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Official C o LORADO L1sERTARIAN PARTY CLiPboard monthly newsletter of the Colorado Libertarian 720 E. 18th Ave. Suite 309 Denver, CO 80203 Telephone (303) 837-9393 October, 1988 issue Party

Ron Paul Returns to Denver ! By Jon Baraga They say I must be crazy! They say I'm dreanin'. I say there are at LEAST one thousand freedom oriented individuals who will attend! So make me a prophet .•• Or have me committed! I am proud and honored to announce the "Gateway to the West" rally for Ron Paul, Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Sunday, October 30, 1988, 6:00 pm, Temple Center, 1595 Pearl St., Denver. It will be the keynote rally for Ron' s final 8 days of the campaign. Denver, Colorado has been chosen as the focal point and temporary headquarters for his final tour of the west. The Temple Center auditorium is circa 1880's and is essentially perfect for old style political stump speaking. Abe Lincoln would be proud to have spoken there. Who knows, maybe he'll show up! As always, your generous donation is the price of admission. All net proceeds will be split equally between the Colorado Libertarian Party and the Ron Paul campaign. As we intend to fill the auditorium, advance reservations are requested and recommended. Please register in advance and get reserved seats. Bring friends. Invite business associates. Participate in the finest Libertarian event ever in Colorado. Send the message loud and clear. Freedom is the message. Please send the request to us in the enclosed envelope together with a self-addressed, stamped envelope which we will use to send the tickets back to you. Dear Jon: Reserve me a seat I'm bringing friends. Please send complimentary tickets with my name on

t hem to each of those l isted below. Total reserved seats ­I can't make it.

But here's a donation. Find more libertarians with it. $ I want to help you make this a most successful event. Please call me at , best time

Name: Address: City, State, Zip: Phone: I Gateway to the West I with I Ron Paul I Libertarian Presidential Candidate I I Sunday, October 30th, 1988 I Temple Center I 1595 Pearl Street I Denver, Co 80203 I I

( 6:00 pm Doors Open -Information, books, t-shirts, campaign souvenir items available. II 1-9 Pm Program Debate Video ! Now you can rorrow a oopy of Ron Paul's response to the first Presidential debate! We have Beta and VHS oopies available, call the office.

Calendar 2nd Saturday -Board Meeting. <xtober 8th, at the CLP office, 12 noon. 2Nd Wednesday Cocktail Party. At Victoria Mason's, 1270 u:::,gan #8, (carriage house behind main wilding, look for blue light) in Denver on October 12th. Cocktail party at 7:30. It's p:,tluck; please bring some chi:p3/dip or vegies to munch on. Need directions? call Victoria at 831-1620. 'fuesday, October 18th, candidates forum at Fast High School, 1545 Detroit, 7:00 pn ­David Aitken's district. 'Ihursday, <xtober 27th -walk your precinct for Ron Paul! See story. SUnday, October 30th. Ron Paul Visits Denver! See details elsewhere in this issue. Tuesday, November 8th Elections. Election night party at David Aitken's 1:laoo, 1240 Ogden #4, Denver, 7: 30 to llpn. 2Nd Saturday -Board Meeting. November 12th, at the CLP office, 12 noon.

Walk for Freedom !

On 'Ihursday, <xtober 27th, we' d like you to walk your precinct or neighborhood distrihlting Ron Paul flyers to your neighbors. In one hour you can distrihlte 50 to 100 brochures. No need to ring the doorbell, just leave it behind the screen door or tucked under the door mat. Call the office at 837-9393 and tell us how many brochures you want. If you'd like to be nnst effective, do it on Denver's capitol Hill, where David Aitken has walking lists of registered voters in his district so you can skip the homes of people that don't vote. He can be reached at 831-4334.

Cocktail Party In November, the Denver area party will nove to election night, November 8th, at the home of David Aitken 1240 O:Jden #4. Park at your OwTI risk in the north third of the f.buntain Bell parking lot at 12th and Corona. 7:30 To llpn, snoking on the p:>rch. Please bring your favorite snack or beverage. 'Ihe Denver Cocktail Party, held on the 2nd Wednesday of each IlK)nth, needs a new home starting in December. o.rr current hostess, Victoria Mason, is IlK)Ving to Boulder in the near future. If you'd like to host this gathering of 10 to 20 libertarians each nonth, please call the office, 837-9393, or one of the board members. Aitken Campaign Rolling Along !

