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CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party

Monthl y New s l e tter '------Calendar-----* 3/29 -Ron Paul in Denver! Jefferson County Fairgrounds. 15200 W6th Ave 7:30pm. Oops. We didn't know 'til 3/22. April 10th -Sunday, 2p1. Ron Paul, LP Presidential candidate will be on Willia• Buckley's Firing Line , on Ch 6 in the Denver area. Invite so11e friends over to watch.

2Nd Wednesday -Cocktail Party. At Victoria Mason's, 1270 Logan #6, (Carriage house behind 1ain building, look for blue light) in Denver on April 13th at 7:30 pa. It's potluck; please bring some chips/dip or vegies to munch on. Co1e and watch the Ron Paul Firing Line interview! Need directions? Call Victoria at 831-1620.

3Rd Wednesday -The Breakfast Club. April 20th, 7 to 9 a1 at the Quality Inn Hidtown, 1150 E. Colfax, Denver. Cost: $5.00. Tenative subject: National Defense.

4Th Wednesday -CLP Board meeting at the office. April 27-30 -Andre Harrou visits Colorado! See details, April 30-Hay 1 -FIFE convention in Dallas. See details.

  • -----Andre Plans Visit to Colorado! -----t

Andre llarrou, Libertarian Vice-Presidential candidate, is planning a visit to Colorado to speak to high-school and college students April 27 through 30. Volunteers are needed to cover expenses for airfare, transportation (car rental or loaner), lodging (prefers motels, will accept private room w/bath, clean sheets, etc), and 1eals. Please help Andre discover 1ore libertarians! Call the office or Dave Daniels for details.

  • -----Doug Anderson Addresses Newly Found Libertarians-----*

Hi! Is this the first or second CLiPboard you've received? If so, Welco1e! You and 800 other Coloradans receive the CLiPboard because you're people with guts enough to back up your ideas on self-govern1ent by registering as a Lii>ettartaa, cODtributtng, or volunteering; in a word,

ACTION. I hope you'll consider ways to spread your ideas. Be it an idea you've read in the CLiPboard and want to support, or an

  • -----Page

-April, 1988 idea you have and need the help of other action people to implement. The basics of any political party's success rests ~n people being willing to contribute time and/or aoney. I hope you'll do both and have fun doing them. Attend the cocktail party and Breakfast Club, consider beco1ing a monthly pledger, and volunteer a little time each month. Give Dave Aitken a call at the CLP headquarters , 837-9393.


Neal Lafon printed last months CLiPboard. Bill Fargo, Doug Anderson, and David Aitken folded, stapled, and labeled it. We'd also like to thank the following people for joining or renewing their 1embership since January 1. Charles Stogsdill, Vern Bickel, Robert Crago, Patrick Lilly, Ronald Hansen, Steve Thurman.

  • -----Unsung Heroes-----•

The following people are the unsung heroes of the CLP. Why? Hell , they've been paying· the bills with monthly pledges in amounts fro1 $3 to $25 per month. Believe 1e, that three dollar pledge is welcome. Your help would be 1ost appreciated. Please call the office for details.

David Aitken Jon Baraga Robert Herzfeld Brian Erickson Kenton Riggs Rodger Lang George Ojdrovich Elsa NSwyers Randy & Becky Fitzgerald Alfred K. Carr Attilio B. Catanzano Patrick L. Lilly Ronald Bain Lester W. Edgett Hazel Barrett Dave Schrader Stephen GDavis Douglas Anderson Gerald Hatch Dale C. Reed Grace E. Reed

  • -----New Pro1otional Tool!!-----*

Our landlord, Paul Ruston, is letting us put a sign in the window of one of his vacant properties. It's right at the corner of 18th Avenue and Clarkson in Denver and has a good traffic count. The sign is 6 ft by 8 ft with 10 inch high letters. We can use it as long as the property reaains vacant. Do you inow so1eone who would let us do the sa1e elsewhere? Will you help 11ake signs to display?

l -----,t CLiPboard Colo rado Liberta~ian ~arty

Monthly Newsletter • -----1988 State Convention-----•

The state convention, a co.lbined convention for Colorado, Wyo1ing, and Alaska, will be held llay 27, 28, and 29th in Fort Collins. The featured guest is Walter Block, Senior Econo1ist at the Fraser Institute in Vancouver, BC. Ron Paul and Andre llarrou, our Presidential and VP candidates, aay be there on Saturday afternoon. Russell Heans, Indian activist, foraer contender for the LP presidential race, and founder of Freedo1 Is For Everyone (FIFE), will also address the convention.

