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Official monthly newsletter of the Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave, Suite 309 Oenver, CO 80203 Telephone (303) 837-9393 February 1989 Issue From The Chair By Mary Lind It was a perfectly normal cocktail party, and I was trying to meet as many of the new people as I could. Then it happened: I was asked THE QUESTION -"But do you really think you can make a difference?". I get that question a lot. It usually comes from someone outside the party, or from someone still debating on whether to "formally" join our group. What the questioner is usually digging for is the real reason why someone whould want to join such a small group of "fringe lunatics" who appear to get so little media recognition, and so little money, and make so little progress(supposedly!). They usually follow up by asking "What difference can YOU make?".

It doesn't take long to answer. One person can make ALL of the difference. It's easy to think of many people who have singularly changed the course of history ­Aristotle, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Hitler, FDR, etc., (history involves both good and bad, I'm afraid). When people ask mewhat difference Ican make, though, I don't like to compare myself to ThomasJefferson -it's not realistic, and doesn't usually go over well with the questioner. It's always much more persuasive to use as examples some of the people we have around us right now, and how they have made a difference. For example: Ed Merrill has proposed privatizing snow removal in the Denver metro area, and his excellent plan is now being reviewed by thecity council and otherdepartments within the city government. Ed honored us by giving his presentation at the January cocktail party in Denver. Geoffrey Lloyd has taken the initiative to enlist precinct captains in Denverand Boulder. Hegenerously had certificates professionally printed to give to the captains, and in a short period of time has had great recruiting results. Jeff has shown that activism on a local level can be most effective. (Thanks, Jeff!).

Mary Margaret Glennie has had great success in her Freedom Now! Project. It is a long-term program to develop a libertarian community in Fort Collins, Colorado. She's already attracted brilliant libertarians from across the country. Douglas Bruce spearheaded the TABOR amendment in the 1988 election (the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights; aka Amendment 6). Leading the drive for tax limitation, Doug BruceandTABORwon the support of 42.3 percent of the voters. Though it was defeated, TABOR sent a clear message to the state legislators that we're tired of footing the bill. On the other side of the fence, Governor Roy Romer has shown how one individual can singlehandedly drive industry out of Colorado, and he's shown that he can implement massive government spending (e.g., the airport, the convention center, etc) through his own heavy-handed tactics and personal threats to citizen's organizations. Can one person make a difference? No doubt about it. Thelist aboveis terribly shortand abbreviated-there are countless examples of how one person can have an impact. You can be that one person. I can be that one person. Dare to think of what many individuals -active individuals in the Libertarian Party -can accomplish. It all starts with one person. Think about it. Then DO it! Yours in Liberty, (signed) Mary Lind Jefferson Would Slap Your Face By Scott Porter

