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CLiPboard Official Publication of the Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave. Suite #309 Denver, CO. 80203

(303) 837-9393 March 1990

Let·s draft Robin Heid for guv!

and took that big leap into the ring, garnering more publicity in one shot than any Libertarian I can think of, even Ron Paul when he was here on his Presidential tour. After talking to other Libertarians, a consensus formed, one that certainly holds promise for all of us. Let's begin a campaign to draft Robin Heid as the Libertarian candidate for Governor. The benefits should be apparent to everyone: Robin has already been pub­licized, it should bring our argument on the War on Drugs to the forefront of the debate, and I think we could actually see a 15 to 30% voter return for our Libertarian-Republican candi­date. It only takes 10% for the state to consider us a real party? So, what about it? Remember, we've got to hurry, the convention is only a month away. Speaking of the convention, orga­nizer Mary Margaret reports that early sign-ups indicate that we'll have one of the best turn-outs ever for Wal­ter Williams and all the other annual activities! Be there!

$65 convention rate extended until March 27 due to lateness of this clipboard edition from the chair

By Ron Bain ever louder for a "shoot on sight, ask questions later" Acting CLP Chairman bounty on users ofillicit drugs in this nation. On December 10, 1989, University of California at If Patrick Shanahan had just exited, stumbling and

. Santa Barbara graduate student Patrick Shanahan died violently drunk, from a Willie Nelson concert on Dec. 10, in Orange County, California after attending a Grateful the worst thing that the cops would've done to him would Dead concert. He did not die from an overdose ofLSD (a have been to have him put in the drunk tank overnight. medical impossibility), as alleged by Englewood, Califor­But because he had just left a Grateful Dead concert ­nia police who arrested Shanahan that evening. No, the reputed both for their non-violence and the frequent use Orange County coroner has ruled out overdose, suicide of LSD -Patrick Shanahan was executed without trial or accident as the cause of death; Patrick Shanahan was by California's version of the Securitate. The drug war murdered, that was the coroner's ruling, attributing the is hypocrisy given force oflaw, and because our Constitu­death to asphyxiation caused by a larynx crushed by vio­tion guarantees citizens equal protection under the lence. Several witnesses reported seeing a half-dozen law, the unconstitutional drug war must be ended. Englewood police officers encircling Shanahan and beat­Why should Coloradoans be concerned about the ing him mercilessly with nightsticks. death of a "druggie" in California? For one thing, there In the autumn of 1989, a similar incident in New Jer­are apparently some powerbrokers in this nation who sey following a Grateful Dead concert left another so­don't want you to know that there are dissidents in called "Dead Head" lifeless, this time at the hands of America who suffer human rights atrocities equal to concert security guards. those in El Salvador, Romania, and China, or else the

Throughout the latter half of 1989 and January, 1990, story of Patrick Shanahan's death would have been more most of the nation's major newspapers and media widely reported in the nation's media. Secondly, the sources (MTV News and the Los Angeles Times being Grateful Dead play Red Rocks every year, and it could be the rare exceptions) failed to report these atrocities your son or daughter who dies next at the the hands of a against civil, Constitutional and human rights assumed cop crazed by drug.hate. to be inherent in American citizenship. Yet during the The CLP condemns the drug war as fascist hypocrisy same time, the same newspapers and media sources and condemns all human rights atrocities everywhere in were full of reports of the burgeoning freedom and the world, especially in our own backyards. human rights movement in Eastern Europe. Yours in Liberty,

On Thursday, January 25, 1990, the Denver Post Acting Chairman expressed its ignorance of the above events with an edi­ torial which stated in part: "If this is a war (on drugs), where are the bodies?" Two innocent victims of this nation's war on drugs lie cold and gray in their graves, while newspapers -supposedly empowered by the U.S. constitution as the last resort defenders of freedom and liberty in this nation -cheer on those who are howling

Gun control is not a question of law; it is a fundamentally possessed right Dear CLiPboard Readers: Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the

Much of the current debate over gun control centers general welfare." Alex antler Hamilton wrote "If the on the Second Amendment to our Constitution. Gun representives of the people betray their constituents, control advocates say the precept applies only to the there is no resource left but in the exertion of that origi­ organized militia, while those on the pro-gun (dare I say nal right of self-defense ... the citizens must rush tumul­

"pro-choice"?) side claim the amendment guarantees the tously to arms." individual the right to keep and bear arms. Former In 1765 Sir William Blackstone, considered the pre­

Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger believes eminent authority on British Common Law (upon which that an insight into the "purpose, setting, and the objec­our system is based), noted the three avenues of tives of the (Constitution's) draftsmen" is needed to set­recourse open to free peoples whose rights have been

tle the dispute. I agree. violated: first, the courts; second, to petition the king In 1772 Thomas Jefferson wrote that "If the group and parliament; and third, "the right of having and has authority to transgress on individual rights, this using arms for self-preservation and defense." Later, Sir would be slavery, and not the liberty which the Bill of Blackstone spoke of "the fifth and last auxiliary right of

Rights has made inviolable, and for the preservation of the subject is that ofhaving arms for their defense." which our government has been charged." George U.S. Code 10 Section 311(a) states "The militia of the

Mason, another author of the Constitution, stated in Unites States consists of all able-bodied males at least 1788: "I ask who are the militia? They consist of the 17 years of age." In upholding this law the Supreme whole people, except a few public officials." Jefferson Court wrote in Presser vs. Illinois (1886): "It is undoubt­ again stated in 1817 that "Our belief ever was that Continued on page 3 2 -March 1990 CLIPboard

more letters to the clipboard Send letters, guest editorials, diatribes, news, photos, etc. to: CLiPboard, 720 E. 18th Ave., #309, Denver, CO. 80203. Continued from page 2 ably true that all citizens capable of bearing arms con­stitute the reserved military force of reserve militia of the United States. The States cannot prohibit the people from keeping and bearing anns, so as to disable the peo­ple." Over a century and a half before the massacre at Tianenmen Square, Justice Joseph Story wrote, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms has been con­sidered as the palladium of the liberties of a republic, since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpa­tion and arbitrary power of rulers." In U.S. vs. Miller (1939) the high court again said, "the militia comprised all males physically capable of acting in concert for the common defense." Finally, "Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's pur­poses are beneficent. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well­meaning but without understanding." -Justice William Brandeis Skip Schweiss 8690 Bluegrass Circle Parker, CO 80134 (303) 690-1077

Future of Freedom Foundation formed; inaugural supper is April 19

Dear CLiPboard Readers: The Future of Freedom Foundation is a relatively new organization devoted to presenting an uncompro-

Walter Williams Boosters from Colorado Springs plan bus trip to Fort Collins for convention Dear CLiPboard Readers: I note in the February 1990 LP News that Dr. Williams will be a speaker at your state partyonvention in May. We have lots of Walter Williams Boosters in the Col­orado Springs area and may try to organize a "Boosters Bus" to hear him speak, assuming his talk will be open to the public. Please advise me on the details. My best wishes for an outstanding convention, and I hope your impress Dr. Williams with both the quality and the quantity ofattendance. Enclosed are some Booster materials. Sincerely, Jim McClarin, Coordinator, Walter Williams Boosters, Cool, California CASH ~ENS'AATlOW 'tlnt\Ottr lmTtoN SfLF'-t..a~u,t>1'"TING LOANS New AVAU.ASLJ TltirNKS 1o NE8RMKA MAVEfUCl( HuuoNAtQ.E No (Q.EbrT'QfFCK-NO COUJIO'ERAJ. NO fJ1\YMEWf"S -EVER SoME EffoRT -TANSTA.AfL t.VK£ ZELl (11q) "?>:1~ 't52.g mising moral and philosophical case for the principles of freedom. I am enclosing the February and March issue of our monthly publication, Freedom Daily, as well as our current status report to show you the nature of our work. We are having our inaugural supper in Denver on the evening of April 19 at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The featured speakers will be Richard Eberling, our Academ­ic Vice-President who is the Ludwig Von Mises Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College in Michigan, and Wal­ter Williams (a day before the CLP convention). It will be a coat and tie affair. We would like very much to extend an invitation to attend to all Colorado Libertarians. However, if you feel that this would detract from the CLP convention, we fully understand. Sincerely yours, Jacob G. (Bumper) Hornberger, President

The CLiPboard is the official monthly publica­tion of the Colorado Liber­tarian Party, 720 E. 18th Ave., #309, Denver, CO. 80203. No rights are reserved; all of this material may be reproduced by anyone wishing to do so. In fact, we encourage it. 675, paid through the U.S. Post Office in Denver, Colo. Editor & Publisher ................ Colorado Libertarian Party, Ron Bain, Acting Chairman Typesetting ........... Avenir Graphics

Press Run -1500 copies March 1990 CLiPboard -3

clp progress report

The CLP moves forward another month, blazing a path for liberty in our time! New Affiliates -The Denver County Libertarian Party was formed Feb. 6 at the home of CLP Chairman Ron Bain during the cocktail party held there. This makes the second affilate formed in as many months. Kevin Bloom is holding an Open House in Boulder, and we might possibly see our third affiliate opening shortly. Macintosh Fund -At the CLP board meeting in December, it was decided to create a fund for those who desired to help the CLP enter the modern age. Comput­erization is happening at all levels of society, and the CLP should be no exception. Ifyou wish to contribute to the fund, send your check to the office -and please indi­cate that you wish the money to go to the Macintosh .fund.


People all over the world Poland, Hungary, China, Romania...why not in Colorado? Petition Talk -The CLP voted at the Janu ary meeting to provide 20 petitioners for the FIJA amend­ment drive, however -it certainly doesn't stop there. Robin Heid, head ofthe No More Drug War Foundation, needs petitioners for his campaign, and petitioners for a possible H.E.M.P. (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) ini­titave. Ifyou are intrested, give his campaign manager, Jon Baragra a call at 722-1626. Tell 'em you heard it here first! Full Time Editor -Well, after a rather prolonged settling-in period, CLP Communications Chair Noah Brodbeck was removed from the post on March 10, with Acting Chairman Ron Bain agreeing to guarantee the CLiPboard's publication in March and April. Bain sug­gested contracting out the newsletter after April. That will be a topic of discussion at the convention.

I'm a Libertarian wannabe! Sign me up! Here's my check or money order and all the information you'll need to keep me informed about the burgeoning Freedom Movement in Colorado. in America. and in the World: Colorado Libertarian Party National Libertarian Party Combined (Circle) Regular -$15 Regular -$40 Regular -$25 Sustaining -$50 Sustaining -$20 Sustaining -$70 Patron -$100 Patron -$200 Patron -$100 Pledge -"I hereby certify that I do not believe in Registered or advocate the initiation of force as a Libertarian means of achieving political or ($0 dues) social goals." X Date____ Subscriptions only

CLiPboard -$6/year ___ Libertarian Party News -$10/year ____ Here's my name:____________ & my address: ___________ City/town: State: _____Zip Code: ___ Home Telephone: Work Telephone: ---~----­ (Please make checks payable to Colorado Libertarian Party; we'll forward to LP) 4 -CliPboard March1990



by Walter Wllllams

HE HISTORY OF MAN This collection of Walter William's es­says-drawn from his syndicated col­umn-is a real treat. Williams is a witty and outstanding propagandist for his IS ONE OF GOVERNMENT cause. Often he reminds me of an Amer­ ABUSE MOSTLY IN THE NAME OF GOOD.



THE STATE AGAINST BLACKS by Walter Williams Williams's powerful, polemical classic demolishes the myth of benevolent state intervention to show how government is waging a systematic war against black progress. A shattering blow against the established wisdom and a call for the true liberation of min­orities from the oppressive regulations of the state and its apologi~ts. EC0034(paper) $6.95 II

The research for this book began in 1975 when I was a National Fellow at the Hoover Institution on War, Peace and Revolutio11 EXT:500 Ifindeed the basis of better race rela­tions is better understanding, then The State Against Blacks is a good place for all people to start. It's a solid, objective step in the right direction. "-Bryant Gumbel, host Today, NBC-TV. " An eye-opening expose of the many ways in which government hurts the very people it claims to help. "-Thomas Sowell, The Hoover Institution.

