood, CO 80228

Sept./Oct., 1993 CLiPboard Page S

From The Chair by David Aitken WOW!! You missed a GREAT national convention! There was lots to do, lots of new people to meet, and lots of things happened! And we raised over $28,000 for the national party! First let me thank the delegates who took time from their busy schedules to attend -David Bryant, Chuck Bilbe, Chris Bogart, Natalie Dehn, Mary Margaret Glennie, Tom Peckham, Dann Hayes, Larry Hoffenberg, Phil and Jane Freytag, Kevin Wilkerson, Bumper Hornberger, Brian Holthouse, Geoff Lloyd, and Bruce Lockhart. Also attending were Joe Dehn and Dave Schumacher (ex-officio deleg~tes), and Jeff Barish, Paul Vattano, Mark Mace, and Jeff and Collette Wright. The convention was positive and upbeat. Everybody seemed to have a sense ofpurpose. We resolved the pledge and platform debate. (We still have a pledge required for national membership and we added a natfonal campaign platform which will be developed by the presidential candidate.) And many people were focusing on MEMBERSIDP! I've been an activist since 1986 when I ran for state

representative. I've helped out with a lot of different projects. I've seen a lot ofpeople come and go. During that time, except for David Bryant's efforts over the last two years, there's never been much focus on MEMBERSIDP. That must change if we are to become a successful political party. New Hampshire is successful because Bill Winter, their

former state chairman and now the Director of Communications at the national HQ, focused on membership. We have been successful over the past few years because David Bryant focused on membership. David's efforts moved us from 11th to 10th in national memberships. We need to expand on his efforts and I am asking Chuck Bilbe to focus on membership in the CLiPboard so you can focus on membership. We will not qualify for permanent ballot access until we

have lots of members. We will not win political office until we have lots of members. We will not be a successful political party until.we have lots ofmembers. What can we do? One way is to help David Bryant send out

information packets and member renewal notices. He NEEDS some volunteer help, so call him at 744-6577 and volunteer, please. Another idea used by the Mrchigan LP is to pass out the ·

World's Smallest Political Quiz with a $100 raffle on the back. People fill out the quiz and mail it to us. All of them get a chance at the prize and those who fall in the libertarian quadrant get an info packet. I'm including another one in the nex1 paragraph. If you

have others, call me at 303-831-4334 and let's talk. One way to reach new prospects is to advertise in Colorado

based newsletters of special interest groups. If you are a member of a group, you can support your group AND the Libertarian Party by buying a business card size ad in your group's newsletter which promotes the LP. Prices for this kind of ad are usually pretty reasonable. The Alfa Romeo club newsletter, for example, is $3.75 per month if you buy 12 months. Ifyou need help with an ad, call me at 303-831-4334. Right now our membership stands at about 204 dues-paying members and 1560 registered libertarians. Ironically, we have about 330 national members in Colorado. In order to qualify for permanent ballot status, we must win 10 percent of a gubernatorial race, which is about 100,000 votes. In order to get 100,000 votes, we must have about 10,000 registered libertarians, assuming a 10 votes to I member ratio, which is about average for us. The growth of this party depends on each of us taking responsibility for making it happen. Ifyou "Let George Do It", it will never happen, unless you look in a mirror and realize that "George" is looking back at you. Please help us find 10,000 new members by the year 2000. That's about 4 per day. Please help us help your friends and neighbors. Because your liberty depends on it. In Liberty, We arc a statewide. non rrofit, 1trassroots volunteer group dedicated to rindin~ innovative solutions to teen crime and violence. Our volunteers consist of concerned parents. edu­cators, business and medical professionals, and the news media. Teen crime and violence, par1icularly involving hand guns, is a major problem in our state as well as in others. Because there arc no hand gun safety programs for teens in Colorado, or elsewhere, we launched a statewide hand gun safety awareness program in June of 1993 to unite communities through awarcnes..~. education anc.J commitment. Thousands of people have contacted us pledging their suppor1 and hove volu.nteered their time to teach young people the basics of hand gun sa!ety and awareness U1 thctr com­ munities. Because of our constitutional .. right to bear arms'"' hand guns arc available to almost anvonc. It is, therefore the Fir11 Goal of our organization to insure that these weapons are used in a rcsponsihle way through educating our young people and adults, fur the safety and weU being of our communities. Throuih the effor1s of our volunteers we have generated considerable intercs1 in the private business sector to donate funds to our organization. Using the theme ..hand gun safety" donations from the private sector will enable us to bring public attention to the imr?rtance of guiding and protectini our children, families, and communities from the epidemic of violence that is plaguing our society. We encourage you. the private ~or, as well as other oria.niz.ations ~nd individuals to financially suppon our cffons to end the tragedy of teen cnme and violence. • support Colorado's Hand Gun Safety Awareness Campaign!" O Violence prevention is impor1an1 to me (and my family). I (we) would suppon a program designed and suitable for my school district. O J wish to become a founding member. 1 will receive ncwslcncrs and notifica1ions of events. O Annual Membership Fee · SI0.00 O I am enclosing a tax deductible gift of S---­ Address---------------------­ City State ------Zip ----­ Phone---------------------­