David Aitken's campaign for State Representative has moved into high gear with several candidate fonnns scheduled in the next four weeks. On October 5th, he will speak at Denison Auditorium, Health Sciences Center, 4200 E Ninth Ave, in Denver, 7-9pn. On October 18th, capitol Hill United Neighrorhoods is holding a candidates forum at Fast High School, 1545 Detroit, starting at 7pn. We've mailed about 4950 brochures to area voters. Each brochure also included a copy of the World's Smallest Political Quiz and Mr. Aitken's Perfonnance Guarantee. '!his mailing would not have happened without the generous help of Robert Crago, Judd Ptak, Grace Reed, Harold Hamilton, and Dale Reed.

From the Chair._ By Mary Lind

Greetings! I had trouble getting to sleep last SUnday night (9/25), so I clicked on the telly and the presidential debate. Instant zzzz's. I'll bet nost viewers that evening had the same reaction. Hall arout we wake those people up with the Libertarian alternative? We've only got about a nonth left until the election, and there are people out there just waiting to be converted. Why, just yesterday I was at the grocery checkout, and one of the baggers asked about the Ron Paul b.ltton that I was wearing. After two minutes of saoo fast talking, the three of them each took a brcchure and excitedly said that Ron Paul had their vote! Just think of how many people are out there like that. NCM's the time to pick up steam with letters to the editor, voicing your opinion at public meetings, and calling in to talk shows. Here's a project that's easy and I'd like everyone to participate in: Flcxxi the 'IV stations with i;tione calls and letters asking throe to include Ron Paul in their Presidential polls. 'lhey're all airing those polls ad nauseum., so we may as well make them interesting. call in as many times as you can to all the stations. If it v.0rks, it'll be cheap and effective prime time advertising. Unfortunately, Ron Paul has been excluded from the debates. A real surprise, eh? Andre Marrou's visit was a success. His tour got gcxxi media attention and saoo new names for our contact list. A big THANKS to all who helped with the trip. '!he biggest THANKS goes to Ix>ug Anderson, the coordinator for Andre's visit. Ix>ug did a great job and an incredible amount of v.Urk. I talked with Marti Stoner at Marrou's campaign headquarters in Las Vegas, and she said Andre had nothing rut good things to say about Colorado. Keep an ear out for an upcoming Ron Paul visit. And let's have saoo good, old grass roots activism through the next nonth, shall we? Keep up the good work! The Choice City greets the Choice Candidate !

By Mary Lind

Vice-Presidential candidate Andre Marrou had a l::osy schedule in Fort Collins on J.bndayI September 19th. Marrou was the guest on the Will Huett show on KOOL, airing live from 8:30 to noon -"the longest radio interview I've ever had, " as he it. Marrou fielded callers during the show with his usual eloquence and intelligence, and response was very favorable. Marrou lunched with Fort Collins mayor Etl Stoner and six other prominent local rusinessmen after the norning talk show. Mary Margaret Glennie and Mary Lind joined them (and accompanied Marrou throughout the day) and lunchtime conversation was very lively. '!he group was very receptive to Marrou and his ideas. After a radio interview on KIIX, a local Fort Collins country station, Marrou spoke to a class of about 100 students at Colorado state University. A freshman level class titled "American National Government", the students appeared to be intrigued, and several spoke with Marrou personally after the class. A short potluck was held with the members of a Constitutional studies group. At least 40 people from I.Dveland, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs attended a mixer at the Glennie residence. Many participants requested nore information on the LP. '!he event was covered by four local newspapers, as well as by "Changing Woman" magazine, all of whom requested further interviews with LP officals before the election! over 500 Coloradans had the unique experience of listening to Andre Marrou, LP Vice-Presidential candidate, in a 5 day tour of the state. 'Ihe tour included visits to 1'bntrose, Delta, Paonia, Grarrl Junction, Glem.iood Springs, Fort Collins, Boulder, Golden, I.akewood, and Denver. While on the cairpaign trail in Colorado, Mr. Marrou spoke with media interviewers fran across the state, including the AOC affiliates in Grand Junction and Glem.iood Springs, KIXX in Fort Collins, and 011.1ck Green, VP of news at the Denver Post. Probably the ioost successful event was the KIMN talk show in Fort Collins, where m.nnerous callers promised to vote for the PauljMarrou ticket! 'Ihe trip culminated with a successful fundraiser in Denver at Victoria Mason's hane. Mr. Marrou also introduced us to a new word; dukakistocracy, derived from the word "kakistocracy", meaning governnvant l:ry the worst people in a society, and "du" meaning' twice. Marrou Leaves Favorable Impression On Western Slope

By Ron Bain

Democrats, Republicans, and Populists, as well as Libertarians came away from the keynote speech delivered l:ry Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Andre Marrou at the Western Slope candidates' forum hosted l:ry Delta-Montrose Liberty on September 17th remarking' hCM well the former Alaskan state legislator presented himself and the :party's positions. Marrou's visit to the Western Slope garnered him quite a bit of news coverage, including an article in the M'.)ntrose Daily Press, a pl<)tograpl in the Delta County Independent, and article and plOtograpl in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, an interview on KIJI'A radio in Delta, and an a~ on a grand Junction TV news show. One non-Libertarian was overheard, after seeing' Marrou on television, to remark, "I kim of liked some of the things he had to say. I just might vote for him and Ron Paul.II

Everywhere in Western cx:>lorado that Marrou went, which included Glem.iood Springs and Paonia, he reiterated the sane message: -Taxes have gotten out of cx:>ntrol l:ry being' increased in small increments; now federal, state, and local taxes rob taxpayers of nore than 40 percent of their income. -Reagan's War on Drugs is a hopeless waste of taxpayer's noney and a violation of users' rights to biological autonomy; drugs should be legalized or decriminalized. -'Ihe greatest killer anong drugs is tobaCCX); the federal governnvant should quit sul:sidizim tobaCCX) fanners. -Japan's economy is thriving' because America sul:sidized the Asian nation with a massive defense outlay, similarly the Soviet Union cx:>ntinues to exist only due to American subsidies in the form of technology and economic assistance; foreign aid and the policy of playing' military policeman all over the world should be eooed. -Only gold and silver have value, paper does not; the only way to deal with the cyclical nature of economies is to return to the gold standard and allCM inefficient rosinesses to fail. -'Ihe federal debt as 'I.Yell as the Internal Revenue Service could be eliminated in eight years s~ly l:ry not replacing' bureaucrats who quit, retire, or die. Marrou was accompanied on his Western Slope visit l:ry Denver Election Commissioner ~Anderson, who is the highest elected Libertarian official in Colorado, and was chauffered by Bert Sargent, a ballot-qualified Pop.llist candidate for Delta County Commissioner, who says he'11 prd)ably vote for the PauljMarrou ticket.

Visits Colorado

Andre Marrou VP Candidate, Speaks

Here are some of Andre's comments on how we can achieve a Libertarian society. Andre was elected to the Alaskan State Legislature in 1984. 1. stop trying to p.rrify our candidates from, say, 98% to 99% ideological p.rrity. You v.Ulld be amazed how many LP'ers give me books, panpllets, articles, and letters aimed at increasing my p.rrity. Even if I had time to read them, I still YK>llldn't at this point -I'd spend my time aiming to:

2. Bring outsiders into the LP! Very few Libertarians actually do this. Ask yourself: how many persons have you brought into the LP this week? 'Ibis nonth? 'Ibis past year?

3. Run a few viable candidates for the smallest partisan constituencies and back.'em to the hilt. ct>ject: Act.ually win srnoo elections. Pick a few races for your state House of Rep. or AsseniJly. I:bn't nm a full slate for every single seat; we just ain't got the wherewithal yet. I:bn't waste your time, effort, and noney trying to win Congressional, or statewide offices. Also, forget al:::out local non-partisan elections, since the press T,,.On't credit the LP for winning them.

4. Remember: Credibility is gained by winning elections, not by running candidates! You want credibility? Win sane partisan elections. You want to lose credibility? Run many candidates, all of whCln lose.

5. ~ize television; forget aoout a campaign brochure. oo NO!' WRITE, MOCH LESS PRINI' AND DIS'IRIBUI'E, A c.AMPAIGN BRCX:HURE. Use at least 50% of your campaign funds on 'IV, less than 25% on radio, arrl less than 25% combined for newspaper ads, hlmper stickers, lapel ruttons, yard signs, and other such nonsense. Remerrtler: Newspapers were the prine mass medium of the 19th century, radio, the first half of the 2oth, and 'IV is it nowadays! Note: The average Libertarian is an intellectual who reads a lot and watches television a little. 'Ihe average voter is just the opposite: A non-intellectual who reads a little and watches 'N aoout 6 1/2 hours per day!