Ina recentarticle in the NewJerseyLibertarian,Morris County State Committee Representative John Schafer suggests that the LP's efforts have been a waste of time and money. "We should resolve," he recommends, "to become a successful Libertarian social or supper club, rather than (remain) an unsuccessful political party. At the very least, we should refuse to play a game stacked against us." A game? Imagine where we would be today, had that attitude guided our political thinking for the last two centuries. Imagineif John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had opted to create a supper club instead of a new nation, because it looked hopeless? Thestruggle of theLibertarian Partyis nothinglessthan the struggle for freedom. And party politics is the most efficient way to educate, inspire, and recruit for that cause. It's true that, in the decade or two that the Libertarians have been on the ballot, no great inroads have yet been made into the system. It's also true that, as a philosophy, Libertarianism has not enjoyed huge popular support. But there have been a few triumphs lately which more than justify our continued efforts. Twoweeks before the election, I was on a cross-country road trip, which gave me the opportunity to samplemany of the local and regional newspapers as I kept up-to-date on the campaigns. Several things suprised me, and also delighted me. I counted no fewer than twelve articles about Libertarian presidential canidate Ron Paul in the short span of two weeks, and not only in small town papers, but in major publications such as the Chicago Sun Times, the St. Louis Dispatch, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal. I saw coverage of Dr. Paul escalate from 4:00 a.m. Cable-TV filler spots to popular daytime news and interview shows. And the most impressive recognition, I thought, was in Los Angeles, where the state ballot initiatives guide provided not only Republican and Democratic viewpoints, but, you guessed it, the Libertarian view as well. In 1992, the two major parties will face enormous challenges. The Democratic party is being torn apart by it's own factions, and is suffering a tremendous loss of membership; they are bracing for the nomination of a left-winger like Jesse Jackson. The Republican borrow and spend practices, plus new revelations about the Iran hostage crisis, will blow up in theirfaces before the next election. Voters are beginning to reject the polarization of the two parties, because the parties have grown out of step with the American ideals of freedom, opportunity, and reward. One of the few points on which all the polls agree is that more than two-thirds of the voters wished they had someone else to vote for! No, we probally won't win in 1992; but if we dedicate ourselves to increasing our national exposure, we have a real chance to keep the movement toward statism in check. Victory at the polls will come in time. The United States had a two-party system in 1860 also, but bad odds didn't stop Abraham Lincoln and the then-third-party Republicans from fighting for their beliefs. And they won. The founding fathers of this nation didn't surrender when their troops were hopelessly outnumbered by the British; to abandon the party because the waters are rough is not only cowardly, it is a disservice to ourselves and our children. Men likeJefferson and Lincolnwere willing to put their lives on the line to fight for freedom; nothing so dramatic is required of us today. Need to make some money?

The operation of the 1990 state convention is upfor bid. H you'd like to organize and operate this event, be prepared to make a presentation to the 1989 convention in Fort Collins next May. Contact the office for details. Legislative Hotline

The Colorado Education Association has a legislative hotline. Call 755-8528fora recorded message on bills of interestwhile the legislatureis in session. Thencallyour legislator and express your viewpoint. IRS Nuisance Calls By Stormy Mon

The IRS has a computer phone system that calls a taxpayer until satisfaction is obtained. Telephone company information about "nuisance, harassing or abusive calls" is quite helpful: "Nuisance calls may come from someone who knows

you, orfrom misguided,frustrated or mentally ill people who are playing with the phone. They may be debt collection agencies who make annoying or threatening calls for money they claim is owed, and warn of impending legal action. Sometimes threatening calls are repeated over a period of time to harass, anger, frighten, _infuriate, irritate or terrify you or your family." This description fits the IRS, so Ma Bell's suggestions seem appropriate: "Always use the phone on your terms, not those of the

caller. Don't talk to anyone unless you want to. If you give thecallerno satisfaction, the person usually gives up after one or two tries. Don't feel obligated to answer questions just because the questioner sounds 'official'. Don't answer questions on the phone you wouldn't

answer if they were asked by a stranger on the street. If you get calls asking for information you don't want to give, or receive a threat to your property, or the caller is rude, HANG UP!" There you have it --official from the phone company. Ifyou receive a call from a person or computer claiming to represent the IRS, it could be a crank call. HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!! From A Western Slope Perspective By Ron Bain

