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. CliPboard Colorado Ubertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -J:ee~er·;i, 1988 '-"1'-QG).\

  • ------Calendar ------*

March 8th -Denver Metro Area Sewer Elect1on -please vote! See ooditional details elsewhere. 2nd Wednesday -Cocktail Party. At Victoria Mason's, 1270 Logan #8, (carriage house behind main building, look for blue light) in Denver on March 9th at 7:30 p.m. It's potluck, so please bring some chips and dip or vegies to munch on. 3rd Wednesday -The Breakfast Club,March 16th. 7 to 9 a.m. at the Quality Inn Midtown, 1150 E. Colfax, Denver. Subject: Government and AIDS. 4th Wednesday -CLP Board meeting at the office.

  • ------Metro Area Sewer Election------*

On March 8th, there will be asewer election in the Denver Metro Area. A booklet has been included for those of you in that area. Please read it carefully, including the section on how the money may be spent, before making your decision at the polls.

  • ------High Schools------*

David Aitken has had the opportunity to take the libertarian message to several Denver area high schools recently. He has spoken at Denver Christian, Golden, Bear Valley , and Arvooa. It's a g.XJd way to spread the word and hone your speaking skills. Call the office if you'd like to participate.

  • ------Which Republicans Could Help Us the Most? ------*

We were talking about 1t at last month"s cocktail party and decided Ron Paul would probably draw the most votes if Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson were the nominees!

  • ------Have aRon Paul Party------*

Invite some of your non-libertarian friends over to watch Ron on William Buckley's Firing line. Buckley said he got hundreds of letter requesting that Ron appear as a guest, the most he'd ever received Call your local Public Broadcasting Station for details. In Denver, it will be on Channel 6. The date of the broadcast has not yet been announced. "On the Freeoom Trail ," the Ron Paul for President monthly newsletter, is available for the asking. Write the campaign headquarters at 1120 NASA Blvd., suite 104, Houston, TW 77058, or call 713-333-1988. Want to see Ron on the Donahue Show? Write the Phil Donahue Show, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Rm. 827, New York, NY 10112.

  • ------RTD Races------*

Jon Baraga is putting together strategies for some serious campaigns for Regional Transportation District seats in the Denver metro area. If interested, please call the office.

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CLiPboard Colorcm Libertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -March, 1988

NOTES fROM THE CHAIR Well, we've survived another winter, spring is upon us, and can you believe we're only two months awey from our state convention? Unlike the other parties, our presidential contest has been deciood, end now it's time to focus on local roces. It is my belief that local roces are where we can make our biggest impact in the immediate future. Alreacty some exciting things are beginning to happen. Dave Aitken is moving ahead in his State House race,and we have a number of people preparing to run in local RTD contests, and others are seriously considering running. 1988 could be avery exciting year for Colorocb Llbertarians. We also have another issue at hand; the state convention is also the time we must elect our new state board. To have an effective state party, it is essential to have an effective state board. There are f1ve positions open: State Chair, campaigns, Finance, Communications, and Membership. What is needed are energetic and creative people willing to oo the brass tacks work to build the Libertarian Party into aviable alternative in Colorooo. I have enjoyed my term as State Chair. I have been encouraged by the potential that we in Coloraoo have. However , for personal and other reasons, Ihave decided not to run for another term. Iwm continue to be active 1n the Libertarian Party and in the libertarian movement, but for the time being, Ifeel it is best to take some time off from official party business. Iwill be glad to discuss any board position with anyone interested. Give me a call!

  • ­ -----Ron Paul Petitions--­ ---*

Enclosed you'll find acopy of the petition we need to fill out to get our presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Ron Paul and Andre Marrou, on the Coloraoo ballot next November. If you are a registered voter in Colorado and feel so inclined, please collect as many signatures of registered voters as possible, have the form notarized, and return it to the office ­the address is in the contacts section. We need 5000 signatures, so every one helps. Please return the petitions by March 31 so we'll know how many more we need to get. Contact Bill Fargo at the office for further information.

