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CoLoRAoo L1BERTARIAN PARTY CLiPboard / / Official monthly newsletter of the Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave., Suite 309 Denver, CO. 80203 (303) 837-9393 February 1990 CLiPboard Walter Williams confirmed for April 20-22 convention in Ft. Collins; register now! Syndicated newspaper columnist and potential 1992 Libertarian presi­dential candidate Walter Williams is confirmed to appear at the 1990 Col­

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0-Jazernorth (talk)vention coordinator Mary Party at the h9n;i.e <>f CU> . . A~ting Chaiijria,1 R?ri Margaret, in announcmg the firmed-Bain, HSO Adams (! up dates for the convention, said blocks 'Nes.t·.9f .•9?lot#gq scheduling delays had prevented an & Cqlfax); :P<!rtyJ:iegln.s .

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111JiQcMaiCLF>JIQ{720 after March 20 but before April 12, E{:j~i? Av'~fo§~IJi:~9~, registration fees will be $75: and at o~m1.f!r, YI,itors 11r~,yteb the door you will be charged $85 for

come· call 837-9393:to:be: '

·~:J.rd;~~;1~~1••······::·:·1······ •i••·: :~1~s~~a~~o;~t!:~:;~ia~::; ;i;i~~: fte~ring ~efdie ~@g~ the lateness of this announcement. MatschtniCUTtcLP 1aw:: Th t f th ti ·n b s4.!f:#~J;p{fi~~h{~Rfueft the u:ie~s~ty Pea;inJazernorth (talk)d~; :n a~

Courtroom A, Main U.S. . . · .-..-c. •• •·• ..... · · ····•·'•••·•·· •••••//•i Fort Collins the same location con­ P<>st Office, J8tll & f>lo~ta •

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Jja,.ty ~f7i3() p;iti{i.(tfi~ In addition to Walter Williams, hom~ ofMar:y f-1argaret speakers will feature a group of Glennie, 131'.7'.Lakewoe>d "l l k 1 " i d b M Drlveln ForiColliris. Call oca yo e S organ ze Y ary 484-8184 to RSVP./ / Margaret: John Andrews of the Inde­>• t : .) •pendence Institute, speaking on

Walter Williams "Affecting Public Policy: Declare Your Independence--Again"; Jan Prince speaking on Affection Among Liber­tarians: Factions, Friction and Friendship"; Dave Schumacher speaking on "Libertarianism Affect­ed: After All This Time: A Personal Perspective": and a panel discussion on "Infected by Poverty: Effecting An Antidote, or Why are so many liber­tarians so poor, or I'd rather be rich." Those who want to enter bids for the 1991 CLP convention at the 1990 convention must first publish those bids in next month's CLiP­board, the CLP Board of Directors decided in December.

from the chair

By Ron Bain CLP Acting Chairman Momentum...that's what this political movement is all about. Once we achieve one goal, we must contin­ue onward, ever seeking to fulfill future goals. In that way, we will reach the exponential breaking point at which our growth will become self-sustaining and unstoppable. We on the CLP Board of Directors saw such force of momentum in action in January in Colorado Springs, where 30 to 35 people gathered to organize the El Paso County Libertarian Party. achieving a milestone in the history of the state party: the sanc­tioning of the first official county Libertarian affiliate in Colorado. Mesa County Liberty is organizing the Grand Junction area, and Mary Margaret's Freedom Now! movement in Fort Collins has been quite successful, but neither organization is an official affiliate of the Colorado Libertarian Party... El Paso County is first. So, that's three areas of the state that are now organized, four if you count Denver. But we're not going to stop there...the board has agreed to maintain the momentum by taking its meetings on the road. In March, we will be conducting an organizational meeting in the heart of entrenched socialism in Col­orado, the People's Republic of Boutder:-We1ve also been asked to come to Jefferson County soon, and Joe Dehn is acting as the JeffCo contact (972-8094). letters to the cliP-........ o...... rd