-It's at the University Park Holiday Inn, 425 W. Prospect Rd., Fort Collins, Co 80526. Rooas are $44.08 per night. Registration -before 1/15, $40.00; 1/15 -4/15, $55.00; 4/16 -5/20, $65.00; 5/20 -, $75.00. Send checks for registration to the hotel.

•-----Want to have the 1989 State Convention-----1 •-----In your Hoae Town?-----*

At the 1988 convention in May, we will decide where to have the 1989 event. Our choices depend on you being wi 11 ing to aake a presentation to this year's convention, telling us how you will organize and run it, and what kind of benefits will accrue to the Party. Contact the office for details.

• -----1988 Convention Issues-----*

The following issues, aaong others, will be discussed at the business 1eeting during the convention in Kay.

1. Victoria Mason is working on modifying 1elbership require1ents to confora to state laws. Basically, this change would allow participation in the business portion of

· the convention by all persons registered to ,·ote as Libertarian. This issue will be first on the ballot, so if it passes, people who are registered Libertarians can participate in the rest of the aeeting. Victoria can be reached at 831-1620. 2. Should we charge for subscriptions to the CLiPboard if an individual is not a dues-paying aeiber? How 1ucb?

3. Ratify candidates for 1988 Noveaber ballot.

-April, 1988

  • -----CLP Elections-----*

At the state convention we will hold elections for the Party leadership. There are five positions open -Chairman, CaJpaigns, Me1bership, Co11unicatioos, and Finance. This party will only be as successful as the people who do the work. Please volunteer to accept responsibility to get the job done. 1. The party Chair1an is responsible for seeing that the various legal require1ents are aet, and conducts the board 1eetings. Public relations, 1edia contact. Maintain contact with elected Libertarians. llaiotain contact with Republican and De1ocratic party officials for candidate debates, etc. 2, The Caapaigns cbairaan is responsible for finding candidates, seeing that legal require1ents are 1et, and aakiog sure that candidates are well-organized. Prioritizes races in teras of resource allocation. 3. The Helbership chairman's duties are to see that melbership renewals are solicited and processed, and to find ways to recruit new 11e1bers. Meibership chair plays a key role in a financially healthy party.

4. The Co11unications chairaan is responsible for publishing the CLiPboard, handle speaking engage1ents (but not necessarily speaking), 1edia contact, news releases, and conduct letter-writing caapaigns.

5. The Finance chaiflall pays the bills, handles the pledge progra11 raises funds , and generally sees that the Party operates in a business-like aanner.

  • -----330 Newly Found Libertarians-----*
  • -----Herit Hugh Thanks -Doug Anderson-----*

Congratulations! And Thanks! To Ken Riggs, Preston Adaas and Grace Reed!! Through their efforts, we located 330 "new" Libertarians. Each arranged to get, from their county clerks, the naaes of the registered Libertarians living in their counties. Dave Aitken then entered those names in the coaputer and WOW, 330 people we didn't know about! This is good news and bad news. The good news is obvious. We are now in touch with 330 more Libertarians -informing thea of events and asking for their support. The bad news is twofold. First, we've contacted 5 out of 63 counties in 2 -----* CLiPboard Col orado Libertari a n Party

Mont h ly Newsletter -Apri l , 1988 Colorado, so there is a lot 1ore to do. I hope you'll consider helping in your county. The second part of the bad news is, an awful lot of libertarians who are party meibers aren't registering to vote as Libertarian. Please inow, we are no longer required by the state to register as unaffiliated. The courts have said we can register as a Libertarian. 1 hope you will do so. If you would like inforaation on any way you can help , call ae at 757-8896. •-----Aitken State Rep. Race Heating Up-----'

David Aitken's race for State Rep. District 6 is becoae 1ore active. We've purchased 10,000 of the World's S1allest Political Quiz which will give people a better idea of where they fit on the poliJJcal spectrui. Printing of "Who Is a Libertarian?~ is under way. Brochure design is being worked on by Sally Nason and Pat Shortridge. Nany thanks to both of these wo1en for their contribution. Our loan progra1 is starting to work. We've received $3500 in zero interest loans to help finance the effort. The funds will be invested, the interest only will be used to fund the ca1paign 1 and the aoney repaid in Noveaber. Call David Aitken (831-4334) for details. •-----Ron Paul , Andre Harrou Petitions -----*