6. Whether candidate or campaign T,,.Orker, corrmit yourself: VON to do what is necessary to win -short of lying, cheating, arrl stealing. We'll leave those nefarious µrrsuits to the Re?191Ucans arrl Demibrats.

7. organize, organize, organize! You can't get over-organized, rut you can be:::aoo over-ooreaucratized, (i.e. , too many non-workers at the top). Your state and local LP's should be well organized, down to and including a captain for every precinct. Every state LP should have a self-paid, (via monthly pledges, direct mail fl.ll'ldraisers, raffles, etc. ) , executive director.

8. All in all, you have to beat 'em at their own gaioo. Fortunately, this is not too difficult, considering how inept the opposition is. In fact, we've already beat 'em sane 74 tines. But bear in mind that it is their gaioo, played by their rules.

9. I:bn't desert the LP and join another party to "take control" or sill'lply to "get elected". It can't be done. Anybody who tries this is wasting tine and resources.

From the Communications Chair By Ron Bain

'!here are several topics I would like to discuss this nonth, forenost anong them the need of the Colorado Libertarian Party for access to desktop publishing equipnent, such as a Macintosh personal comp.lter. '!hose of you who have been enjoying the new grapric redesign and aweara,nce of the CLiFtoard might have noticed with this · issue and the last that there has been SOIOO regression. 'Ihat is due to the fact that I do not own the Macintosh SE on which I was cx:xnposing the previous three issues of the newsletter; the computer was avnect by my former employer, the Delta County Independent. NCM I am editor of the Rifle Telegram, which uses typewriters and archaic Compugrapric typesetting equipnent, and do not have access to Macintosh equipoont. If there's anyone out there who has a Mac Plus, a Mac SE, or a Mac II that they v.10uld be willing to lease, loan, rent, donate, or sell to the CLP or to me :personally, please let me know through party HQ in Denver or my v.10rk number in Rifle: 625-1925. I have the software necessary -just need the equipoont. (Note: 'Ibis issue was edited by David Aitken) On another topic, I was proud to be

involved with making the arrangerrents for Andre Marrou's visit to western Colorado. I have also been proud of Marrou and LP presidential nominee Ron Paul for not letting the anti-drug hysteria in this nation prevent them from voicing the Libertarian Party's "legalize drugs" platform plank. I fear that this country will be under martial law in five years if George Bush (who was responsible for a CIA nmway being ruilt in the Golden Triangle during his tenure as a spook) with his "Kill the durggies! " platform is elected into the White HoUse. 'lhe Libertarian Party should definitely seek a coalition relationship with the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, the only other group in the country that p.lblicly advocates the legalization or decriminalization of any recreational drug. Speaking of coalitions, I truly believe the party should lay aside its p.irist attitudes that do not allow association with non-Libertarian~ that agree with us on less than all issues. 'lhere is NORML, there is the Poµllist Party, there are the Association of Colorado Taxpayers, the Colorado Taxpayers Union, and Doug Bruce's conmri.ttee for the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights. let's agree with these grotlfS to disagree on the subjects which we do disagree on, rut v.10rk together for comnvn goals on indivictual issues. 'Ibis is the attitude of the group I formed in Delta and Montrose cotmties, and there we had Libertarians, Populists, Democrats, Republicans and independents Y10rking together to preserve the Constitution and private property rights as well as fighting for voter control of taxation. SUch coalitions garner nore widespread support, find it easier to get media attention, and exercise the old adage: "'!here's safety (read power) in numbers. " Also, J10IN is the time nost voters -who are generally apathetic al:out voting tmtil alnost election day -are beginning to think al:out the presidential race. Talk up Ron Paul and Andre Marrou to everyone you know; without 'IV, v.10rd of nouth is one of the best fornlS of advertising we have. By the way, who caught Ron Paul on C-SPAN in late September, responding to the staged DukakisjBush debate? Anyone note how the league of Women Voters was excluded, because their own standards v.10uld have forced them to include Dr. Paul in the debate? Martin Runs for Mesa County Commissioner

By Ron Bain

On the Western Slope, the lone ballot-qualified Libertarian candidate is Robert C. Martin of Grand Junction, who is seeking a seat on the Mesa County Board of Commissioners. Running in a three-way race with no il1Cl..ll'!1bent, Martin believes he will make a good showing in the Nov. 8th election because neither of his opponents is well-known or well-financed. He has received coverage in at least three articles in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, and received additional television publicity when Libertarian vice-presidential nominee Andre Marrou visited Martin's home in September. In a poll that preceded the August primary election, a Grand Junction radio station reported Martin had a 2 percent share of support airong Mesa County voters. It is certain that in Mesa County, where arbitrary tax increases and heavy-handed zoning enforcement have angered many citizens, support for Martin has increased dramatically since the pre-primary poll; no follow-up poll has been done, however, to verify that. "Support for him is growing with libertarian-minded Republicans, prominent and otherwise," says Martin's wife, Liz, who is managing his campaign. Martin also spoke at the candidates' fonnn hosted by Delta-Montrose Liberty in Delta County during September, at which Marrou was the keynote speaker. 'Ihe number of voters registered as Libertarians in Delta County has tripled (from two to six) since the beginning of the year. Funds are needed for Martin's campaign; send contril::utions to: '!he Corrnn.ittee to Elect Robert Martin, 2453 Broadway, Grand Junction, Co 81503. Reporting the News Soviet Style

By Jon Baraga

Ever hear of the NES? It's the National Election Service, an entity created by ABC, CBS, and NBC to report election news on November 8th, 1988. NES is refusing to report third party results on election night. In other words, unless you vote for the Republican or the Denocrat, your vote does not count as far as the major broadcast media is concerned. 'Ihe vote percentages will be reported as if third party candidates did not exist. NES refuses to ackno.vledge that people will vote other than Republican or Denocrat. By lying to the public. By altering election results. By creating the ilrpression that there are only two choices. (Which is only one nore than they get in the USSR. ) 'Ihe Libertarians offer a very clear third choice. An alternative choice to the other two parties. NES insures that if you make that choice, your vote won't count. 'Ibis policy brings to mind several interesting and potentially mind-lxx;Jgling possibilities. Just suppose LP presidential candidate Ron Paul were to poll 7 percent in New Hantp:;hire, the Republican candidate polls 48 percent, and the Denocrat 45 percent. In essence, Ron Paul would hold a percentage twice as large as the difference between the other two candidates, conceivably denying the Denocrat the election. 'Ihe country would not know'. suppose Ron Paul were to poll 34 percent in Montana or Alaska with the other two candidates polling 33 percent each. NES would not report that a third party candidate had won those electoral votes. Why is this NES policy? Good Question! Could it be that the two major parties are spending over $100 million on the major networks this fall? Nahl 'Ibey wouldn't let that affect their reporting the news accurately! Would they? Maybe you should ask them yourself. call Bob Flaherty, Executive Director, National Election Service, 212-693-6001. CLP officers and Libertarian contacts: Mary Lind, Party Chairman 686-5541 Jon Baraga, Membership Chair 722-1626 Ron Bain, Communications Chair 323-6853

(Send materials for CLiPboard to P.O. Box 522, Delta, CO. 81416) David Aitken, Finance Chair 831-4334 CLP Office & Party HQ 837-9393

720 E. 18th Ave., Suite 309, Denver, CO. 80203 Mesa County Liberty 243-1088 Steve Thurman, Chairman, Organizing Grand Junction area Delta-Montrose Liberty 323-6853 Ron Bain, Chairman Organizing Delta and Montrose Counties · Bill Robinson, Ron Paul Contact 756-6601 Penn Pfiffner, Nat Com Contact 427-4357 Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave. Suite 309

Denver, CO 80203 FORWARDING ANO ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Registered Libertarian Summary

Here's a summary of the number of registered Libertarians thro~ghout th~ State. If your county's not on it, please consider helping out by going down to the County Clerk and Recorder's office, buying the list, and sending it to us. In the less populated counties, it takes about 15 minutes and 50 cents. Adams 34 Eagle 3 Denver 145 Arapahoe 56 Jefferson 93 Delta 2 Boulder 75 Summit 1 Montrose 4 Unknown 26 Total 439

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