b......a...... In April, we'll be in Fort Collins for the annual con­vention featuring potential Libertarian presidential candidate Walter Williams, and tentatively scheduled for June is a trip to Telluride and San Miguel County, home of the heaviest Ron Paul voting in Colorado in 1988. It's likely we'll make a stab at organizing Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle Counties while we're on the Western Slope this summer. That's not all.. .locally, steps have already been taken to organize a Denver County Libertarian Party, with the intention of relieving the state party from concerning itself almost exclusively with municipal Denver issues. Also, the scheduling of suburban cocktail parties to supplement the monthly cocktail party being con­ducted at my central Denver home is being encour­aged. Anyone who would like to host a suburban cocktail party or sponsor an organizational meeting for their county should contact the headquarters to coordinate scheduling and publicity. These are priority goals... in order for Libertarians to have a successful election year in Colorado in 1990, this basic infrastructure and groundwork must be laid quickly. Hopefully, today's leaders of county organizations and cocktail parties will be tomorrow's Libertarian candidates who will flood the state's bal­lots from top to bottom! Yours in Liberty, 1?(771_ :Baul

We have met the enemy, and not only is he us, he seems to love losing elections Dear CLiPboard Readers: The big question facing Libertarians is not "Where do we go from here?" but "Do we really want to get there?" I've been a Libertarian since 1974, which is ample time to observe behavior patterns in myself and oth­ers, and I think that a large number of Libertarians would subconsciously prefer to keep our minor, not­to-be-taken-seriously status. I think many of us are afraid ofwinning. I have many memories of past conventions, but one sticks out above the others. That was when Rus­sell Means lost the presidential nomination in Seattle in 1987. He received the most loving, warm, enthusi­astic, supportive round of applause I have heard in lo, these many years. And for doing what? For losing! Libertarians are in love with losing. There are some good reasons for this. Most of us grew up in dysfunctional families and, as a result, learned to work very, very hard at banging our heads against a wall. Most of us grew up as misfits --for the first 20 years of my life, I thought I must be from Mars (so did everyone else I came in contact with, but 2-CLiPboard, February, 1990 that's another story). These circumstances can be our strongest assets --children from dysfunctional families often cultivate a healthy disrespect for authority figures. Misfits may follow their hearts more easily than those who were more conventionally socialized, as they have nothing to lose by risking the approval oftheir peers. However, when one is so caught up in a particular behavior that it gets in the way ofgrowing, something is wrong. And that is what I fear has gone wrong with the Libertarian Party; I think too many of us have let our fear of success lead us to avoid winning strate­ gies. As one who has been at both ends of the Fear of Success spectrum, I can attest that fearing success makes a lot of sense --it's scary. And, especially when you're not used to it, very disruptive. You have to change your entire self-concept. You have to teach associates to relate to you in a new way (and some of them won't be able to). And you have to build on your success and make it happen over and over again. Very scary. Very disruptive.

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more letters to the cliP--:;b-=o..;:;;::a;..:...;;rd::.--______ $1pq}t~t~!~tlm~t)Jazernorth (talk) 09:34, 11 July 2017 (CDT)g~~(~~%tBBf~ft1t\":f?RBRf?~t~t.stt9:: SB!:FR?!?ihltt2xit~!h'IY1'1 ~~2?:tB!eYrfI88tt~8i88{ '{:< The atrocity against liberty in China at Tiananmen Square must not be forgotten Dear CLiPboard Readers: The atrocity against Liberty in Tiananmen Square must never be forgotten or forgiven. Let all Libertarians quickly raise her from her ashes drenched in the blood of heroes to a place of safety and remembrance to one day return and be raised again in high honor in a Free China. It is fitting that Libertarians, indeed, all libertari­ans throughout the world who revere her signifi­cance, erect her likeness here in America to one day return as a gift to the free people of China. I would be pleased to donate the first of many hundreds of dollars to her construction the moment a committee is formed and a bank account is opened. Are there others who want to do the same? Let's communicate. Bruce A. Daniel, DDS President Call To Action P.O. Box 165 Loomis, California 85650 (916) 632-0815

.Libertarians are quite expert at banging their heads against all available walls...

Continued on Page 2 Assuming that a) yes, most Libertarians are afraid of success, and b) but we sincerely want to change, I offer the following Rules for Successful Success Management: 1. Get used to success in small doses. Get some­one elected to a small, non-partisan office (this has been done a number of times, so we know it works). Or, work on a "hot issue" initiative --in San Mateo County (California). the Board of Supes voted them­selves a raise in December, 1988. In a six-week peri­od, June Genis, Lyn Sapowsky and I, with a cast of thousands, turned in more than twice the number of signatures needed to rescind the pay hike. Start small and build up a tolerance for success.

2. Set goals. They should be both realistic and specific; "I want a libertarian society by the year 2000" is neither realistic or specific. "I want a Liber­tarian majority in the Senate by the year 2000" is specific, but not realistic. "I want a Libertarian major­ity on the town council by the year 2000" is both.

3. Do not (repeat, do not) cultivate a perfectionist attitude. To a perfectionist, something is either per­fect or worthless. Since nothing is perfect, everything is worthless, so why bother? This attitude is a set-up for disappointment and failure. If your goal was to capture 10% of the vote in a given election, and you captured 8%, be proud! That's an 80% success rate, not a failure.

4. Find ways to act like a Libertarian when you're just minding your own business. I've observed over the years that for some "dedicated activists," Libertar­ianism is something they practice only as long as they've got the nametag on; as soon as the conven­tion is over, it's back to lie, defraud, coerce --busi­ness as usual. This does not help our cause. It annoys other Libertarians, turn off non-Libertarians and, worst of all, reinforces the notion that Libertari­anism has no place in the real world. If you don't believe your philosophy has a place in the real world (and if you can't act on it, you don't believe it), how are you ever going to convince anyone else that it does?

5. Visualize. Have you ever said to yourself, in the mad rush before election day, "Oh, I'll be so glad when November 5th comes and I can be normal again!"? I think not. Instead, picture yourself describ­ing to Dan Rather your feelings upon winning the election and turning the political system on its ear. Grandiose dreaming and realistic goal-setting can be done concurrently with a little practice. I think that the immediate problem is our fear of winning. And that needs to be addressed before we can make any intelligent decisions regarding the future of the LP, otherwise it really won't matter where we take the movement --it will just fizzle out as we continue to bang our heads against all avail­able walls. Kate O'Brien Menlo Park, California The CLiPboard is the official semi-monthly pub­lication of the Colorado Libertarian Party, 720 E. 18th Ave., #309, Denver, co. 80203. No rights are reserved; all of this material may be reproduced by anyone wishing to do so. In fact, we encourage it. Our bulk mailing postage permit is No. 675, paid through the U.S. Post Office in Denver, Colo.

Publisher................ Colorado Libertarian Party, Ron Bain, Acting Chairman Editor..................... CLP Communications Chairman Noah Brodbeck Printer....................Invisible Print, David Sparks, Proprietor Typesetting...........Avenir Graphics February, 1990 CLiPboard · 3

~g_progress report

Here's an encapsulized and brief summation of the accomplishments of the Colorado Libertarian Party since December: New Affiliates -The El Paso County Libertarian Party was formed on Jan. 13 during an organization­al meeting held at the home of Marylin Vaughan. At the Jan. 9 cocktail party at the Denver home of CLP Acting Chairman Ron Bain, about half a dozen Denver Libertarians expressed an interest in forming the Denver County Libertarian Party. Office Computerization -The office now has a TRS-80 and a 300 baud modem for data communica­tions. Libernet. Fidonet. Dehnbase. and the CARL database are accessible 24 hours a day. If you have computer equipment, or would like to donate to the CLP Macintosh fund, please call the office for details, or send your check to the CLP Macintosh fund, at the office.

Media Outreach -Mary Margaret, organizer of the Freedom Now! movement in Fort Collins, was fea­tured in a full-page article in the Fort Collins Trian­gle Review, in the issue dated Jan. 11, 1990. "Mary Margaret maintains an extensive lending library of several hundred books and periodicals of nearly every conservative discipline in her base­ment... " notes Dan MacArthur, the article's author. Denver Election Commissioner Doug Anderson was also featured in the Jan. 17 edition ofWestword. GET ON THE FREEDOM BANDWAGON!

People all over the world Poland, Hungary, China, Romania...why not in Colorado?

I'm a Libertarian wannabe! Sign me up! Here's my check or money order and all the information you'll need to keep me informed about the burgeoning Freedom Movement in Colorado, in America, and in the World: Colorado Libertarian Party National Libertarian Party Combined (Circle) Regular -$25 Regular -$15 Regular -$40 Sustaining -$50 Sustaining -$20 Sustaining -$70 Patron -$100 Patron -$100 Patron -$200

Registered Pledge -"I hereby certify that I do not believe in Libertarian or advocate the initiation of force as a ($0 dues) means of achieving political or social goals." X Date---­ Subscriptions only

CLiPboard -$6/year ___ Libertarian Party News -$10/year ____ Here's my name:____________ & my address: ___________ City/town: State: _____Zip Code:-___ Home Telephone: Work Telephone: ---~----­ (Please make checks payable to Colorado Libertarian Party; we'll forward to LP) Hearing in lawsuit against Romer postponed

A conference had been scheduled for Friday, Jan. 19 in the legal action filed by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers and the Colorado Libertarian Party against Gov. Roy Romer individually, but was postponed until Feb. 15 at 1:30 p.m., Courtroom A, Main US. Post Office at 18th and Stout in Denver. It is expected that Judge Richard P. Matsch will rule against the governor's motions to dismiss, and that his action will be to set a trial for this spring or summer. The court is likely to define the limitations of a discovery schedule regarding the governor's pro­duction of documents. Last November. when the suit was filed, the plain­tiff parties strongly objected to the governor's misuse of public office and public resources to organize and lead the caustic campaign against the tax limitation citizen's petition known alternately as Amendment Six or the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. In 1990, a revised version of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights is once more on the Colorado general election ballot, this time as Amendment One (see related arti­cle also on this page ) . In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Romer's actions violated their constitutional and civil rights, specifically their First Amendment right "to peaceably petition the government for redress of grievances". They are asking for $1 million in damages against Romer personally. William Orr. executive director of the American Constitutional Law Foundation, which is managing the Cur/CLP lawsuit, stated: "Our right to peaceably petition is an important historic right dating back to DOES YOUR PC SUPPORT 6 USERS IN 640K OF RAM WITH LESS THAN 1 SECOND RESPONSE TIME? Not only should it do that, it should also: • allow 3 or more users to enter more than 150 orders per day in the same file; • use an integrated relational database;

  • provide type-ahead to speed-up data entry.

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the Magna Carta, and is incredibly powerful and worth protecting. 'Throughout history," Orr continued. "there have been only three ways to change fundamental govern­ment. One is by throwing rocks and using guns. which we have all witnessed recently in the bloody revolutions ofEastern Europe and China. The second is the peaceful means of petitioning the government for redress ofgrievances. The third is the ballot box. "Please understand that we firmly believe that Romer, as an individual, enjoys the full gamut of free speech," Orr concluded. "But the power of his office properly belongs to the proponents as well as the opponents of the petition. In matters of 'self govern­ment where the people --the sovereign --are attempting to control or change their own govern­ment. he can not use that power to favor one side against the other." TABOR gains ballot access The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights is on the Nov. 6, 1990 general election ballot in Colorado as Amend­ment One. Revised since 1988 to eliminate any tax reduction features, the amendment requires approval of tax increases above the sum of the rate of inflation and population increase. Property tax increases would be limited to a rate combining inflation, population and new property; fees. fines and permits would be included in the above limit. Taxes on residential property would be limited to one percent of market value and all other property would have taxes limited to two percent of market value. All state and local units of government would have to maintain a mini­mum of a three percent emergency reserve. Voter­approved debt would be excluded from the above requirements. TABOR is a grass-roots effort that needs your help. Volunteers could help by doing mailings from their homes, writing letters to the editor, serving on the steering committee, telephoning, scheduling talks and media interviews, distributing literature, and running errands. If you can help or if you have any suggestions. please call the TABOR answering service at (303) 869-6306 or call TABOR Treasurer Clyde Harkins in the Denver area at 420-5866. Advertising rates for the CLiPboard: l" X 1/2 Column $5 l" X 1 Column $10 2" X 1 Column $20 4 X 1 Column $40 Quarter Page $50 Half Page $95

February 1990 CLiPboard -Page 5

Meet Rick Shaw ; CLP's new Campaigns Chair

~ Call me Ishmael. Actually, my name is f Rick Shaw, but ever since I took a class on American Literature, I've wanted a chance to use one of those effective literary devices you hear so much about. Here's one I learned from my Junk mail; 1f you take

., _.. the time to read through this, I'll tell you a secret that may change your life. I am the interim CLP Campaign Chairman. While I have been a voting Libertarian for some time, and a . registered Libertarian since it was legalized, I have not done much to actively support the party besides make an occasional donation or preach the gospel to the unenlightened. I think it's time for me to change that. I have lived in and around Denver since my discharge from the Air Force in August of 1977. I divided my enlistment between nuclear weapons sys­tems security and the American Forces Radio and Television Service. I chose Colorado for my home because I feel that the West is the last place in Ameri­ca that a person can be free. I also thought that Denver would be a great place to practice my craft (not the nuclear thing; the radio and 1V part). I have built two 1V stations. and worked at several other radio and 1V outlets. Enough about my sordid past; let's get on to the future. I'm involved in the CLP because we have some serious problems as a country. and I believe the Libertarians can fix 'em right up. The people of America have gotten away from the things that made us great. and we need to tum that around. I'm talking about freedom and responsibility. The freedom to do what we will, as long as we don't interfere with other's rights to do the same thing; and the responsibility for our actions, including accepting the consequences of those actions. That freedom is also the freedom to make mistakes, and the knowl­edge that the results of those mistakes are ours alone. While everyone wants freedom, too many peo­ple try to avoid the consequences of their choices, because the burden is too much to bear. They run to the government. begging for sanctuary from the reali­ties of life. They will give up their rights and their property in the misguided hope that life will be made safe for them. Of course, they also believe that you should open your wallets, and give away your life, for the "common good". Our Government is only too happy to add to their power at your expense. Most of the people in government seem to believe that they know better than the rest of us what is best for "our own good". Hey, it doesn't have to be this way. The gov­ernment is ours to do with what we will. The Consti­ 6-CLiPboard, February 1990 tution that established our country restricts the pow­ers of the government to those that we give it. That's it. Of course, now that we have become soft over the years. and Government has grown large, it will be hard to put things right again. "What can I do?", you ask. (Go ahead, ask me.) Well, if you are not registered to vote, go do it _ preferably as a Libertarian. It's simple to do. If you have money, send it. Send it all; we can use it. If you think you don't have money, think again. Send the price of one beer a week, or one joint, or one pack of cigarettes. or one soda. or anything that you can think of. Remember, you are contributing toward your freedom to enjoy these things. The best part is, you can tell us how you want it used, and we'll do it. Just send a note send saying that the money can go for print ads, or 1V ads, or campaign funds. or just to run the CLP office. We could also use more dues­paying party members. I know Libertarians are not the kind of people to join the political parties, but I believe we need to change the system from within. Besides, since we are viewed as being somewhat politically dangerous, you can have fun announcing your affiliation at parties and other social functions to terrify "normal" people. If you want to get more actively involved, we will

need petitioners to help us put names on the ballot. The government system is afraid of us, and doesn't want to just let us on the ballot. Each candidate needs folks to help collect valid signatures. If you want to make a commitment of your time, send your name, address and telephone number to me at this office, and I will get in touch with you. If you are really committed, or want to be, the CLP

would love to get on a ballot somewhere. The more· ballot positions we have, the better our chances of infiltrating the system. I would love a letter from you about it; send a little note about what office you would like to hold, and why you'd like to be left hold­ ing it. As a wise man once said, "We are a political party.