Greetings from "over the hill", as we Slopers say. Just seeing the mighty mountains or a bald eagle soaring is a daily reminderfor us of why we're Libertarians --we've got to stop the government from destroying it all with irrational nuclear brinksmanship or from trying to prevent us from owning our own little piece of it. There's been a changing of the guard at Mesa County Liberty: Steve Thurman is still active, but he's no longer the chairman. Kim Benham (858-9635) and Hal Langner (858-3764) are now thecontact personsfor Mesa County Liberty. There's not been much activity from Delta-Montrose Liberty since I moved from Olathe to Rifle, which I hope will change. As soon as a date, time and place can be nailed down, I'm going to start publicizing an organizational meeting for an affiliate in Garfield County; that meeting will probably occur in March. In May or June, I'd like to see Libertariansfrom all over the Western Slope get together in a single location, perhaps Grand Junction or Telluride. Contact me at P.O. Box 1132, Rifle, Co81650 if youwant toassist with any of the above. John Cox, organizer of the now-defunct Association of Colorado Taxpayers which sponsored the Amendment 4 tax limitation ballot initiative in 1986, has organized a group of Palisade peach growers in opposition to a state-run peach marketing order, or tax on bushel sales which is used for promotion. The growers voted it in years ago and want to vote it out now, but Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Peter Decker is trying to deny the growers this democratic right of self-determination. We'll keep you posted on how this one turns out...hang in there, John! (Editors Note: This marketing order was recently rescinded.) Telluride's San Miguel County voted the most heavily for Ron Paul of any Colorado county (3.9% ), and Mesa County commissioner candidate Robert Martin, a Libertarian, got the highest percentage of any Libertarianin Colorado in 1988 ( 5.5% ), prompting me to reiterate this point: the true home of the Libertarian Party in Colorado is the Western Slope. Let's take advantage of this in every way that we can in 1990 and 1992, with the emphasis on lots of Western Slope candidates running in winnable elections. Here's some food for thought: instead of building another Denver area airport and tearing down Stapleton to alleviate the crowding and congestion there, why not renovate Grand Junction's Walker Field to become an alternative world class airport? Skiers could fly in and get to Vail more easily from Grand Junction than from Denver, and it would alleviate the needfor an expensive widening of I-70 near Idaho Springs. If the state is determined to spend money on an airport that will be outdated by the time it is built, it should definitely consider spending less money on renovating an older airport which is already outdated.

Taxation is Theft Should Government Rob the Citizens? From Society Without Coercion by J. W ollstein The fundamental right of any man is the right to life,

sustained by freedom of choice, and the right to control the property he earns through his efforts or voluntary exchange with other men. Any man has the right to defend, byforce ifnecessary, his life, liberty, or property. A man's existence or what he has earned is not the property of others. Man is not a slave to be exploited for the desires, whims, or needs of other individuals. When _the property of a man (his life, or that which sustains it) is taken from him by force, the action is known as · THEFT. One man has taken it upon himself to demand money of persons on the street. Ifthey refuse, he assults them and takes their money by force. This person is clearly immoral and is a thief. The person robbed is clearly a blameless , innocent victim. In search of bigger game, the man gathers a group of friends who then label themselves the "syndicate." They proceed to terrorize small businessmen until they turn over "protection" money upon demand. Those who refuse meet with "accidents." Are the actions of this gang any less criminal simply because there were a dozen of them instead of only one? The only rational answer is that their actions would not be any different, that robbery is robbery and murderismurderwhethercommittedbyone man or dozens acting in concert. Finding the "syndicate" at odds over splitting the loot, our man decides to take a jobfor a very large gang called the "Internal Revenue Service". He now declares that he is an agent of a larger group called "the government." Instead of being labeled a THIEF, our man is now called a TAX COLLECTOR. He now claims heisn't taking the moneyforhimself (though heis paid handsomely and has little risk) but is collecting for "the Poor" or "defense" or for "the men on the moon." But is he nowactinganymore moral than when he was a lone thief or a member of the gangster "syndicate"? Like the criminal, the "tax collector" is taking money or property which does not belong to him and which the victim does not choose to give voluntarily. If the victim voluntarily supported the causefor which he is being taxed, there would be no need to tax him in the first place. A criminal will seize property if he wishes and a tax collectorwill do the same, throwing the victim in jail if he attempts to protect what is his. "It is irrelevant whether another man steals by his own authority or with the sanction of a million others, whether he takes money for himself or for 'the poor' or if for any other group which did not earn it. Theft consists of taking a man's property against his will, regardless of the beneficiary. If an individual has an inalienable right to his own life, liberty, and property, then morally his life and his property are his own to do with as he pleases. It is just as immoralfor a government to attempt to tax his earnings, regulate his business or draft his sons as itwould befor some isolated individual acting on his own authority to do so. The association of men into a group called 'government' does notfree them from morality or sanction actions otherwise immoral."* Here arises the myth that "governments" are empowered to do things that individuals are not. What things? Or it is alleged, the majority has a right to rule over the minority. This concept could lead to dictatorship of the majority and genocide if carried to its logical extreme. Thatwhich a government may properly do isno different in essence from that which individuals may do. Goverments are nothing more than a collection of individuals organized for some purpose, preferably protection. Ifa single individual doesnot posessthe right to do something, then there is no way that an association of individuals can suddenly possess this so-called right. All that which is immoral for the individual to do is immoral for a group of individuals to do, no matter how lofty theends they proclaimorhow divinely inspired they claim their association to be. Taxes on the American people are now estimated to be 35% to 40% ofthe average man's income. Ifyou are rich, or richer than most, you pay a lot more. The graduated income tax feature adds to the injustice of taxation and hits hard at those who by their savings and their ability have shown themselves to be efficient satisfiers of the wants of man. Taxation is bad enough without adding special f eatureswhich penalize the doers, the creators of wealth, the inventors, and the rest upon whom progress for all mankind depends. Taxes are extorted for projects the "taxpayer" does not approve of. They cause dislocation of scarce economic resources and retard growth. They enable the state to carry on all manner of anti-freedom activities. They permit the state to manipulate persons, or special intrest groups, by helping them or harming them by tax regulations. It has been truly stated that "The power to tax is the power to enslave." What is needed is not "tax reform" which is a euphemismfor "tax him more and me less"; not more taxes on business which is, after all, ultimately passed on to the consumer; not more taxes on more things or on "bad" things like cigarettes, poor housing, or luxury cars; not tariffs or savings bonds or deficit spending or inflation of any other gimmick that politicians pull to hide the magnitude if their theft from

Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Utah, Montana Libertarians 1989 Joint Convention FREEDOM NOW

For: Libertarians, libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, Unaffiliates, Moles, Skeptics, Conservatives, Liberals, readers of South Africa's all time Best Seller, AfterApartheid, by Leon Louw and Frances Kendall, and OTHERS When: May 26, 27, 28 1989 Memorial Day Weekend Where: University Park Holiday Inn; 425 W. Prospect Road; Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 Take 1-25 to Prospect Road Exit into Fort Collins. Straight west about 4 miles. On left. Cost: Includes all programs, materials, Saturday luncheon and entertainment, Saturday banquet and ?Talent? show. Early Bird: before January 30 . . . . . . . $50.00 Late: April 16 -May 20 . . . . . . . . . . . $75.00 Regular: January 30 -April 15 . . . . . . . $65.00 Door: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $85.00 Business meetings only: free Free Market and Information Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.00 Half Day . . . . . . . . $20.00 Luncheon .... ... .... . $12.00 Banquet. . .... . . . $18.00 PROGRAM Friday: 6-8pm registration 8-10pm welcome: Mary Margaret Glennie LEON LOUW Saturday: 9-10am LEON LOUW 10-10:15am break 10:15 -11 :30 am state reports 11 :30-11 :45 am break 11 :45 -1 :15 pm luncheon and entertainment 1:15-1:30pm break 1 :30 -2:30 pm LEONLOUW 2:30 -2:45 pm break 2:45 -5:30 pm 1. presentation of bids for 1990 convention 2. vote on bids for 1990 ronvention 3. elections 4. B.S. (business session) platform 5:30 -6:30 pm break 6:30 -10:00 pm banquet and ?Talent? show 10 pm--->  ?!?!?***zzzzz 9-10 am LEONLOUW 10-10:15am break 10:15-12N B.S. (business session) platform, constitution, and by-laws 12 N-1:30pm lunch break 1 :30 -2:30 pm LEONLOUW 2:30-3 pm break 3-4:30 pm board meeting


day phone evening phone address Room Reservations: $44.50 plus•! $3.98 tax !* = $48.48/night. 1-4 per room, no additional cost _ _ room(s) Friday __ Saturday __ Sunday _ 1 queen bed or __2 full size beds You may guarantee a late arrival with a major credit card number. Name card name number expiration date

____reservation(s) at E.B.: $50.00 R: $65.00 L: $75.00 D: $85.00 __Table(s): $20.00

Total payment enclosed: Make checks payable to University Park Holiday Inn.

