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CLiPboard August,1993

Volume XIV Number 3

A Publication of the

~C~olorado Libertarian Party

It's Convention Time By Chuck Bilbe .Toe 1993 Libertarian Party National Convention is set to take place in Salt Lake City from August 30th through September 5th. It promises to be an exciting convention, with activities to inclu4e a "Stamp Act Congress" session (a candidate training seminar) and series of hearings for the Democracy Project." This project involves gathering testimony from people regarding the difficulty of third-party ballot access in this country. Armed with this information, Bob Waldrop, who is coordinating the project, will submit his findings tQ signatories ofthe H~lsinki agreement. He is , hoping to draw attention to the fact that the United States may very well be in violation ofthis international humal-rights agreement by virtue of its stringent ballot-access laws. Toe effort may embarass the Federal Government into relaxing some ofthese laws. In addition to the normal business of the convention, a large number of interesting speakers are scheduled, including Dr. Richard Stroup (free-market environmentalist), Dr. Mary J. Ruwart (author ofHealing our World), Bob Poole (the Reason foundation), Dr. Walter Block (economist), Dr. Yuri Tuvim (a Russian emigre), and Jane Shaw (editor of Liberty), David Nolan (founder of the LP), Vince Miller (ISIL president), and Jeffrey Hummel (economist). Toe Colorado delegation consists of eighteen people this year. There are two or three delegate slots not yet taken, so if you have an interest in attending the convention as a delegate, please call a member ofthe state board (see directory on page 7). Note: Due to the Convention, several members of the LP board will be absent. The CLiPboard will not publish a September issue, but will publish a combined September ­October issue shortly following the convention.

.....---------Upcoming Events--------­ August 3 Denver LP (First Tuesday), Village Inn, 890 S. Colorado, 7:00 P.M. 3 Ft. Collins Breakfast Club (First Tuesday), Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 A.M. 9 Fort Collins FREEDOM NOW (Second Monday), 7 P.M. at Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184 10 Western CO Libertarians (Second Tuesday), Boettcher Rm, Mesa State College, 7 P.M. Call Dann Hayes 434-5113 for details. 11 Boulder LP (Second Wednesday), Old Train Depot, 30th & Pearl, 7 PM. 16 Fort Collins Social (Third Monday), 7 P.M. at Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184 17 Aurora Libertarians (Third Tuesday) Archie Malone's, Iliff & Buckley, 7 P.M. 18 Jefferson County LP (Third Wednesday), Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th, 7 PM. Speak~r: Chuck Wright on Winning the Drug War 21 Denver Lib Gun Club, Call Dave Segal for details, (303) 296-4059 30-31 Pre-convention activities in Salt Lake City

September 1 -5 Libertarian National Convention, Salt Lake City. 7 Denver LP (First Tuesday), Village Inn, 890 S. Colorado, 7:00 P.M. 7 Ft. Collins Breakfast Club (First Tuesday), Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 A. M. 8 Boulder LP (Second Wednesday), Old Train Depot, 30th & Pearl, 7 PM. 13 Fort Collins FREEDOM NOW (Second Monday), 7 P.M. at Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184 14 Western CO Libertarians (Second Tuesday), Boettcher Rm, Mesa State College, 7 P.M. Call Dann Hayes 434-5113 for details. 15 Jefferson County LP (Third Wednesday), Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th, 7 PM. Speaker: David Aitken on FIJA 16 ­19 Self-Reliance Expo '93, Denver Coliseum. See Ad on Page 4 for details. 18 Denver Lib Gun Club, Call Dave Segal for details, (303) 296-4059 20 Fort Collins Social (Third Monday), 7 P.M. at Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184 21 Aurora Libertarians (Third Tuesday) Archie Malone's, Iliff & Buckley, 7 P.M.