We need to start acting like one." We have the vision: now we need to apply the elbow grease. Take the energy spent bitching about things and use it in a constructive manner. OK? Enough said. At the beginning of this letter, I promised to reveal

a great secret to you. Here it is: You know those let­ ters you get from Publisher's Clearing House? Well, you don't need those to enter. You can enter as many times as you wish by sending post cards. You need to write to them first to get the official rules for the cur­ rent giveaway. but they will answer. It's true. A friend of mine did it a while back. and actually won $5. Remember where you got this information when you win something, and send us a cut. Now, when was the last time the Republicrats told you something like this? Rick Shaw, CLP Campaigns Chairman GOVERNMENT

Glennie takes FIJA reins

Jim Glennie, the husband of Fort Collins activist Mary Margaret. has answered the call issued by Mon­tanan Larry Dodge when he came to Denver in November for a Colorado resident to coordinate the drive to put a Fully Informed Jury Amendment on the 1990 general election ballot. Approximately 100,000 petition signatures will be needed to put FIJA on the 1990 ballot in Colorado, because Secretary of State Natalie Meyer can be expected to disqualify 30,000 to 45,000 of them. Approximately, 56,000 verified and authenticated sig­natures will be need to put the measure on the ballot. Glennie told a group of Colorado Springs Libertarians in January. As proposed by Dodge. who ran for Secretary of State of Montana as a Libertarian in 1988, FIJA would alter the state constitution to require Colorado judges to inform theirjuries of their right to judge not only the facts of a legal case. but the merits of the law being applied as well. Jury nullification of unjust laws is established as a Constitutional precedent. Glennie noted. Volunteers interested in coordinating petitioning efforts in April, May and June should contact Glennie at (303) 484-8184; a total of 100 petitioners working all over the state will be needed, Glennie estimated. And if you get called for jury duty, remember...


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To order send check or money order, including $2 for shipping, payable to: Colorado Libertarian Party, 720 E. 18th #309, Denver, Colorado 80203 ,.,,,.,11-"11,,V

February, 1990 CLIPboard -7 CLP officers and Libertarian contacts: Ron Bain, Party Chair 321-6780 David Aitken, Finance Chair 831-4334 Chris Bogart, Membership Chair 221-3243

Noah Brodbeck, Communications Chair 837-9393 (Send materials for CLiPboard to CLP HQ) Rick Shaw, Campaigns Chair 693-5113 CLP Office & Party HQ 837-9393 720 E.18th Ave., #309, Denver, CO. 80203 Doug Anderson, Denver Election Commissioner 757-8896 Mesa County Liberty 858-9635 Kim Benham, Chairman Freedom Now (Fort Collins) 484-8184 Mary Margaret Glennie, Chairman Joe Dehn, National LP Secretary 972-8094 National LP Office 1-800-682-1776 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003 No More Drug War Foundation 320-1910 Robin Heid, Chairman Advocates for Self-Government 1-800-932-1776 Marshall Fritz, Coordinator Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave., #309 Denver, CO. 80203

Forwarding & return postage guaranteed Address correction requested El Paso County Libertarian Party formed By Chris Bogart CLP Membership Chair On Saturday, Jan. 13, the El Paso County Liber­tarian Party was formed. Meeting at the home of Marylin Vaughan, 30 Col­orado Springs area Libertarians joined with the Col­orado Libertarian Party Board of Directors, national Libertarian Party Secretary Joe Dehn, Natalie Dehn, Fort Collins activist Mary Margaret Glennie, and FIJA Coordinator Jim Glennie to form the CLP's first offi­cially sanctioned county affiliate. Secretary Dehn presented an update on national party activities, Mary Margaret talked about strate­gies for encouraging local activism, and Jim Glennie was on hand to recruit petitioners for the Fully Informed Jury Amendment. After the meeting, Keith and Patricia Hamburger, Ilene and Tom Preble, and Rob Herzfeld submitted the petition to the CLP board for recognition as a county affiliate which was, of course, enthusiastically accepted. Thanks to Rob Herzfeld for acting as a local con­ tact: thanks to Marylin Vaughan for graciously allow­ ing some 30 strange Libertarians in her home for the greater part of a day: also thanks and congratula­ tions to Keith Hamburger as the El Paso affiliate's interim representative to the CLP. Special congratula­ tions to None Of The Above for winning the election of EPLP Tax Collector. Watch for meeting dates! Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID

Permit No. 675 Denver, CO.

Please deliver this message about freedom in Colorado TO: