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CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party

Monthly Newsletter -June, 1988 ' ------Calendar-----1 6/4-5 -People's Fair in Denver. Volunteers needed (especially Sunday) for the Burger booth and David Aitken's ca1paign booth. Please call the office, Charlie Stogsdill (burgers) or David Aitken today. Or drop by -the burger booth is just east of the intersection of 14th and Bannock; the inforaation booth is just west of Broadway across froa the Capitol.

· 2Nd Wednesday -Board Meeting and Cocktail Party . At Victoria Mason's, 1270 Logan #8, (Carriage house behind 1ain building, look for blue light) in Denver on June 8th. Board aeeting starts at 6:30; cocktail party at 7:30. It's potluck; please bring SOie chips/dip or vegies to 1unch on. Need directions? Call Victoria at 831-1620. 6/11 -Colorado Union of Taxpayers holds its annual breakfast at the Huddle.Restaurant, 1-25 and 104th, Northglenn -9at sharp! Call 987-6024 for reservations. Guest of honor is Congress1an Hank Brown.

6/18 -Utah state convention in Salt Lake City; call the office for details. 1 -----CLP Elects New Officers-----1 Anew board of directors of the CLP was selected at the recently concluded state convention. Three of the 1e1bers are new to the board; Two are returning to serve additional terlS. All were elected by unani1ous consent. Phone nu1bers are in the contacts section. Chair Mary Lind 11401 WCR 74, Eaton, Co 80615 Helbership Jon Baraga 123 S Elerson, Denver, Co 80209 Co11unications Ron Bain P.O. Box 522, Delta, Co 81416 Ca1paigns Dave Daniels 85 S Grant #11, Denver, Co 80209 Finance David Aitken 1240 Ogden #4, Denver, Co 80218 1 -----Convention News-----' Attendance at the Colorado, Wyo1ing and Alaska 1988 Joint Convention of the Libertarian Party peaked when Libertarian Presidential candidate Ron Paul addressed the group of appro1i1ately 80 attendees at the Fort Collins convention. Paul's speech followed presentations by Russell Means, for1er candidate for the 1988 LP presidential no1ination and founder of the Freedoa is for Everyone organization, and ~ -----Page Walter Block, Austrian econo1ist and for1er candidate for the LP vice presidential noaination. The c01bined convention for the three state parties was held over the Hetorial Day weekend at the University Park Holiday Inn, hosted by Hary Margaret Glennie and boasting about 50 registrants. Paul, who earned the LP presidential no1ination at the national convention in Seattle last year, noted that national debate on whether or not to legalize drugs indicated wider public acceptance of discussion of such libertarian proposals. Paul said he thought an appearance he planned in the near future before the National Organization for the Refor1 of Marijuana Laws would be ti1ely due to the attention the news 1edia has paid to the issue recently. Alternative tedicine for the elderly or AIDS patients is another related issue on which the tedia is beginning to discuss the libertarian alternative, Paul observed. Concerning his stance on hard 1oney, Paul clarified his position by saying he did not favor a return to the 19th century gold standard with which people are fa1iliar. Rather, he advocated a return to the Constitutional provisions for the 1inting of 1oney. Paul predicted he would do well in Noveaber in Alaska, Utah, Wyoting and Montana, and said he was 1ost likely to win electoral votes in Alaska. For1er director of the Alerican Indian Movetent Means said he had just returned fro1 a stuaping tour of that state that had proved both exciting and disappointing. Means had acco1panied vice presidential no1inee Andre Harrou on the tour of the district Karrou had represented as an Alaskan state legislator, where he said response froa the ledia and public was fantastic ... except in Harrou's foraer ho1etown. Means uttered a call for action and an end to perennial debate and fine tuning of the party stance on issues. Instead, the Native Alerican activist rec011ended that Libertarians seek appointlents to local boards and conissions where they can i1pleaent their stances on issues. Block, a longstanding Libertarian who holds a doctorate in Austrian econo1ics and who directs the Fraser Institute, spoke about his book •Defending the Undefendable," which argues that people typically denigrated by society -such as piaps, drug dealers, and slanderers -are defensible because they are e1ercising rights that fit Libertarian precepts, so long as they are not violent. Block also e1plained the differences between libertarianis1 and objectivis1, and between Austrian .and the Chicagoan econo1ics, and spoke on the privatization of roads and highways. 1 -----* CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -June, 1988