The only way we will have a Libertarian presidential candidate on the ballot in November is if we collect signatures of 5000 registered voters. Please do your part by getting 5 or 10 fro1 friends, neighbors, clubs you belong to, and co-workers. David Aitken took a petition to one of the clubs be belongs to, made a 30 second announcement about it, and got 13. Bucky Carr took it to work and got 28! If everyone got 10, we'd have it .made! The voting district referred to in the petition is the State of Colorado. Due to the niceties of the legal system, you cannot sign a petition for which you are the circulator and have it count! Nease sign soaeone eise's petition (and tbe}' can sisn yours).

The petitions are due in the Secretary of State's offi ce on August 2nd, HOtiever, since the number of signatures turned + -----!'age

in by 1elbers aay be less than that required, we need several months notice to make up the difference. So, please return your petitions by April 30. That will give us 90 days to aaie up the difference. E1tra petitions are available froa the office. •· -----Can we bit 1000 by Nove1ber? -----*

The Secretary of State reports that there are 878 registered Libertarians in Colorado. Can we boost that to 1000 by Noveiber? If you're not registered as a Libertarian, show thea you care, that you're willing to stand up and be counted. Please change your party affiliation to Libertarian today.

  • -----Andre tlarrou, VP Candidate, Speaks! -----*

Here are some of Andre's colUlents on bow we can achieve a Libertarian society. Andre was elected to the Alaskan State Legislature in 1984. 1. Stop trying to purify our candidates froi, say, 98% to 99% ideological purity. You would be aaazed bow aany LP'ers give me boois, pamphlets, articles, and letters aimed at increasing 111y purity. Even if I bad ti1e to read thea, I still wouldn't at this point --I'd spend 1y ti1e aiming to:

2. Bring outsiders into the LP! Very few Libertarians actually do this. Ask yourself: how 1any persons have you brought into the LP this week? This 1ontb? This past year?

3. Run a few viable candidates for the s1allest partisan constituencies and back'em to the hilt. Object: Actually win so1e elections. Pick a few races for your state House of Rep. or Asse1bly. Don't run a full slate for e\•ery single seat; we just ain't got the wherewithal yet. Don't waste your ti1e 1 effort, and 1oney trying to win Congressional, or statewide offices. Also, forget about local non-partisan elections, since the press won't credit the LP for winning the1.

4. Re1e1ber: Credibility is gained by winning elections, not by running candidates! You want credibility? Hin soae partisan elections. You want to lose credibility? Run many candidates, all of whoa lose.

3 -----t CLiPboard Colorado Libertarian Party

Monthly New~ l e tter 5. Emphasize television; forget about a campaign brochure. DO NOT WRITE, ~UCH LESS PRINT ANO DISTRIBUTE, ACAMPAIGN BROCHURE. Use~! J~~st 50\ of your ca1paign funds on TV, less than 25\ on radio, and less than 25\ co~l!!ed for newspaper ads, bumper stickers, lapel buttons, yard signs , and other such nonsense. Remeiber: Newspapers were the prime mass aediui of the 19th century, radio, tbe first half of the 20th, and TV i~ i! nowadays! Note: The a\·erage Libertarian is an intellectual who reads a lot and watches television a little. The average voter is just the opposite: Anon-intellectual who reads a little and watches

_TV about 6 1/2 hours eer ~! 6. Whether candidate or ca1paign worker, co11it yourself: Vow to do what is necessary to win --short of lying, cheating, and stealing. We'll leave those nefarious pursuits to the Repugnicans and De1ibrats.

7. Organize, organize, organize! You can't get over­ organized, but you can beco1e over-bureaucratized, !i.e., too aany non-workers at the top). Your state and local LP's should be well organized, down to and including a captain for. every precinct. Every state LP should have a self-paid: (via aonthly pledges, direct mail fundraisers, raffles, etc.), executive director.

8. All in all, you have to beat 'e1 at their own game. Fortunately, this is not too difficult, considering how inept the opposition is. In fact, we've already beat 'e1 some 74 ti1es. But bear in aind that it is their ga1e, played by their rules.