  • ------Election Results------* Bob Waldrop , Ron Paul's regional coordinator who lives in Utah, says that Libertarians do better at the polls if there is afull slate of candidates. Utah has apparently compared the results of several elections and discovered that fact. So... if you are committed to liberty,you might consider running at least a lineholder's campaign or volunteering to get involved in someone else's.
  • ------Breakfast Club Notes------* AIDS...... perhapsthe bi9J9St health threat to our country in its history. Once thought of as a "'Pl disease," latest statistics show that no group (with the exception of the Lesbian community) is immune to its deadly threat. What is the government ooing to prevent the spread of the disease? What can private citizens oo? Hear astimulating discussion at the March meeting of the Breakfast Club. Guest speaker will be Paul Kumphler from the Colorado AIDS Project. Admission is only $S.00, so bring afriend!
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,. CliPboard Colorado Libertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -March, 1988

  • ------HamburgerHamburgerHamburger ------*

One of the major fundraising efforts of the CLP ts our hamburger booth at the Peop!e's Fair ln Denver. This year the fair ls June 6th and 7th. Our prom is usually over $400, and we need volunteers to work the booth. Ifyou'd 11ke to help, contact Charles Stogsdill at the office. We wm also have an Information booth In conjunction with Dave Altken's campaign. The People's Fair Is our chance to innuence over 400,000 people. Please make acommitment today!

  • ------1988 State Convention------*

The state convention, acombined convention for Colorooo, Wyoming, and Alaska, wfll be held May 27-29 in Fort Collins. Featured guest is Walter Block, Senior Economist at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, BC. Ron Paul and Andre Marrou will be speaking Saturday afternoon. It'll be at University Park Holiday Inn 1n Fort Collins. Rooms are $44.08 per night. Registration is $55 until April 15, $65 between April 16 and May 20, and after that It w111 be $75.

  • ------Thanks for your Help------*

Victoria Mason and Jenny Russell folded, stapled, labeled and packaged the CUP board for last month's mailing. Neal Lafon printed last month's CUPboard. Also, thanks to Victoria for volunteering to head the By-Laws Committee.

  • ------1988 Campaigns Announced or Active------*

Candidate Office Status Phone David Aitken State Rep Dist 6 -Denver Active 831-4334 Joe Thorn pson US Cong Dist 6 -Arapahoe Announced Geoffrey Lloyd RTD Dist A-Denver Announced

  • ------Party Officers and Contacts ------*

David Daniels, Chairman 894-8227 Irma Lanning, Communications 598-0824 Jenny Russell, CLIPboard Editor 777-6272 David Aitken, Finance 831-4334 Bill Robinson, Ron Paul Coordl nator 756-6601 Penn Pfiffner, National Committee Contact Party Office, 720 E. 18th Ave., Suite 309, Denver 80203 837-9393

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CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -March, 1988

  • ------David Aitken·s campaign------* David Aitken's campaign is starting to pick up speed. Printing of campaign literature will be starting shortly. Volunteers will be needed to label and staple, so please call Dave at 831-4334 ifyou can spare an hour or two.

New releases announcing the campaign were sent to The Denver Post. Rocky Mounto1n News. Life on Capitol Hill. Out front (a local gay newspaper), and the Colorado Stutesman. We can now send the World's Smallest Political Quiz and "Who Is a Libertarian?" to 1193 unaffiliated voters! Ifyou'd like to increase that number, please send your $11.00 contribution to: Citizens for David Aitken 1240 Ogden #4 Denver ,CO 80218 If you can't afford to contribute your money, how about aloan? Lend us your money at zero percent until the campaign's over, we'll park it in asafe, interest paying financial institution, use the interest to fund the campaign, and return your money when the campaign is finished. Colorado Libertarian Party Non-Profit Org. 720 E. 18th Ave., Suite 309 U.S. Paid Postage Denver, CO 80203 PAID Address Correction Requested Permit #675 Forwarding Requested Denver, CO