' -----By-Lavs Changes -----' '-----Heid Joins LP; Will Run for 1st Cong. -----• The Party voted to change the by-lavs to accept registered Libertarian voters of the State of Colorado as 1eabers. Robin Heid, a resident of Denver's capitol Hill area and Helbership 1ay also be obtained by filling out the until recently a Republican candidate for the 1st application foras and paying such fees designated by the Congressional district, has joined the Libertarian Party and Board. will seek to oust Pat Schroeder. Anuaber of Republicans have agreed to support Heid's ca1paign. This caapaign aay Application by voter registration 1ay be 1ade by 1) a signed necessitate a legal challenge to the Secretary of State affidavit, or 2) a letter of affir1ation, postaarked, or regarding party 1eabership rules. hand-delivered to a Board 1eaber, 45 days prior to the State Convention. '-----Thanks! -----' Board aeabers aay now send an alternate delagate to the board aeeting if they are unable to attend. Victoria Mason thanks Penn Pfiffner for taking 1inutes during the business portion of the convention. The board The proposal to change the party affiliates stateaent of thanks Victoria for 1anagir.g the discussion on Constitution principies requireaents was defeated. and By-Laws changes. No other proposals cane before the convention. Stan Larson, Kate Barriteau, Mike Zink, Bill Fargo, Doug Anderson, and David Aitken folded, stapled, and labeled last 1 -----Ballot Access in Serious Trouble-----' 1onth's CLiPboard. Neal Lafon printed it. At its first Board meeting, the new board of directors Special thanka to Robert Jahelka, ~cky Carr, Gerald Hatch, agreed that the ballot access drive to put Ron Paul on the David Van Trevron, West Edell, Grace Reed, and Ken Riggs for ballot was in serious difficulty. Only about 650 of the their efforts in solicitina signatures to put Ron Paul on 5000 signatures needed have been received by Bill largo, the ballot. Please join these dedicated libertarians and ballot access coordinator. Since the deadline is August participate in the ballot drive. Call Bill Fargo at the 2nd, and because we need to collect 10,000 signatures to office, 837-9393. insure that we will have enough valid signatures, we need to collect about 170 per day. There is 1oney availabie to pay New or reneved 1eabers: Richard Griaes, Daniel Brockway, petitioners and your help is urgently needed. Please call Hary Lind, Victoria Mason, Dan Nibbelink, Ji1 Glennie, Mary Bill Fargo at the office, 837-9393. Margaret Glennie, George Callan, Michelle Mahaffey, David Goodrich, Charles Moore. i -----1989 Convention-----' Hew Monthly Pledgers -Geoffrey Lloyd, Brian Holthouse. Hary Margaret Glennie 1ade a bid for the 1989 State Donations -John Walker. Convention vhich included having Leon Leow as the featured speaker. Ho other bids were forthcoming and the Party Dave Aitken would also like to thank Bucky Carr, Victoria accepted Hs. Glennie's bid. Leon Leow is the author of a Mason, Michelle Mahaffey, and Bud Hall for asseabling about widely read book on apartheid. 1500 of his caapaign brochure packets during the convention. ' -----Ron Paul Action Itea -----• 1 -----Fort Collins Libertarians Win One! -----' If you'd like to see Ron Paul, LP Presidential candidate, on Activists in the Fort Collins area were instruaental in the HacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, please write thea at 356 W58th defeating a property ta1 increase. Congratulations! Street, New York, NY 10019. ~-} :.: Ii: -----Page ----­ ~ CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party

Monthly Newsletter '-----TAlfSTAAFL -----' We all know that "There Ain't No Such Thing As AFree Lunch"! And that applies to the CLP as well . This newsletter and the literature we send to people pr01oting libertarian ideas cost 1oney for printing and postage. If it's been a while since you•ve 1ade a contribution, please consider donating a few bucks to help defray expenses. Make your check payable to the Colorado Libertarian Party, and aail it to 720 I. 18Th Avenue, SUite 309, Denver, Co 80203. llianks. _ _ I'd like to becote a (or renew) dues-paying 11e.ber. Here's 1y $25.00 donation. _ Yes! I'd like to support the Party! Here's 1y one­tiae contribution of~~ to help pay for the newsletter and literature to reach new libertarians. •-----Want to Help the Movetent? -Here's How-----• 1. Register to vote as a Libertarian. Contact your county clerk or election official.

2. Write letters to the editor. It's sitple and easy. Short letters on subjects of current interest are aost apt to get published.

3. Go to city council, local governaent, or neighborhood group meetings in your area and speak out on whatever concerns you.

4. Get appointed to a local board or couission. There are several available in every co1111Unity. Tiae requiretents are usually 1ini1al. Contact your county clerk or city 11anager's office.

5. Distribute literature to your neighbors. cali the office to find out what literature is available.

6. Fora a city or county organization to persue libertarian goals. There's strength in nutbers.

7. Run for office -anything froa dogcatcher to President. Winning is nice, so pick SOlething you and your group can reasonably cope with.

8. Help with the grunt work -staffing fair booths,

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-June, 1988 foldilll, stapling, and labeling newsletters and caapaign literature, petitioning, etc. call the office at 837-9393. 9. Becoae an expert on one issue so people in your co11unity will turn to you for advice.

10. BecOlie one of the CLP board 11e1bers -Party Chair1an, Catpaigns, Coa111nications, Kelbership, or Finance Chair1an. Yes, it's work, but you'll aeet new people and gain new skills, all in the cause of liberty. It's vorth it.

11. Becor.e a dues-paying 1ember of the CLP. It's just $25 per year. We use it for caapaigns, literature, printing, office rent, phone, and postage. TANSTAAFL! (There Ain't No Such Thing As AFree Lunch!)

12. Becoae a 1onthly pledger of any aaount of 3 dollars or tore. You'll get a newsy letter froa the Finance Chair1an each aonth and the satisfaction of taking a significant contribution to the libertarian moveaent.

13. Make a one-ti1e contribution to the party. Ivery little bit helps, even if it's only tw.::> dollars.

14. If you've got other ways of helping the IOVE!l'lent, please let us know and we'll print thell here.

• -----1988 ca1paigns Announced or Active-----1 The following candidates were ratified by the 1988 Convention. Candidate Office Status Phone David Aitken State Rep Dist 6 -Denver Active 831-4334 Geoffrey Lloyd RTD Dist A -Deaver Announced 733-7962 Robin Heid US Cong. 1St Dist Announced Dan Nibbelink State Rep Dist 25 -Golden Announced • -----Get Your Hair Cut; Help the CLP-----• One of our new aeabers, Richard Gri1es, is offering to donate 50 percent of his proceeds fro1 his beauty shop when any libertarian uses his services. Richard is near downtown Denver, and can be reached at 832-2753.


CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party Monthly Newsletter -June, 1988

  • -----Party Officers and Contacts-----*

Mary Lind, Party Chairman 686-5541 Jon Baraga, Membership 722-1626 David Daniels, Campaigns 733-7757 Ron Bain, Communications 323-6853 P . O. Box 522, Delta , Co 81 416 David Aitken, Finance 831-4334 Party Office, 720 E. 18Th Ave . , Suite 309, Denver 80203 837-9393 Mesa County Liberty (Grand Junction Area} 243-1088 Bill Robinson, Ron Paul Coordinator 756-6601 Penn Pfiffner, National Committee Contact 427-4357 Charles Stogsdill, Burger Booth Coordinator 755-6879 Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18Th Ave , Suite 309 ~~nver, Co 80203 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Pennit #675 Denver, Co Address Correction Requested Forwarding Requested

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