W, are ,n indq,cnJcnl or~ani,~li,m no/ ,ffilialcd wilh any poh1,cal pony or political adion oommillce. Donations and membership fca arc w iletluctiblc. Please send to: United, We Hold the Future in Our Hands P.O.Box 620007 Littleton, CO 80162-0007

w Page 6 CliPboard Sept./Oct., 1993

Membership Notes by David Bryant Hello again! I've recently returned from the Libertarian Convention in Salt Lake City. While the convention itself was enjoyable, the best part for me was the "Stamp Act Congress," a three-day seminar for political candidates and their managers. More than fifty Libertarians attended the seminar from August 30 through September I. Mr. Sal Guzzetta, a seasoned political advisor with over 200 campaigns under his belt, was our instructor. Here's a synopsis of the course. • As a candidate, your objective is to win. To win, you need three things: planning, money, and lots of hard work.

• You should start planning your campaign at least a year before the election. Your plan should include a budget, ideas for raising money, and a detailed analysis of the voting patterns in the district in which you are running. You will use this plan not only as a road map for your campaign, but also as a fund-raising tool, to convince potential contributors that you are serious about winning.

• You should start raising money before you publicize your candidacy. You will need about $1.00 per voter in the district. For instance, if you want to run for a state representative's seat, you should aim to raise about $30,000. As the candidate, you should be willing to put up some·ten fo twenty per cent oflhe money-yourself. -~ ·

• Current studies of voting patterns indicate that some 85 per cent of the voters do not vote based on the issues. Instead, they pick a name that is familiar to them. You cannot win unless you get a large share of that 85%. So you must advertise your name -repeatedly and consistently.

• Your primary tactic during the campaign is to identify voters who are still undecided, then convince them to vote for you. Sal recommends a three-pronged approach using telephone calls, precinct walkers, and direct mail advertising to accomplish this. Once you've identified a voter who's either for you or against you, don' t waste money on him or her. Instead, keep working on the (shrinking) list of undecided voters.

• You will need a lot of volunteers -preferably, about 1 % of the voters in your district. For example, in the $30,000 State Rep's race, you want about 300 volunteers to work on the campaign.

• The last stage in your campaign is "Get Out the Vote." During this stage, which typically occupies the two weeks just before election day, your volunteers call all the people who have been identified as supporters and urge them to vote for you.

That, in essence, is how to win an election. Because the subject is so broad, I've glossed over a lot of important material. If you have questions or wish to discuss this topic further, please call me at (3.03) 744-6577. I'll also be glad to give a one-hour presentation to any affiliate group that wants to hear it. And you should feel free to contact Sal Guzzetta directly to obtain his books about campaigns, which contain a wealth of useful information. Yours in Liberty, For more information about running to win, contact Sal Guzzetta al Political Publishing Company POBox4406 Alexandria, VA 22303 1-800-562-6624

Besides instruction manuals, Sal also markets videotapes and computer software. The manuals contain extensive references to additional sources ofinformation.

Peckham and Company Commercial and Residential Real t..ware REO

Thomas C. Peckham fu<>Ke-r~-~--------: Post Office Box 9766 • Aspen, Colorado 81612 • 303-925-6027



for PAY Call (303) 869-6306

Start Immediately! Paid for by TABOR, Box 1900, Arvada CO 80004 Clyde Harkins, Treasurer

Sept./ Oct., 1993 CLiPboard

Colorado Libertarian Party Directory

National Libertarian Party HQ (202) 543-1988 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC National Chair Mary Gingell (415) 858-1842 2340 Princeton, Palo Alto CA 94306 Libertarian Nat'I Committee Secretary Joe Dehn (303) 972-8094 P.O. Box 621015, Littleton CO 80162 libertarian Nat'I Committee Regional Representative Dave Schumacher (303) 759-8169 3751 E. Dartmouth Ave., Denver CO 80210

Colorado Libertarian Party State LP Office (303) 837-9393 720 E. 18th Ave. #309, Denver CO 80203 State Chair David Aitken (303) 831-4334 1240 Ogden #4, Denver CO 80218 Campaigns Director Chris Bogart (303) 449-6327 1707 22nd Street #101, Boulder CO 80302 Fundraising Director Ray Hambric (303) 740-7568 10976 E. Crestline Place, Englewood CO 80111 Publications Director Chuck Bilbe (303) 690-4565 4842 S. Shenandoah Way, Aurora CO 80015 Public Relations Director Rick Shaw (303) 693-5113 P.O. Box 1141 , Parker CO 80134

Treasurer Cooper Jager (303) 786-9990 4861 Curie Court, Boulder CO 80301-5460

Membership Director David Bryant (303) 744-6577 520 S. Corona, Denver CO 80209

New Member Info 1-800-682-1776

Libertarianism: Political Self-Reliance by Larry Hoffenberg Denver-area CLP members joined together to staff an outreach booth at the Self-Reliance E>..1)0 '93 held September 16 -19 at the Denver Coliseum. The Expo featured booths, workshops and speakers covering a wide variety of subjects such as nutritional supplements, new age therapies, bartering and survival equipment. The LP found many new friends among the self-reliant and free-thinking attendees. A few hundred people attended over the four-day interval. Even though the turnout was far less than we hoped, the CLP added 16 new names to its mailing list and came out $126 to the good on T-shirt and bumper-sticker sales. Many thanks to our volunteers: Dave Aitken, Chuck Bilbe, Dave Bryant, Richard Combs, Sandy Johnson, Larry Hoffenberg, Robert Miller, Tom Schrah.

Convention Diversions by Larry Hoffenberg The non-stop action on the convention floor screamed out to delegates to take advantage of the wealth of seminars, workshops and speeches offered concurrently with the floor debate. Experts spoke on dozens of topics, from "Marketizing the U.S. Forest Service" to "Muckraking: A Libertarian Private Detective Talks About Opposition Research." Here's a recap of the two best seminars I attended. Colorado delegate Jacob "Bumper" Hornberger, president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, presented a talk entitled "Principle vs Expediency." Bumper was up to his usual high standard of offering philosophical thoughts about the importance of maintaining a "hardcore libertarian" frame of mind. The essence of his message was captured by a quote from Henry David Thoreau: "Life without principle is no life at all." Like Democrats and Republicans over the years, some Libertarians are abandoning their principled positions by compromising for expediency's sake, Hornberger says. For example, some Libertarians argue for a cut in income tax rates rather than calling for the outright elimination of the tax. The recently-announced LP "Shadow Cabinet," while praised by many in the Party as a means of espousing the libertarian agenda, is a sell-out of our principles according to Hornberger. "Why should there be a Shadow Secretary of HUD when there wouldn't be a HUD at all under a libertarian government?", he argues. "We must dismantle the Welfare State, not reform it." Best-selling author and international investment advisor Douglas Casey spoke to about 50 attendees on "Crisis Investing in the '90s," the title of his latest book. Casey is a 1968 Georgetown University classmate of Bill Clinton and he proudly admits to ta.king home a souvenir piece of silverware after a recent class reunion held at the White House. Like many authors, Casey is on the lecture circuit to promote his new book. It's an update of his 1979 bestseller "Crisis Investing." To his credit, Doug spent only a few minutes plugging his book, saying it recommends the same investments as the original book, namely gold, silver, Swiss Francs, rural real estate, etc. Instead, he chose to delve into several fascinating discussions not discussed in his book._ "Nanotechnology," Doug says, "will be the next innovation that will alter human history." Within 30 years, scientists will master how to assemble matter from the ground up, atom by atom. Once the machinery has been built to build the "engines of creation" (which will do the molecular construction), material things will have no value, since anything can be built on demand. As an independently wealthy investor, for several years Casey has been pursuing a "New Country Scheme," a libertarian utopia. Casey has the wealth, international connections and dealmaking abilities to pull it off. He is cautiously optimistic that an existing country can be "bought" and "converted." In fact, he has had serious discussions with leaders of several small but poor countries in the Caribbean area. We should be hearing much more from Doug Casey on this subject in the coming years!


Page 8 CLiPboard Sept./Oct., 1993 Please indicate quantities to left of each item: T-Shirts (indicate size M,L,XL) __MAKE SENSE NOT WAR.($15) __I'M FROM THE GOV'T ($12) __QUESTION AlJIBORITY(Sl2) __SCREW IRS ($12) "I'm from the gonrnment...

I'm here to help you."

Please include 50¢ for shipping & handling on orders under $5; 10% on larger orders. Send check or money order to: Colorado Libertarian Party, 720 E. 18th Ave., #309, Denver, CO 80203.

CLP Curio Shop Leaflets (tot ea or 5t ea for 10) NATIONAL LP PROGRAM . IN PURSUIT OF LIBERTY


Make checks.payable to Colorado Libertarian Party Bumper Stickers (St each) DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY __ LONG LIVE LIBERTY (Chinese) I'M PRO-HEMP AND I VOTE LEGALIZE FREEDOM

__ THANK YOU DOUG BRUCE ($2 ea) VOTE LIBERTARIAN Thank You Doug Bruce l, a trne Jriend of liber(v ~ t\l-Libertarian Par!Y_ 'KDEFENDERS OF Ll~I)'

Leaflets (continued) ~CURING OUR SICK ECONOMY

_ FREEDOM OF SPEECH UNDER SIEGE __PEACE, PROSPERITY & FREEDOM CIVIL ASSET FORFEITURE __AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave., #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Forwarding & Return Postage Guaranteed Address Correction Requested '-----­-­-