I hope you've liked the CLiPboard so far. This is my third issue, and I'm still finding out how much I don't know. One thing's certain -I could still use some help. It would be great if anybody out there who has news, even if it's just a paragraph or two, to send it in. I've gotten good comments about the last two issues, mainly because the little news bits help to make the CLiPboard interesting to read. I want to thank David Bryant for writing the two-article series on Carol Ward, and his many other contributions. He tells me that there. are some other stories of government-related problems that he hasn't had time to follow up. If there's anybody out there who has a few hours to do the necessary legwork and interviewing to put some ofthese stories together, I would really appreciate it. Just call me (690-4565) or David Bryant (744-6577) and we'll sign you on as "cub reporter". Thanks to my 12-year-old son Neal for this month's cartoon, and to 15-year-old Jeremy Levy for his article. Since the National LP Convention is corning up and many ofus will be out of town during the time normally dedicated to preparing the CLiPboard, the next issue will be mailed midway through September. This combined September-October issue will be full of convention news and election issues. Feel free to contribute any articles, letters, or news in the meantime. ~

r----------------------== - CLiPboard

A publication of the Colorado Libertarian Party

David Aitken, Chairman and Publisher

Charles R. Bilbe, Publications Director and Editor

Subscription is included with party membership (members by voter registration only must notify the CLP headquarters). For non· members, subscriptions are S6. Make checks payable to and send all correspondence to: Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Avenue #309 Denver, Colorado 80203

Editorial Policy: The Colorado Libertarian Party fully supports the First Amendment; however, since we do not wish to invite lawsuits, we will screen materials for libelous content. Otherwise, this publication will serve as an open forum for libertarian news and commentary, All remarks made in open meetings will be considered "on the record." Copyright© 1993 Colorado Libertarian Party. Opinions expressed in the CLiPboard are not necessarily the official positions of the Libertarian Party. Unless otherwise noted, reprinting of the material, with credit, is permitted. Not a Penny Mere -Colorado PO Box 18109 Denver, CO 80211 (303) 839-9065

Dear President Clinton: I believe that the federal debt is the most serious problem facing this country today, and that the only way to control the growth of the debt is to cut government spending in actual dollars. We have all seen that cuts in projected spending increases do not reduce the deficit. How serious are you about deficit reduction and cutting spending, Mr. President? I'm so serious that I hereby pledge $ to be applied to the federal debt, payable in the event that you are able to pass a budget that spends not a penny more than the previous year's federal budget. Sincerely, Signature Address -Please Print Name -Please Print City, State, Zip No-te: Your name and pledgeamount will nofbe-~­ released to the media. Only total pledges and number of participants will be reported. COPY this form before filling it out! Make several copies and give them to your friends. Mail them to the address above. Send a penny to the White House!

He Made Her Day!

According to a recent issue of the Rocky Mountain News, a Colorado Springs woman shot and critically wounded a stranger who broke into her home in a drunken rage. The man, who lived in local homeless shelters, began smashing the woman's doors as she warned him off. When the intruder began crawling headfirst into her kitchen through a torn screen, she shot him in the head. No charges will be filed against the woman. The article does not say, but we must assume that the taxpayers will be paying for the man's medical care. "I'm from the Government and I'm here to eat you."


At the July 14th outreach meeting, Jerry Van Sickle brought in a group ofLibertarians who have been active in the county at one time or another over the last 20 years for a panel discussion oftheir views ofthe past and future ofthe libertarian movement and the Libertarian Party. Also at the meeting new officers were elected, including Kevin Wilkerson as the chair. The BCLP is getting involved with several local issues including fighting possible tax-increase proposals in November and opposing a recently-enacted set of restrictions on building in the mountains. They are also continuing ongoing efforts, such as cleaning up their "Adopt-a-Highway and staffing an outreach booth on the Boulder Mall. The next outreach meeting will be August 11th at 7 P.M. at Boulder's Old Train Depot at 30th and Pearl, following the 5 P.M. business meeting. The local activism group will meet August 17th at 6 P.M. at Coco's Restaurant at 28th & Iris. Contact the new BCLP Chair, Kevin Wilkerson at 443-1870 for more information. --~-Denver-­ --Aurora-

Aurora Libertarians were pleased to have a large turnout of 32 attendees at their June 22 meeting, to hear special guest speaker Marshall Fritz discuss "Dysteachia:The Hidden Danger of Grade Levels". (See the accompanying article by Sandra Johnson on page 4) The Arapahoe County voter registration list has been processed and shows 196 registered Libertarians in the county. According to David Aitken, more than 100 of these are people who are not currently on the LP mailing list. A proposed $100 million Capital Improvement Project bond issue is being considered by the City ofAurora, subject to a vote on the November ballot. Also, the City of Aurora is considering becoming the City and County of Aurora. More to come on these issues at future meetings. The July 20th meeting will feature Mark Culverhouse, Director of the Colorado chapter of the National Organization for the Reform ofMarijuana Laws (NORML). Aurora Libertarians meet the third Tuesday ofevery month at Archie Malone's Restaurant at Iliff & Buckley, 7:00 p.m. Call Chuck Bilbe at 690-4565 or Larry Hoffenberg at 755-4843 for more information. At the monthly meeting on July 6th, Cable Access TV producer David Bruno and crew were on hand to videotape the meeting. Excerpts from the meeting will be seen as part of an -upcoming "Equal Time" program about the Libertarian Party. Petitions were circulated petitions for Denver residents to sign supporting the Fair Ballot Access Bill (HRl755) and Debates Bill (HRl753) introduced in the House of Representatives by Tim Penny, D-Minnesota. Members were urged to call their Representatives to support these very important bills. The Teach Colorado organization will be discontinuing their concession-stand agreement with the Colorado Rockies effective August 20th. The LP will be managing the stand for two more games: Friday July 30th and Wednesday August 18th. About $100 has been received so far for LP members' efforts. Chuck Bilbe announced the "John Galt" project to bombard President Bill Clinton with copies of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged." See the related article on page 5 for more info. The guest speaker was Jacob "Bumper" Hornberger, President of the The Future of Freedom Foundation. Bumper gave an inspirational talk on "Libertarianism and the Second Amendment." Bumper regretfully announced that he will soon be leaving Denver for Washington, D.C., where he hopes to be closer to the action, or as he puts it, "in the belly of the Beast." The Denver LP meets the first Tuesday ofeach month at the Village Inn Restaurant, 890 S. Colorado Blvd. at 7:00 P.M. Contact David Segal .at 296-4059 or Larry Hoffenberg at 755­4843 for more information.

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September 16-19, 1993 Denver, Colorado

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\~·Prepare for economic, sociaL or global change \~·Be on the cutting edge of technology & resources \~·Educate yourself for independent living for you and your family!

Lectures & Workshops on: • Oardening • • New housing technologies • • Oetting free energy • • Nome schooling programs • • Alternative healing • Bartering • • Wilderness survival •

And Many Morel (,a}J/Write for registration orexhibitorinformation 1304 South College Avenue· Fort Collins, CO 80524

(505) 482-5751

Marshall Fritz on Schools

by Sandra Johnson ~hall Fritz presented a stimulating talk on education to the Aurora Libertarians on June 22, 1993. He described our population marching in lockstep lacking individual thought and behavior. The quality of education is crumbling, and rebellion (crime, antisocial behavior) or submissiveness is prevalent. Why? Parents, schools and confused societal values all play key roles in both the problems and the solutions. First, a look at what's wrong. Parents usurp the rights of children by trying to force a certain occupation, culture or spirituality upon their children. Parental sloth and permissiveness in character-building creates confusion in children. Most schools severely usurp the rights ofchildren through required grade levels -where they must stay ahead of the slowest ten percent -and oppressive "standardized" curricula presented at a standardized pace by a standardized teacher. Why are we surprised when the result is a passive "standardized" child? The schools most often do not teach the same moral system of values as that of the children's parents, in fact the state schools have abandoned character education altogether. The predictable result is more confusion in our children. What's right in education? Parents who allow their children choices in academics, occupation, culture and spirituality.-_.'.l'hey-who focus on-a-child's-gifts and forget.about _ balance until later. Parents who allow an Einstein to focus on physics or a Pele to focus on soccer. Parents also need to build character by requiring a child to respond to a correction the first time in a reasonable way, with respect, and with action related to the problem. Schools are successful when they create an atmosphere of student-initiated academics, as the Montessori schools do. When children are curious and excited about something they will learn a great deal about it. Force-feeding standardized material creates boredom, kills creativity and initiative, and almost guarantees failure. School success is seen when the focus is on each child's gifts and interests; they teach themselves. Think about how you teach a baby to roll over or to walk: you don't. The baby just does it. The same holds true in school. Success in school is much more likely when the schools teach the same values as those ofthe parents. State-run schools cannot do this. In summary, most public schools today do not build character and they require "exposure" to a stifling standardized curriculum. The ideal school, in contrast, has a high element of character education along with great academic freedom for the children. For some excellent reading on education, read The Quality School by William Glasser, M.D. (Harper, Collins) and Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto (New Society Press). Page 5

Speaker's Bureau Volunteer Needed by Rick Shaw It's been five years or so since I decided to get involved in the mainstream party operations, and I've gotta say that this is the best board I've ever seen. The people really click when they get together; plenty of enthusiasm and ideas. I want to show the party members that we can finally get some things done. One of the criticisms that I have heard over the years is that board members don't know how to delegate tasks. This was certainly true in some cases. However, the flip side ofthat is that to be able to delegate tasks, you have to have people to delegate them to. In other words, if you want us to make progress, you have to be willing to volunteer some time. For a long time, we have needed to run a speaker's bureau. There are a lot of community and business organizations out there that need speakers on a monthly basis. We could take advantage of their needs in order to get our message out to "regular" people (instead of sitting around telling each other). We do have sorrte folks who have volunteered to speak, but I need someone to help organize the whole thing. Someone in the party must know something about setting up public speaking engagements. Were you a debater in college? Do you want to work the political circuit one day? Here's a chance to put your talents to work and sharpen your skills. Ifyou have a few hours each month to give, and this is something you are passionate about, please give me a call. We need your help to get our message out.

Let's Send John Galt to Washington! Let's bombard President Bill Clinton with copies of Ayn Rand's novel At/as Shrugged. Special arrangements have been made with Laissez-Faire Books (l-8QO 326-0996) and they will send a cover letter in your name to Bill along with your book, for $8.95, including shipping. Ifyou choose to buy your copy from another source, we ask you to send a note acknowledging the fact to 13552 Virgo Dr., Littleton, CO 80124. We will be using this information to track the total number of copies sent. Help spread the word! Call the Rush Limbaugh program (l­800-282-2882 from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.) and discuss the project. CLP Has a Fund Raiser

The CLP board of directors are pleased to announce that Ray Hambric has been selected to fill the position of Fundraising director. Mr. Hambric brings a great deal of fund­raising experience to the CLP. This makes Colorado and New Hampshire the only two states with a fundraising director on the state board. Let's hope we can have the kind of success they've had in the Granite State!

Volunteers Needed

The Colorado Libertarian Party will have an information booth at the Self-Reliance Expo '93, to be held at the Denver Coliseum from September 16 thru 19. We need volunteers to staff the booth. Please call Chuck Bilbe, (303) 690-4565 ifyou can spare a few hours on any ofthe four days.

Libertarian Party Membership

Join the Libertarian Party today and help the cause of Freedom in 1993. Your state dues include a CLiPboard subscription. Your national dues include the LP News. Check One: D $30 Combined State and National LP Membership D $15 State Membership Only 0 $25 National Membership Only Name:----------------­Address: ---------------­ City, State, ZIP-----------­ Telephone: -------------­ Work Phone: _____________ I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the Initiation of force as a means of achieving politlcal or social-goals~ --­ Signature________________ What does the pledge on the membership form mean? We ask our members to disavow the initiation of force. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself; you do have a right to defend your life, liberty, and property. It does mean that you cannot use the coercive power of government to forcibly achieve your personal, ethical or religious goals. This commitment helps us maintain our principles and provides us with a measuring stick to determine if we have strayed from our common goal: a society where all relationships among persons are based on voluntary cooperation. Make checks payable to Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave, #309 Denver CO 80203

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by Jeremy Levy The first course of action in the fight for a drug-free future is the legalii:ation of narcotics. We would have more trust in a government that protects us from others, not ourselves. Our bodies belong to us and when our own government tells us we can't put substances, no matter how bad or poisonous, into our body, it shows that we don't own our own bodies but the government bureaucrats do. We take better care ofour property than we take care of politicians' and bureaucrats' property. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union are two countries where government bureaucrats owned the bodies of their citizens. They are not very good role models for the American people. Our American forefathers are better role models. Drugs weren't prevalent in early American history and we didn't have government controlling what we put into our bodies. Without big government watching over us we became the greatest, relatively drug-free society in the world. We should follow the model of our forefathers and not the models of Nazi Germany and Russia, to lessen the bad effects ofdrugs. Ifwe really want to discourage or eliminate drug abuse in

our society, we should encourage the government to enter the field. It worked in the Soviet Union. When the Russian Communists took the farms away from the people, and the government tried to produce food, production plummeted and millions died of starvation. The same can be done with the narcotics -industry. -On-a W/20 news report -the British government provided addicts with free narcotics. Crime dropped by a large percentage because drug abusers didn't have to pay high prices for the product and they lost their motivation for crime. The number of new AIDS cases fell to almost zero because the drug users were supplied with clean needles by the government. The number of new users entering the market plummeted because · the drug suppliers lost their economic incentive for bringing in new users and the British socialist government didn't bring in many new users. The third course ofaction is for the private sector, not the "public" sector to inform people how bad narcotics really are and what they do to people. This should be done by people, not the government. People should do this because they love their fellow American citizens and not because they want to create another government bureaucracy that robs us of our social and economic freedom. Drugs do a lot of bad and without government manipulation, very few people would take drugs. The subject matter ofnot using drugs is very salable and would be done on a voluntary basis if our government overlords were less involved in making drugs a profitable field of endeavor for both the drug lords and themselves. An American by the name · of Martin Luther King Jr. said, "Unconditional truth and unbridled love will eventually overcome." He was talking about governmental and civil violence against the people of color. The principle also applies in the field ofnarcotics use. Jeremy Levy, a 15-year-old high-school sophomore .in Aurora, won a $1,000 scholarship for this essay in a contest sponsored by Pepsi-Cola and King Soopers. Jeremy enjoys spending his weekends running a 5K or 7K race. When he grows up he would like to be a radio, newspaper or TVwriter.


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A New Kind of MAID

Mothers Against the Illegalii:ation of Drugs (MAID) is an organii:ation of mothers and concerned others whose purpose is to inform and educate people as to the unfortunate effects ofthe government's war on drugs, particularly for the family. The goal ofMAID is to set up chapters in all 50 states plus the district ofColumbia and to attack this issue at both the state and Federal levels. Each chapter will gather signatures and send them to President Clinton and to their governors, Senators, and Representatives. They will follow up with phone calls, F AXes, additional letters, etc. Each chapter will report to the national office of MAID every month to report on their progress (i.e. pu6Hcity you have recelved, stories that reflect harm done to people as a result of the War on Drugs). Also, members will target both the print and electronic media by writing letters to their local newspapers and contacting their local television stations for coverage. To get a copy of the resolution or for more information, write Dickens Press, P.O. Box 4289, Irvine, CA 92716 or call (voice or FAX) (714) 856-3533.

Be Kind to Lawyers Week?

No longer will we be able to see lawyers being lassoed and tied in the .. lawyer roundup" commercial by Miller Brewing Company. The company has recently taken the ad off the air. Apparently since Gian Luigi Ferri walked into a law office building and killed eight people, it has become passe to make fun of lawyers. "After the tragedy in San Francisco we felt it appropriate to take the action," said Miller's marketing communications manager Susan Henderson. Perhaps she was really taking a cue from Harvey Saferstein, the president ofthe California Bar Association, who publicly called for the establishment of "hate crime" laws for attacks on lawyers and for the restriction of related "hate speech" on the grounds that the members of the legal profession are getting discriminated against. With statements like this, Mr. Saferstein evidently expects to win over all those insensitive people who've picking on lawyers. Not likely. Know any good lawyer jokes?

Colorado Libertarian Party Directory

National Libertarian Party HQ (202) 543-1988 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC National Chair Mary Gingell (415) 858-1842 2340 Princeton, Palo Alto CA 94306 Libertarian Nat'I Committee Secretary Joe Dehn (303) 972-8094 P.O. Box 621015, Littleton CO 80162 Libertarian Nat'I Committee Regional Representative Dave Schumacher (303) 759-8169 3751 E. Dartmouth Ave., Denver CO 80210 New Member Info 1-800-682-1776 Colorado Libertarian Party State LP Office (303) 837-9393 720 E. 18th Ave. #309, Denver CO 80203 State Chair David Aitken (303) 831-4334 1240 Ogden #4, Denver CO 80218 Campaigns Director Chris Bogart (303) 449-6327 1707 22nd Street #101, Boulder CO 80302 Fundraising Director Ray Hambric (303) 740-7568 10976 E. Crestline Place, Englewood CO 80111 Publications Director Chuck Bilbe (303L§.90,.45.65 4842 S. Shenandoah Way, Aurora~15 '!, .. • 4;) H ,. ,,•,

Public· Relations Director , · ;\, ··: Rick Shaw (303) 6:93~51 13 1 P.O. Boxt,41,ParkerCO 80134 \ ~ . , ,:..~,~ \ .., . I

Treasur~r ' f ~·( • ,: Cooper Jager (30}) 7~-:i 99~/ 4861 Curie Court, Boulder CO 80301Jazernorth (talk) • • , · Membership Director David Bryant (303) 744-6577 520 S. Corona, Denver CO 80203 Local Contacts Adams County Dan Gallegos (303) 650-6788 12228 S. Circle Dr., Conifer CO 80433 Arapahoe County (Englewood/Littleton) Chris Bennett (303) 770-5033 8159 S. Monaco Circle, Englewood CO 80112 Aspen "The Liberty Coalition• Tom Peckham (303) 925-6027 P.O. Box 9766, Aspen CO 81612 Aurora Libertarians Chuck Bilbe (303) 690-4565 4842 S. Shenandoah Way, Aurora CO 80015 Boulder County Libertarian Party Kevin Wilkerson (303) 443-1870 4849 Baldwin Place, Boulder CO 80301 Chaffee County Bill Harrington (719) 539-7415 P.O. Box 83, Poncha Spgs, CO 81242 Denver Libertarian Party Dave Segal (303) 296-4059 2943 Vine Street, Denver CO 80205-4635 , Douglas County Rick Shaw (303) 693-5113 P.O.Box 1141, Parker CO 80221 El Paso County Libertarian Party Keith Hamburger (719) 471-8880 627 Skyline Ave., Colorado Springs CO 80905 Fort Collins "Freedom Now" Mary Margaret Glennie

(303) 650-6788­1317 LakeYIOOd Dr., Fort Collins CO 80521 Fremont County Libertarian Party Phil Freytag (719) 275-0045 712 Macon Ave., Cailon City, CO 81212 Jefferson County Libertarian Party Brandt Swanke (303) 424-9687 6259 Reed St., Arvada CO 80003 South Jefferson County Darrel Pettijohn (303) 979-9252 Lake County Carol Stuckey (719) 486-3130 424 E. 11th, Leadville CO 80461 LaPlata County Mike Sheehan (303) 259-2733 303 E. 8th St., Durango CO 81301 Pueblo County Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonny Mede, Pueblo CO 81001 Routt County Robert Jahelka (303) 879-4127 P.O. Box 881987, Steamboat Springs CO 80488 Teller County Michael DeNoto, Jr. (719) 689-2348 10239 County Rd. 11, Florissant CO 80816 Western Cotorado Libertarians Dann Hayes (303) 434-5113 468 31 & 1/4 Rd., Grand Jct. CO 81504

Campus Organizations Adams State College Cate Varhely (719) 589-6880 523 Bell Court, Alamosa CO 81101 Arapahoe Community College Chris Bennett (303) 770-5033 8159 S. Monaco Cir., EngkMlood CO 80112 Auraria Campus Jessie Stephenson (303) 839-8124 1376 Pearl St., DefMlf CO 80203 Colorado School of Mines Sarah Lambert (303) 278-4820 214 S. Holman Way, Golden CO 80401 CSU Campus Libertarians Bruce Lockhart (303) 223-7504 2500 E. Harmony Rd. #71, Ft. Collins CO 80525 Mesa State College Dann Hayes (303) 434-5113 468 31 1/4 Rd., Grand Junction CO 81504 Red Rocks Community College Doug Turner (303) 278-3027 1460 Kendrick St., Golden CO 80401 University of Colorado -Boulder Walter Srgafoos -(303) 44r-2784 805 29th St. #104, Boulder CO 80304 University of Colorado -Denver Rob Miller (303) 777-1655 1275 S. Columbine, Denver CO 80210 UCCS Campus Libertarians Robert Cramer (719) 637-8078 University of Southern Colorado Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonnymede, Pueblo CO 81001 Western State College/Gunnison Paul Labecki (303) 641-1972 312 1/2 South Boulevard, Gunnison CO 81230

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