ORDER TOLL·FREE 1·800·238·2200

at Stanford University. lAISSEZ FAIRE B<D<S VIDEO CASSmEI THE STATE AGAINST BLACKS by Walter Williams In this challenging ..................­ hour-long pro­ gram, maverick economist Wil ­liams documents how, in his view, government pro­grams constitute formidable obsta­cles to minority progress. Shown on more than 100 PBS stations, this pro­gram has proved to be most effective at generating public discussion on a wide range of issues. Ideal for institutions and public meetings. 60 mins. EC0036(VHS) $45.00 EC4102(BETA) SOUTH AFRICA'S WAR AGAINST CAPITALISM by Walter Wllllams SOUTH AFRICA'S WAR AGAINST CAPI­TALISM is a unique intellectual product. Walter Williams manages to combine care­ful scholarship with a clear polemical writ­ing style to give us a "revisionist" view of the situtation in South Africa that should challenge everyone's preconceptions, no matter what their race, nationality, or posi­tion on the political spectrum. He weaves together history, law, and economic analysis to demonstrate conclu­sively that apartheid, far from being some­ how wedded to capitalism, was in fact one of the first major and explicit twentieth . century movements against the dominance of the free market. He shows that it was the product of white racists, socialists, and communist labor unions who adopted these hideous policies in order to prevent the





black progress that wa~ developing ln the freest parts ofthe South African economy­areas where even businessmen who sub­scribed to the dominant ideology of white supremacy invariably sought profits at the expense of their convictions. SOUTH AFRICA'S WAR AGAINST CAPITALISM is a passionate and power­ful book, written by a man ofgreat courage and iniegrity. It is a thunderbolt hurled at the left/liberal establishment that ought to shatter a host of intellectual prejudices and misconceptions once and for all. If the book is read and digested in South Africa itself, it may help save a nation from self­destruction. 159 pages. CU5190 (hardcover) Pub. Price $37.95 OUR PRICE ONLY $!9.95 ican Bastiat, using winsome rhetoric, the telling example, and colloquial language to bring his points home. Like Bastiat, he uses his own powers of reason and his ability to observe connections no one else notices to illuminate a topic so that you suddenly grasp the issues involved. There is a sparkling clarity to his writing style; you can disagree with him, but you can't evade his point. Walter Williams has guts, a kind of in­tegrity and courage that are very rare to­day. In many ways, he reminds me of Ayn Rand-he often ruthlessly reduces issues lo their stark black-and-white roots. He seems to automatically think in terms of essentials. He is often linked to conserva­tives, but he never hesitates to demolish them when they wave the flag ofsocial re­pressiveness, for example, or get in the way of individual freedom in some other area. He doesn't mince words, and he doesn't affect the artificial politeness of so many commentators that signals they don't really mean it. Walter Williams means what he says. Reading through these columns is both entertaining and enlightening, but it's also more than that. ll 's the opportunity to watch the crusade of an extraordinary man for justice and individual freedom . It's a sight lo behold. Walter Williams, we salute you! ECol889 (hardcover) PUB. PRICES18.95 OUR PRICE ONLY$13.95 . To Mom, who kept the faith and did it her way. (1936-)

Walter E. WIiiiams is Professor of Economics at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. His weekly column is nationally syndicated by Heritage Features.

Hearing in Romer lawsuit postponed, again

The American Constitutional Law Foundation announced recently that a yet-again rescheduled confer­ence will be held in Federal district Court regarding the legal action filed by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, and the Colorado Libertarian Party against Gov. Roy Romer individually. The conference will be Thursday, March 29 at 11 a.m. in Courtroom A of the Post Office Building at 19th and Stout in Denver. An important announcement is scheduled to follow the conference, outside the courtroom. Based upon the court's prior informal ruling, it is restraint would confuse the Sovereign with the servant." "We are therefore delighted that this matter is advancing in the Federal Court, and look forward to the court confirming our sovereign right to "self govern­ment" -free from the interference of public servants!" The American Constitutional Law Foundation is a volunteer, pro-family, membership organization, formed by citizens desiring to protect their constitutional rights. Contributions may be sent to the American Constitu­tional Law Foundation, 2075 S. University Blvd., #240, Denver, CO. 80210 expected that the court will officially rule against the governor's motions to dismiss, requiring the governor to

Computer Bulletin Boards stand trial. In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Romer's "offi­

DehnBase .......................................... 972-6575

. cial" state actions intentionally misled the sovereign citi­ World Peace ...................................... 320-4822

zens of Colorado against the petition known as Amend­ ment Six in 1988, and violated the plaintiffs' constitu­ tional and civil rights. They are asking for $1 million in punitive damages against Romer, personally. William Orr, executive director of the Foundation, stated: "The crucial issue in this lawsuit is not Roy DOES YOUR PC SUPPORT Romer or even Amendment Six, but rather...'Who's real­ ly in charge?' Can the 'sovereign' people still 'peaceably'

6 USERS IN 640K OF RAM change their fundamental form of government, without WITH LESS THAN 1 SECOND the government, itself, overwhelming and fighting them in the process? Can any petition 'to change government' RESPONSE TIME? prevail in circumstances where governmental power effectively opposes it?"

Not only should it do that, it should also: "Please understand that we firmly believe that

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Romer, as an individual, enjoys the full gambit of free 150 orders per day in the same file; speech!! As a community leader, Romer is not only enti­ tled to speak out on these matters, but he is probably

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obligated to do so!!"

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Orr explained: The plaintiffs' objection is that Romer went well beyond the appropriate boundaries of a com­ munity leader. He abused the public trust and authority

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR PC of his "office", by intentionally using it to direct public CALL personnel and resources to oppose a sovereign exercise

Gilt-Edge Software ofthe people of Colorado. The great power of the governor's office is delegated ­

(303) 861-3031 its source being derived from and belonging to all the citizens ... to both the proponents as well the opponents of a petition. Roy Romer is but a temporary "trustee" of Ask for our FREE BOOKLET the office, and a "public servant" to all the sovereign citi­

"Software Buying Tips" zens of Colorado. In matters of "self' government, where the people ­ the sovereign -are attempting "to change their funda­ mental form of government", their trustees may not use the sovereign's delegated power to defeat the peaceable Advertising Rates for the CliPboard: exercise (of a petition for the redress of grievances), nor 1" X 1/2 Column $5 to favor one side of the debate over the other. Any lesser 1" X 1 Column $10 2" X 1 Column $20

Freedom Cleaning 4" X 1 Column $40 For those of us who are too busy enjoying our freedom ... Quarter Page $50 Half Page $90 Reasonable Rates and beautiful people -756-6613 Morch 1990 CliPboord -5 Meet Walter Williams, LP1s Presidential Hopeful

WALTER E. WILLIAMS John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics George Mason University Department of Economics 4400 University Drive Fairfax, Virginia 22030

(703) 323-2631

Ph.D., UCLA., 1972 Economics ---------========================================= PUBLICATIONS 4 Books Monograph The State Against Blacks Youth and Minority Unemployment America: A Minority Viewpoint Youth and Minority Unemployment All It Takes Is Guts an unexpurgated version South Africa's War Against Capitalism 24 Journal Articles and Notes 11 Book Reviews 21 Miscellaneous Articles and Reports 17 FELLOWSHIPS AND AWARDS 19 ADVISORY BOARDS 12 BOARDS OF DIRECTORS TELEVISION AND RADIO Milton Friedman's, "Free to Choose" ABC "Nightline" WQLN's, "Star Spangled Spenders" CBS "Nightwatch" William F. Buckley's, "Firing Line" "Face the Nation" CNN's "Larry King Show" "Counterpoint" WTBS Debate Series C-Span "Crossfire"

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NEWSPAPER COLUMNS Nationally syndicated columnist for the Heritage Features Syndicate 1980-present roughly 90 newspapers Formerly a weekly columnist for the Philadelphia Tribune 6-CLiPboard March 1990



OUTLAW ASSAULT POLlTlCSJ (Pl"s the Most SMilS~i,13 'Pro-t'v-eedoM.3"'ilpi11'c that e\Jev--te\rlfov-,:5e d a state le3lsla\.'vve :) SPtC\J:..y 5MA l...L, f'/\Eu lvM I L.At'<6E 1 x-LARGE $l'J,S'D + 44¢ Colo. TA)( ('fV(LuDt.S ~-hPPltV(,. d.J.\A/IJVLlt\16-)

HAPPY DRAGoJJ' COOl(lf FoRTu1\Jc IIJ.llilnmJJJbn:m:IIIDc:cm::s&. cotA P"tiJ r' 4 !'I GvtLTtf 5, p, o. Fof. ::.? 5'Li i..out..SV ILL£ co &oo~ 7 PHt>NE: (so3) ~is-""3'i\~ ( fv\C:/'1lSA ACCEPTE.O


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N eighborhoor Anarcho-capi talist


Please send check or money order, ( plus .50 shipping< $20/ $1 shipping> $20), payable to: Colorado Libertarian Party, 720 E. 18th #309, Denver, Colorado 80203 March 1990 CLIPboard -7 CLP officers and Libertarian contacts: . Ron Bain, Party Chair 321-6780 David Aitken, Finance Chair 831-4334 Chris Bogart, Membership Chair 221-3243 Joe Dehn, Communications Chair 972-8094 (Send materials for CLiPboard to CLP HQ) Rick Shaw, Campaigns Chair 693-5113 CLP Office & Party HQ 837-9393 720 E. 18th Ave., #309, Denver, CO. 80203 Doug Anderson, Denver Election Commissioner 757-8896 Mesa County Liberty 858-9635 Kim Benham, Chairman Freedom Now (Fort Collins) 484-4184 Mary Margaret Glennie, Chairman Joe Dehn, National LP Secretary 972-8094 National LP Office 1-800-682-1776 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003 No More Drug War Foundation 320-1910 Robin Heid, Chairman NatCom Region 1 Representative Karen Allard (206) 759-1838 6901 Narrows Lane North, Tacoma, WA. 98407



Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave., #309 Dedicated board, political candidates needed at CLP con! It seems burn-out turmoil is affecting the CLP Board of Directors once more, with these changes taking place in March: Acting Chairman Ron Bain announced that he will not be seeking election to the post of chairman at the April convention. Bain is forming his own publica­tions company, he said, and will have no time to devote to formal party activities, although all of his publishing efforts will be libertarian in nature. A production crisis with the March CLiPboard resulted in the termination of Noah Brodbeck as Communications Chairman, who was immediately replaced by Joe Dehn, a relatively new Colorado resi­dent who also serves as Secretary of the national LP. Asked if he would seek election to the communica­tions post in April, Dehn replied, "Probably." Campaigns Chairman Rick Shaw submitted his resignation at the March board meeting rather than vote for the termination of Brodbeck. He accepted reappointment to the position, however, after the vote to terminate Brodbeck was taken without him. Shaw will likely run for U.S. Senate after April, so is unlike­ly to remain campaigns chair. Three-year board veteran David Aitken is retiring from Libertarian service, and expects he will be replaced by Rob Herzfeld of Colorado Springs. Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Denver, CO. 80203 ------­

~D PAID ~urnpostage guaranteed Permit No. 675 Address correction reque"-=s:..:.::..:d-----+-1--Denver, CO.

te:;..._ r----__ ~ ' ,,

Please deliver th s message atfoot~t,eedom in Colorado TO: . ·; ; ·~. 7r.'S.:~ ­

' 1~=<;!1 ~.., ~~, t" u~SZN;:,EBJ 0 :,uD::~ssr--r-UNva~ • --· ' 1'1VQ1,\fl,f ~ .. _t I • '

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