Mail registration, conference payment, table payment, and room reservations to: 1989 CWANUM FREEDOM NQWConvention University Park Holiday Inn 425 W. Prospect Road Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 REASONINTERVIEW



w a: <( J: b 0 a: ~ a:u en I <( a: ~ 0 J: _______ o...__

AFTER APARTHEID uon Louw is the director of the Free Enterprise Foundation of South Africa, a strong intelkctual force against the awesome power of the state and hence the very roots of apartheid. Persuaded by domestic and international e.xampks of how free markets can make a significant contribution to the solution of seemingly intractabk socio­economic probkms, Louw and his wife, Frances Kendall Louw, coauthored the book After Apartheid: The Solution for South Africa, which has become the all-time bestselkr of nonfiction in South Africa. After Apartheid outlines the development of apartheid, demonstrates how it is a weapon to suppress the operation of the market, and offers a political solution for eliminating apartheid in a way that none of South Africa's racial or ethnic groups can politically dominate the other. INTERVIEWED BY WALTER E. WILLIAMS ....J

July 1988 reason 31 the wage earner. What is needed is an end to taxes entirely!!! It is argued that taxes are necessary to support services ofgovernment. It is claimed thatgarbage would lie knee deep in the streets if trash removal wasn't provided by thegovernment; that muggers and rapistswould roam at will without government police on hand; that the commuter train and bus lines would cease to exist if turned back to private enterprise. Why, we might ask, would men be so foolish to allow such services to cease without the government's intervention? Do men go barefoot because the shoe industry is still a private operation? Do men forget to report to their jobs every ~orning because the government does not yet provide them with alarm clocks? Of course not. It is ridiculous to assert that rational men would fail to voluntarily support services they need if they were not forced to do so. And it is ridiculous, as well as immoral, to force men to support services they do not use and do not value, just because one man or group of men think they know what is best for everybody else. Govermentservices performed today could be provided just as well by free market enterprisers. People would payforwhat they desire. No one person would be forced to work for the benefit of another (sometimes known as slavery) and no other person could expect to have that person work for him. Taxation is theft and should be abolished. Goverment monopolies must be removed so that the entrepreneurs can freely compete and make taxation unnecessary. Only then will man be truly able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Declare Your Independence!

By Stormy Mon

As IRS tyranny increases, some turn to the courts for protection. In 1875, the U.S. Supreme Court stated its position, and has never changed (Taylor v Secor, 92 US 575 at 610): "The payment of taxes has to be enforced by stringent means against a reluctant and often adverse sentiment; and to do this, other modes of procedure are necessary, than those which belong to courts of justice. It is a wise policy. Tax collectors are wholly beyond the power of the court. Mere errors or excess in valuation, or hardship or injustice of the law, or any grievance, will not stop collection of a tax. There is no violation of The Constitution." The court is clearly saying, "Since citizens don't like to be robbed, injustice is necessary." In other words, oppressive taxation in America can only be enforced by ignoring the Constitution and imposing tyranny! If you had any illusions that the Supreme Court protects your rights, property and liberty, "Taylor vs Secor" should open your eyes, if it doesn't blow your mind. It's very clear whose side the courts are on. They have a direct conflict of interest: they're talking about their own paychecks, power and prestige --and they have the home court advantage. But we aren't helpless. Etience de la Boetie formed a plan of non-violent resistance for France in 1553: "There are three kinds of tyrants: some receive their proud position through elections by thepeople, othersby force of arms, othersby inheritance. Although the means of coming into power differ, still THE METHOD OF RULING IS PRACTICALLY THE SAME. Tyrants need only be deprived of the public's continuing supply of funds and resources. RESOLVE TO SERVE NO MORE!! And you are at once FREE. I don't ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer. Then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break in pieces." We hear of a citizen/government partnership. There sometimes comes a time in a relationship when one side wants a change --a divorce. They give their compelling reasons, then act. The U.S. Declaration of Independence was just such a document: "Whenever any form of government becomes destructive, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it ... A long train of abuses and usurpations ... Repeated injuries ... The establishment of an absolute tyranny ... Invasions of the rights of the people. He has erected a multitude of New Offices and sent swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance. He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution. For depriving us in many cases of the benefits of Trial by Jury. Arbitrary government ... Alteringfundamentally theforms of our governments. We have warned them from time to time ... They have been deaf to the voice of justice .. ." Our founding mothers and fathers had the courage to stop paying oppressive taxes to tyranny. Tax protest can be your individual Declaration of Independence. If you don't say it, they won't hear it By David Aitken

Ever wonder why you don't see many libertarian ideas in the newspaper or hear about them from the legislature? Theanswer'sin the title of this article. Each one of us has to say something. If you'vegot time to read this newsletter, you've got time to write a letter. It can take aslittleas 15 minutesfrom the timeyou take upyour pen, to the time you lick the stamp. Doesn't have to be fancy. Doesn't have to be long. Sometimes the shortest ones are the most effective. Letters to the editor are easy to write. Pick a topic which bas been the subject of a recent editorial or news story and simply write your reaction to it. The major papers usually get more material than they have space to print, which makes it difficult for one person to get all his/her letters printed. (I know, about half of mine are thrown away. But that's ok; it's good practice.) With more libertarians writing letters, we'll see more libertarian letters in print. And have more people agreeing with us. It's that simple. Want to change your representative's vote? Most of us would certainly like to; that's why we're libertarians. Unfortunately, probably 99 .9 percentof usfailto take the one step that could make that a reality -writing our representative, senator, or city councilpe~son. ~i~d o~t who represents you by calling your election officials m your city of county. Then take a moment to writ.e a _few words about a subjectwhich interestsyou and which1s of current interest (read the newspapers/watch the news for topics). Want some help? Call me at 831-4334, evenings. If you don't say it, they won't bear it.

Kudos Manythanks to Sheila Casey, Nikki Baraga, Geoff Lloyd, Grace Reed, Dale Reed, Dan Nibbelink, and David Aitken for collating, stapling, and labeling January's CLiPboard. And a special thanks to Neal La Fon, who bas been donating the paper used in the CLiPboard for the past several years. An Open Letter to the Citizens of Golden and the Golden City Council

By Dan Nibbe/ink Itwas with much disappointment that I read the article in January 12tb's Golden Transcript concerning the potential sales tax increase. The most important issue facing the City of Golden today, seems tobedowntown redevelopment. Half of t~e proposed tax increase is planned for economic development. Downtown redevelopment means more businesses and more customers for those businesses. While there may be many reasons why people open and operate businesses, the bottom line is: make enough money or go out of business. Whatwould happen if thecity sales tax were eliminated in Golden? Merchants would make it known throughout the region thatitcosts less toshopin Golden. Customers would realize that shopping in Golden is to their advantage because true cost is not price, but price plus taxes. The benefit of saving money by not paying sales tax is greater than the actual savings, so it is even more attractive than shopping where there is a city sales tax. Now the merchant has more customers, resulting in greater sales and greater profits. . Now t~e ~erchant realizes that if be forgoes a portion of his mcreased profits by decreasing prices, he ~ill attract m?re customersandfurtherincrease bothhis salesand profits. Meanwhile otherbusinessmen, observing theincreased customer tr;ffic in Golden, will realize that Golden is a good place to open a business and will dos~. With more places to shopin Golden, morecustome~s will c~me here to shop. They will have greater shoppmg choices, and they save more money by not paying city sales tax, sort of like a positive Catch-22. In the Transcript article, councilman Bob Ourada commented "the tax would not directly impact businesses, ~hey don't pay the tax, but collect it for the city." I agree with the second half of this comment, but thefirst halfis toosimple a view. Withan increased sales tax the customer sees an advantage in shopping els~where, and thatwill "directly impact businesses", and in a negative manner. For positive downtown redevel~pment,. elir?inate the city sales tax. The beauty of this solution 1s that t~e people who benefit from it, the merchants and theu customers, are the ones who pay for it. From the Communications Chair Put Your Tax Refund to Good Use! By Ron Bain I'll bet that many of you out there are like myself, too broke during most of the year to donate money to the party, pay state or national membership dues, purchase registrations to the annual stateconvention, orsubscribe to the CLiPboard or the LP News. Well, if you haven't figured out a way to make a living without the IRS knowing about it, you're probably going to receive a partial refund of the money the government has stolen from you sometime in the next few months. Why notusea portion of those funds, like 20%, tosupport

. a good cause and boost the CLP bank account? I've been doing this now for about two years, and it seems to work: as soon as Iget my tax refund, I renew my party memberships, register myself for the convention, and try to make a pledge. Doesn't it seem ironically appropriate that some of the money that the government has been using without our permission should later be used by the Libertarians, who hope to deny the government that taxing power? We know those of you on our limited mailing list get tired of being asked for money, but that's usually because you don't have it. Now is the time to start planning ahead for theuse ofyourincome tax refund, so remember tobudget some of it for the's an investment of "found" money that's well worth it.

1989 State Convention

The state convention, a combined convention for Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, Utah, and Montana, will be held May 26, 27, and 28th in Fort Collins. The featured guest is Leon Leow, co-author of South Africa's all time best seller, "After Apartheid". It's at the University Park Holiday Inn, 425 W. Prospect Rd., Fort Collins, Co 80526. Rooms are $48.48 pernight. Registration -1/30 -4/15, $65.00; 4/16 -5/20, $75.00; 5/20 -, $85.00. Send checksfor registration to the hotel. Some of thecurrent board memberswill be runningfor reelection. MaryLindintends to run againfor Chairman. Ron Bain will take another shot at the Communications slot. The Campaigns position remains unfilled since the resignation of David Danielslastyear. DavidAitken will be vacating the Finance position after two years of service. Membership chairman Jon Baraga has not announced his plans yet. LIBERTARIAN INTRODUCTION -one pound mixed bag: pamphlets, newsletters, etc. FREE! Libertarian Library, Box 24269-E, Denver, Co 80224. Constitution, By-Laws Committee Needed

V olun teersare neededfor the Constitution and By-Laws committees to recommend changes in these two State Party documents for the state convention in May. ff you're interested, please call a board member. Short Shorts ff voting could change things, it would be illegal. One Size Fits All Coupon ,------------------------------------------~

Yes, I would like to be a member of the Colorado Libertarian Party. $25.00  :

II Yes, I would like to be a member of the National LP. also. $15.00 II II Yes, I would like to pledge per month per year. II I I I Yes, I would like help out. Count me in. I would like to I I I I I I I I I Also, I I I I I I


Party Officers and Contacts

Mary Lind, Party Chairman 686-5541 Jon Baraga, Membership 722-1626 and CLiPboard Editor Ron Bain, Communications 323-6853 P.O. Box 1132, Rifle, Co 81650 David Aitken, Finance 831-4334 Party Office, 837-9393

720 E. 18Tb Ave., Suite 309, Denver 80203 · Mesa County Liberty 858-9635 (Grand Junction Area) Penn Pfiffner 427-4357 National Committee Contact Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave. Suite 309 Denver, CO 80203 FORWARDING AMO ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED Calendar

February 7th -W-470 Election for residents of west Denver, parts of Jefferson County, and parts of Boulder County. February 7th, 6:00pm -Boulder County Libertarian Party dinner at COCO's Family Restaurant, 3390 28th street in Boulder. (In the Albertsons/Osco Drug shopping center.) Wednesday, February 8, 1989, Cocktail Party, Boulder, Hostess: Betsy Shaffer, 9278 Arapahoe Rd., Boulder County, Shannon Estates, 665-0885, 7:30 PM. 2nd Saturday -Board Meeting. February 11th, 12 noon, at the CLP office. We The Living, Feb 12-18, at the Ogden Theatre. See details elsewhere. 3rd Monday, February 20th, Fort Collins social party at 7:30pm at the home of Mary Margaret Glennie, 1317 Lakewood Drive, 484-8184. 3rd Wednesday -Cocktail Party. At the Comedy Works, 1226 15th Street, in Denver on February 15th from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Attendees will receive a free pass to a Comedy Works show. Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID

Permit No. 675 Denver. CO.

Please deliver this message about freedom in Colorado TO: