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CLiPboard October, 1992


Dr. Nancy Lord will appear in Colorado Springs on Oct. 20th

Following closely on the heels of Libertarian Presidential Candidate Andre Marrou's visit to Denver in September, Vice Presidential Candidate Dr. Nancy Lord will speak in Colorado Springs on October 20. Time and place of Dr. Lord's appearance have not yet been determined; for more information, contact Keith Hamburger at (719) 471-8880. A major reason that Dr. Lord chose to visit Colorado Springs was to support the Congressional candidacy of Hamburger, who is challenging incumbent Congressman Joel Hefley, a 5th District Republican. Dr. Lord will stay overnight in Colorado, staying up late to participate in Rick Barber's late-night talk show on KOA Radio. Barber introduced Marrou when the LP Presidential Candidate appeared in Denver on Sept. 4th, speaking to about 250 people at The Temple Center. The Aurora Libertarians, who would regularly meet at Archie Malone's on the same Tuesday that Dr. Lord will appear in Colorado Springs, will instead be organizing a car pool to Colorado Springs for those interested in hearing her speak. For more information on the Aurora carpool, contact Chuck Bilbe at (303) 690-4565.

Dr. Lord holds doctoral degrees in both medicine and law, giving her unique insight into the health care and legal systems. She ran for Mayor of Washington, D.C. in 1990, and has been involved in political activism since the anti-war and civil rights movements of the Sixties. Dr. Lord's impressive qualifications Jed to her nomination as the Libertarian Party's vice presidential candidate on Sept. 1, 1991.

Hamburger challenges Hefley for second time

K e i t h Hamburger, chairman of the CLP in 1989-90, is making a second bid as a Libertarian for the 5th Con­gressional District seat held by incumbent Joel Hefley, a Repub­lican. Hamburger ran a modest and efficient

turning in a total of 888 petition signatures in late July, says his campaign staff has raised $500 this time, which will mostly be spent printing brochures and paying fees to attend gun shows. · His platform consists of three primary issues: honoring the Second Amendment; abolishing the IRS; and, ending the Drug War. According to Hamburger, it's the Drug War that really divides him and Hefley, who generally receives favorable ratings from the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. "Hefley very strongly favors the Drug War," Hamburger commented. "He's mostly a yes man for the administration." Response from the press and the public so far has been "fairly good," Hamburger said. "It's hard to measure at this point." Three television stations have covered his candidacy, and the Secretary of State's office was "very courteous and recognized who I was" when he turned in his petitions, the candidate remarked. • From the Communications Director By Ron Bain, Communications Director, Colorado Libertarian Party Before the publication of the Colorado Liberty, I found myself having difficulty explaining to people just how it would differ from the CLiPboard; I hope now that you have a copy of the newsletter in hand, you will be better able to understand what I am trying to achieve with the newspaper. The CLlPboard has always been, and rightfully so, focused on the interests of the party member, while the intent of the Colorado Liberty is to focus on the interests of the public at large. And, as any discerning Libertarian should know, those interests can be quite disparate at times. The CLP charter commits the Communications Director to fulfill both functions: keeping the internal membership fully informed of party activities, and fulfilling public outreach and education responsibilities. It is my opinion that the tandem use of the two different publication formats most adequately meets the full charge of that mission. Now that the first Liberty is out, the work is really just beginning. The purpose is to make it look as much like a mainstream newspaper as possible (so that its ideas will be accepted as mainstream), and that means it should be seen in some of the same places as "real" newspapers. Already in Boulder, the Liberty is in regular, full-time distribution at the Yello Sub, Eads News & Smoke Shop and CareerPro Boulder. But we need such distribution in each town in Colorado. Please, readers, if you own a business or know a sympathetic business owner who was a few extra square inches of counter space, contact CLP HQ and we'll send you a small bundle of the Colorado Liberty for local distribution. Keep a few on your coffee table around the house and don't say a word --you'll be surprised now many non-Libertarians pick it up and start reading. Take copies to any public meetings you go to, and set them down anywhere within sight. They'll be gone when you leave. Before we fully establish a regular distribution network, though, we'll also need regular correspondence from Libertarian activists all across the state, plus salespeople throughout the state to represent the advertising space available in the Liberty . Its initial statewide distribution of 10,000 copies every three months is just a beginning --that's a large enough market that advertisers are going to be interested. We need to be ready. We desperately need cartoonists and photographers to submit contributions. Having a striking graphic appearance is part of the Liberty strategy, so get to work, doodlers and shutterbugs! The next Colorado Liberty will be out immediately after the election, full of election results and analysis


CLiPboard A publication of the Colorado Libertarian Party

David Aitken, Chairman & Publisher

Ronald D. Bain, Communications Director & Editor

Subscription is included with party membership {members by registration only must notify the CLP headquarters); for non­members, subscriptions are $6. Make checks payable to and send all correspondence to: Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Avenue, #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Copyright © 1992 Colorado Libertarian Party. Opinions expressed in the CLiPboard are not necessarily official positions of the Libertarian Party. Unless otherwise noted, reprinting of this material (with credit) is permitted. Editorial Policy: Although the CLP supports an absolutist interpretation of the First Amendment, we do not invite libel lawsuits; therefore, all submitted materials will be screened for libelous content. Otherwise, this publication will serve as an open forum for libertarian news and commentary. Censorship and prior restraint will not be tolerated. All remarks made in open meetings will be considered on the record.

Now that Marrou's on the_ballot, targeted TV ads are next step Several groups in local areas throughout Colorado are raising funds to advertise the Marrou/Lord campaign on TV during October. Dann Hayes in Grand Junction, Phil Freytag in Canon City and Chris Bogart in Boulder are each spearheading efforts to raise funds to purchase television spots in their respective areas. The ads have already been produced by the Marrou/Lord campaign, and the goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a sustained two-to three-week advertising campaign in the above-mentioned areas. There are several reasons to focus this effort on rural and local areas: 1) Ads on rural TV stations are generally very cheap --less than $10 per spot, allowing for saturation advertising; 2) It should be possible to buy ads on a significant percentage ofthe TV channels that make up a small local market (Grand Junction has two TV stations, for example); 3) It should be easier to measure the impact of Libertarian advertising efforts in a rural area; 4) Accurate analysis of how many dollars equals how many votes needs to be done to determine the amounts needed to influence the 1994 gubernatorial election. Donations to the local effort of your choice are always welcome, and they are the only way you will see the fruit of our collective efforts in the form of Marrou ads on your TV. Addresses of the individuals coordinating each local effort appear on the back page of this newsletter, so send them a check quickly --time is short before the election!

Thanks ... Thanks to David Bryant. Dave Segal, Richard Combs, Carol Stuckey, Carol Steinheimher, Larry Hoffenburg, Bert Weiner, Pat Privette, Chris Bogart, David Aitken, Clyde Harkins and all the TABOR folks for collecting and entering the names ofPerot petitioners into the CLP database.


The Denver Libertarian Party held its annual elections on Tuesday, Oct. 6 (about the day this issue went into the mail). Jan Duncan had indicated earlier that she would not seek re-election to the post of chairman, with Dave Segal expressing an interest in that post. On Election Eve, Tuesday, Nov. 3, the DLP will host a get-together at a time and place yet to be announced. As the date approaches, call former Chairman Duncan to obtain exact details.


The Aurora Libertarians, instead of holding their regular meeting at Archie Malone's on Oct. 20th, will be carpooling to Colorado Springs to "show some support for Nancy Lord," said Chuck Bilbe. Contact Bilbe at 690-4565 to obtain details about rendezvous times and locations for the carpool. In November, John Anderson will address the Aurora group on a topic of his choice. In December, the speaker will be David Aitken. Both are regular third Tuesday meetings at Archie Malone's, starting at 7 p.m. Bilbe will be addressing students at Eagle Crest High School in Aurora on an upcoming Political Day, Oct. 20th.


Media attention and a large turn-out of more than 700 people rewarded the Boulder County Libertarian Party's impromptu idea of showing solidarity with Yello Sub owner Bob Jones, whose bank accounts totaling $18,000 were temporarily seized by the DEA, by staging an "Eat-In" on Aug. 15th. The event was the brainchild of former BCLP chairman Kevin Bloom, who decided the best way to show support for the embattled restaurant owner was to do something that would help him sell sandwiches. At $2 per sub, Jones raked in about $1,400 in a matter of hours. Howard Lambert has been acting as chairman of the BCLP recently, after Mike Russell announced that job pressures (selling cars at Holister Motors) were precluding his full-time devotion to the job. Russell, however, is already fast at work on a plan to help the CLP implement its plan to gain permanent ballot access by running a double­digit gubernatorial candidate in 1994 And another long-timeLibertarian and current Boulder resident, Jerry Van Sickle, has been monitoring the Boulder City Council, tracking a bill intended to "take the teeth out" of a citizen appeal board dealing with construction zoning and coding issues. Van Sickle plans to address the Boulder council at the next meeting, Oct. 20th.

Western Colorado

Dann Hayes, chairman of the newly-formed Western Colorado Liberty Coalition, attended the Marrou speech in Denver on Sept. 4. He reported an enthusiastic response to his attempts to organize Libertarians across Western Colorado. The group held a garage sales in August to raise funds for future outreach activities. Page3


Libertarian Party

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Planning for '94 gubernatorial race must begin now! By David Bryant CLP Membership Director A lot has happened since I last wrote a column for the CLiPboard. We submitted our nominating petitions in time to get Andre and Nancy on the ballot in Colorado. We prepared and mailed the new Colorado Liberty -­over 5,000 copies of it. And we planned a successful town meeting for Andre here in Denver. Thanks to all of you who made these things happen. Because of your support, the Colorado Libertarian Party is attracting new members daily. According to the national office, Colorado now ranks 11th in total membership among the 50 states. Ifwe gain 10 or 15 new members, we will surely overtake Ohio to take a spot in the Top 10 States! Not bad, considering that there are about five times as many people in Ohio as there are in Colorado. Please help me out with this --if you have friends who might join the Colorado LP, send me their names, and I'll be glad to invite them to join our party. In July, I promised to tell you how we can avoid circulating a presidential nominating petition in 1996. The answer is obvious. We must achieve recognition as a political party under Colorado law in 1994. Of course, that won't be easy, but I am convinced that it is possible. I propose that the Colorado LP should set this goal for itself: to become a legally recognized party in 1994. Here are the steps we must take to make this happen: We must capture at least 10% of the votes cast for governor in 1994. Colorado law [CRS 1-1-104 (18)) defines "political party" as "any political organization which at the last preceding gubernatorial election ... cast for its candidate at least ten percent of the total gubernatorial vote cast in the state at such election." We must identify and nominate a gubernatorial candidate who can attract at least 100,000 votes. Roughly one million votes for governor were cast in the 1990 election. We may safely anticipate a similar turnout in 1994, so our 10% goal translates into 100,000 votes.

• We must choose our candidate from within our own ranks. In 1990, we tried to use a registered Republican as our candidate. That plan backfired --we were forced to run David Aitken as a substitute for Robin Heid, and we incurred thousands of dollars in legal expenses fighting the Secretary of State. The obvious way to avoid these problems next time is to be sure that our candidate is a registered Libertarian. We must run as many candidates as we possibly can for other state and local offices. Our candidate for governor will appear more credible, gain more media exposure, and attract more votes if we have plenty of Libertarian candidates on the ballot. We must build our organization now --next year will be too late. In the past, many of our campaigns have been helter-skelter affairs. We need to break out of that mold, and planning our campaigns in advance is the best way to do that. I think that this plan is workable. But I need your active participa-tion to carry it through. Here are a few things you can do to help. Let me know what you think of this plan. Write a letter to the CLP office. Or call on the telephone. The Libertarian Party belongs to you --help plan its future by giving the board members some feedback:. Volunteer to run for office in 1994. Look for a local office that appeals to you. Or call the CLP office and ask us to tell you about the local contests that will be coming up two years from now. If you don't want to nm yourself, at least offer to help someone else who lives near you. Running a campaign is hard work --people who do volunteer to nm for some office will need all the help they can get. That's my proposal. Let me know what you think of it. I will be writing more about it during the coming months. Now is the time to take action. All it takes is a phone ~all --call 837-9393 and hep me g~_the ball rolligg. Forums, debates planned in Denver

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(303) 861-3031

Two political meetings featuring debate or candidate forum formats have been scheduled in October in Denver. Libertarian information will be distributed from tables at the: West University Community Association's candidates' forum, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 14, 7 p.m., at the Evanston United Methodist Church, 2122 South Lafayette. Tax limitation proponent Douglas Bruce, author of Amendment One, will debate Gov. Roy Romer, proponent of the Children First sales tax increase, at the Montclair School, 1151 Newport Street, on Oct. 20th at 7 p.m. This, and other debates --such as one between Senate candidates Ben Nighthorse Campbell and Terry Considine --are being sponsored by the Historic Montclair Association and Mayfair Neighbors. Amendment Two, which would restrict gay rights, will be debated by Cathy Reynolds and Steve Durham. Speaker's Bureau reforming; orators needed Communications Director Ron Bain has announced that, with one issue of the Colorado Liberty successfully behind him, that he is prepared to begin reorganizing and scheduling the defunct Speaker's Bureau which, like the Liberty, was last active in the 1980s. What's needed is comprehensive information from each person who wants to be considerable available for public speaking assignments: name, address, telephone number, favorite speech topic, and hours available for speaking. David Aitken and Chuck Bilbe have been acting as a two-man Speaker's Bureau, coordinating their own schedules. But as the number of speakers grows and the demand for their services increases, logistical coordination will become necessary. Ifyou want your name to be put on a list of speakers to be distributed to various community and political organizations, please send the above­requested details to: CLP Communications Director Ron Bain, 3300 Arapahoe Ave., Suite 215, Boulder, Colorado 80303.

Here are several reasons to vote for Amendment One

Political pundits across the state, such as John Andrews, former Republican gubernatorial candidate and president of the Independence Institute, are predicting that the Taxpayers Bill of Rights, known again this year as Amendment One, will pass in November, rewarding Douglas Bruce, Clyde Harkins and a horde of other persistent TABOR volunteers for their long years of effort. There are many reasons to vote "YES" for Amendment One:

1. It will be nice, for a change, to be on the side of a winner. (How sweet it is!)

2. Colorado's taxes --city, county, regional and state combined --are the fifth highest in the nation.

3. Colorado's statewide sales tax is already the second highest in the nation. (And Roy wants to inch it up another notch --maybe he's shooting for Number One!)

4. Colorado's gas tax is the third highest in the nation --so high that truckers bypass the state routinely to avoid the taxes.

5. All taxes add up --currently, when federal, state and local taxes are added up, they constitute about 45% of the average worker's pay and about half of the nation's GNP. Economists agree that a government which absorbs 60% or more of its economy's GNP is likely to cause that economy to collapse.

"The most important inalienable right of the individual that the founders of America believed in was the right to have your life, liberty and property left alone by the government," says Clyde Harkins, who has helped Doug Bruce with two other TABOR campaigns. 'The use of the power of government to transfer resources to those who do not earn them has had a negative effect on individual initiative. The only way to defeat tyranny is to stand firmly on the principles that are stated in the Declaration of Indepen­dence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights." ADVERTISING PRICE LIST for CLiPboard, Colorado Liberty

Liberty(per col./inch) •........•..•.•..•. $4.25 CliPboard (per col./inch) •..••...••.•$3.00 Combined rate includes 3 insertions (2 in CLiPboard at 2,500 circulation, 1 in Liberty at 10,000 circulation) over 3 months. CLiPboard 1 col X 2" .................. $6 Qtr. Page 1 X4 ................$12 1 /2 Page 2X8 ................ $24 Full Page ................ $45 Liberty 1 col X 2" ............... $8.50 Otr. Page 2X7 .................. $55 1 /2 Page 4X7 ................ $100 Full Page ............... $200 combined 1 col X 2" ................. $20 Qtr. Page ................. $75 1 /2 Page ............... $140 Full Page ............... $275

!Vote for Marrou/Lord Nov. 3rdtl

Please indicat.e quantities to left ofeach it.em: T-Shirts findicate trim M, •• XL} __MAKE SENSE N<YI'WAR($15) __I'M FROM THE GOVERNMENT ($12) __QUESTION AUTHORITY ($12) __LEGALIZE FREEDOM ($12) __SCREW IRS ($12)

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