9. Don't desert the LP and join another party to "take control-or simply to "get elected". It can't be done. Anybody who tries this is wasting tiae and resources.

t -----llalburgers!! -----* One of the 11ajor fundraising efforts of the CLP is our haiburger booth at the People's Fair in Denver. This year the fair is June 4th and 5th. Our profit is usually over $400 and we need a couitted libertarian to organize this fundraising event as well as others to raan the booth. This profit will go towards caapaigns and finding new 1ibertarians. Please ca1l the office or the Party Cbainan for details. We will also have an infor.1ation booth in conjunction with David Aitken's ca1paign. The People's Fair is our chance to

• -----l'age -April , 1988 influence over 400,000 people. Please 1ake a couitt11ent today! Charles Stogsdill is organizing the burger booth. Please help hi1 have a successful event by volunteering a couple of hours of your time. His phone nuaber is in the contacts section.

  • -----Wheatridge High School --~-*

We have been invited to set up a booth at Wheatridge High School during a political awareness day on April 28th. Tenative information indicates it will be fro1 lOa1 to 2p1. Volunteers are needed to staff it, pass out literature, and answer questions. Please call the office if interested.

  • -----Ron Paul Action Ite1 -----*

If you'd like to see Ron on the Oprah Winfrey Show, please write the show at P.O. Box 909-715, Chicago, II 60609. Ron also asks that you write and thank Willia• F. Buckley, Jr., 150 E. 35Tb St., New York, NY 100161 for interviewing him.

  • -----Freedom ls For Everyone-----*

FIFE will bold a get-the-ball-rolling meeting in Dallas on April 30/Hay 1. Party Chainaan Dave Daniels aay be driving down; if you're interested in sharing expenses, please call hi1. Call 415-326-5769 for details.

  • -----U.S. Congressional Race-----*

In order to keep our status as a political organization, we are required by state law to run a candidate for U.S. Congress. Ti1e require1ents, except for petitioning, can be as 1uch or as little as you'd like. If interested, please call the office. Our previously announced candidate, Joe Tbo1pson, bad to terminate bis race because be was not registered to vote as a Libertarian.

4 -----* Color;!~, Wyoming, Alaska Libertarians "988 Joint Convention · 1 l FREEDOM NOW For: libertarians, libertarians, D~m?C...rat~bl~s, Unaffiliates'. Moles, ~keptics, Conservatives, liberals, Walter Block fans and OTHERS .)Niffta desire to b'3 deli~htfully entertained and informed. When: May 27, 28, 291988 ...Memorial Day Week~rd l Where: University Park Holidiy Inn; 425 W.Pibspett Roid; Fort Collins, Colorado 80526 Take 1·25 to Prospect Road Exit into'Fort Collins. Straight west about 4 miles. On left. Cost: Includes all programs, materials, Satbrday;luncheon and entertainment, Saturday banquet and ?Talent? show. Early Bi~d: before January_ 1( ,: . { '. . $40. 00 late: April 16 • May 20 . . . . . . . . . . . $65.00 Regular. January 15 -Apnl 15 ........-! • ·\· • $55.00 Door. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $75.00 Business meetings only: trey-·).· _JFree Market and Information Tables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $20.00 ( · PROGRAM Friday: 6 • 8 pm J .:1 registration 8 -1 Opm 1 welcome: Mary Margaret l WALTER BLOCK Objectivism vs. libertarianism. Saturday: 9 • 10 am f. WALTER BLOCK A critique of the U.S. bishops statement \ on the economy, and of their nee-conservative critics. 10 • 10:15 ap, break 1 0:15 -11 :3~ a · state report l · presentatio

11 :30 • 11 :4 -am break 11 :45_-1 :15 luncheon an : ntertainment

1 :15 -1 :30 break . 1 :30 • 2:30 p WALTER BLo·. 2:30 -2:45 p 2:45 -5:00 p

                                  • w

name day phone $40.00 --­-­$55.00 ---­­$65.00 ----­$75.00 ----­$20.00 ----­ Name card name number Park Holiday Inn.



by Walter Block

For all too long, oppressed minorities (racial, ethnic, the handicapped), have re­ ceived all the attention from those who defend victims of unfair altacks. There are, however, other groups who have been denigrated unjustly and den•ed an advocate. DEFENDING THE UNDEFENDABLE is dedi­ cated to correcting this imbalance.

Dr. Block's list of "undefendables" reads like a rogue's gallery-from the blackmailer lo the dr1.1g pt!sher, the moneylend~r to !he prostitute, the employer of child labor lo the strip miner-all the object of universal revulsion. Many of these extreme case studies of the reviled and scorned in our society have considerable shock value. The author fear­lessly and with trenchant logic demonstrates their considerable economic and social merit, and forces the reader to think and rethink his initial response. The book, with its provocative and genuinely challenging claims, demonstrates that these so-called "scoundrels" never engage in reprehensible acts of initiatory aggression. Although written in a lively and humorous style, Or. Block proves the serious political­philosophical point that in a just society all deviant but non-aggressive behavior should be permitted. FLEET PRESS CORPORATION 160 5th Avenue, Suite 719, New York City 10010 $10.95 + $2.00 shipping per copy Drano for clogged minds. Buy two copies -one for yourself and one for the per­son you want moat to catch up with you. ••• Roger Lea MacBride Startling and illuminating! Block's lucid defenses often convincei sometimes they lead ua to sharpen our attack. In either case, the reader cannot fail to be in­

Walter Block Walter Block is a long time libertarian activist. He was a socialist student in Brooklyn College when converted to this philosophy by Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden in 1962. (They might not like the precise path he has taken since then, but that is another matter.) One of the earliest of the L.P. office seekers, he ran for New York State Assembly in 1968. After completing his studies for the Ph.D. in economics (Columbia University, 1972), he campaigned for the Vice Presidency on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1973. Block is the author of the best-selling libertarian-cult favorite Defending the Undefendable. as well as four other books on economics, and is the editor of another dozen volumes dealing with the arcana of the dismal science. His tape recorded "Reply to Peter Schwartz's Objectivist critique of Libertarianism" has hit the Laissez-Faire Bookstore's list of top 15 best sellers. He recently appeared as "Mr. July" in the Libertarian Calendar published by the Freedom Party of Canada. An active public speaker, Walter Block has addressed numerous state LP conventions, Libertarian Scholar's Conferences and Libertarian Supper Clubs. He has lectured for Libertarian International in London, Oslo and Stockholm~ at the Future of Freedom Conference in California, and is a frequent attraction at Canadian Libertarian Party functions. He is an adjun ct scholar for the Mises Institute, the Cato Institute, and is on the Advisory Boards of The Journal of Libertarian Studies. Reason Papers, The Radical Libertarian Alliance, The Center for the Defense of Free Enterpris~ and Ideer om Frihet, a Norwegian-based libertarian orgamzat10n. Block publishes regularly in 1P2~rt11. J'he Libertarian Party News, The American Libertarian. the Freeman and also in Reason magazine. An austrian economist, he is co-editor, along with Murray N. Rothbard, of The Review of Austrian Economics, and has written for The Free Market, and the Austrian Economic Newsletter.


A Response to PeterSchwartz by Walter Block Reviewed byRoy A. Childs, Jr.

Oh, no! Recently the Objectivist writer Peter Schwartz authored a scathing at­tack on libertarianism titled "Libertar­ianism: The Perversion of Liberty." In that pamphlet, Schwartz launched a harsh attack on libertarianism by taking the positions of some of its major advo­cates and effectively shoving them down the throats of those advocates. Unfortu­nately, Schwartz won't let us carry his pamphlet, but here's an equally scathing response by the outrageous Walter Block, author of Defending the Unde­fendable ! Schwanz picked Block as one of his major foils in his pamphlet, and . here Block responds with wit, insight, rigor, and a host ofarguments and asser­tions that could only come from him. Block is in a class by himself: practically no one holds to the type oflibertarianism that he espouses, so this response is Block's alone. He defends the Libertar­ian/Objectivist nonaggression axiom ("no one has the right to aggress against or initiate the use of physical force against other, nonaggressive humans"), but he goes on to claim that all other moral orethical claims are merely person­al preferences. In typical Blockian style, he goes on to defend perversion per se, making some preposterous and funny assertions. He assails Objectivism as a cult, and makes plenty of both acute and absurd points in defense of Libertarian­ism in this lively talk. Block's defense of libertarianism and attack on Objectivism won't beto everyone's taste, but this tape willillustrate why he is oneofthe libertar­ian movement's most popular-andcon­troversial-speakers and personalities. BE WARNED: Block's lack of civility is almost equal to that of Peter Schwartz. 084720 (audio cassette) $10.95

structed and challenged by this mind­stretching, provocative, and occasion­ lAISSEZ FI\IRE BCD<S 532 Broadway, New York, NY 10012·3956 ally infuriating book. •••Robert Nozick (212) 925-8992

Libertarians offer citizens platform for expression

Qary Harmon :_ '. ., Da,1y Sen1,ne1 · • •'--·~

If Mesa County Liberty h,i.-:rny­ thing to say about it, rugged West­ ern individualism will find a new form of expression through the Li­ bertarian Party. A small political organization founded in Grand J unC;lion with about a dozen people last .\fay. Mesa County Liberty has only re­ cently started to make some waves. But Chairman Steve Thurman said the organization is becoming known and will become more so as an election on the city's additional sales tax approaches. and as Paul Ferris continues his battle for his home against Mesa County offi­ cials. Those issues, as well as the state's mandatory seat belt law, have attracted people to :1Iesa From , age IC tax increase. Thu rman ~;;1 d. ··In a-bad economy. rai si n~ taxes

loesn·t make sense." Thurman

"The City Council has 13 months !o let people forget" that they·re paying a little more each time they make a retail purchase. he sa1d. ·Somebody needs to keep traek of where the money is going to." Mesa County Liberty's stance 5oes deeper than just opposing the ,ales tax increase. Thurman said (he organization doesn't necessari­ ly agree with taxing sales at all. "It's just legalized theft. :'\obody knows how to spend my money bet­ ter than I do." he said. Spending tax money -the coun­ cil has earmarked $300.UOOan nual ­ ly -to help the Mesa County C:co­ nomic Development Council isn't proper. he said. · ··Either Grand Juncti on has mer­ its on its own or it doesn't." and the community shouldn't be made art i­ ficially more attractire than it is, he said. Economic development is !)est !ell to privole enterprt~l'. Thurm:rn said. "Let the private sector handle economic development, it can do a much better job of it than any gov­ ernment can." Thurman said that the MCEDC may actually be stifling the Grand Valley's growth because it seeks out i: .. rtaltl kinds or t111.Justti<>s and llot utl11.m1. llwrehy li miti ng the ki:icl di' growth thuf ran tukl:' plon.i County Libert;. which now has a mailing list of 35 or 40 people. Thurman said. \lost recentl y. the organization distributed a boldly headlined flier declaring, ··Your local government is out of control," and urging peo­ple to attend a \!esa County Dis­trict Cou rt heari ng involving Ferris and to oppose the sales tax in­crease. Ferris built a house in rural Fru­ita without first obtaining a build­ing permit. and because of his con­tinuing refusal to get a permit. the coun ty has threatened to destroy his home. Jeff Leany, who organized a peti­tion drive to force an election on the additional sales lax. isn't affili­ated with Mesa County Liberty, but the organization is willing to help fight with him to defeat the sales Please cht·(·k Lillerty. page 6C ht• re Eron0m1c dereloJJment 1sn·t the on I,.. thinJ., t hat· 9, ore rn me nt ~holildn't be invohed in. Thurman said. De~cnbrng Libertarians as "fis­<:allv rnnsen:.it11e and Sl>l'l:Jlly lib­eral." Thurman .,aid tht' party ad­,·ocates "little or no :(orernment control in pril'ate lire~ or in the marketplace... That makes Libertari.1ns differ­ ent from follo'.rers of Lyndon LaRouche or Constnut1,rnalists. though there are ~ome -;imilarities with the latter. he ~a 1d The organizati on·s theme of indi­vudualisrn. he said. \\ ill ha1·e ap­peal. . "A lot of people fee l just like we do and don't know there's a tag applied to it." Yet th e Libertarian Party 1s the third largest political party in the L'nlted States. though well behind the Democrats and Re­publicans. he said. While taking on the -,ales tax is­sue and th e county on behalf of Ferris, Thur man said .\lesa County Liberty is looking into ~till another issue, that of Sunshine Taxi's ef­forts to persuade the Colorado Pub­lic Utilities Commission to allow it to expand its service area. The commission in January refused to allow the expansion. saying that the market here wasn't large enough tu ~upport two tax I compa­ ni es ··Whalt:l'er happened to competi­tion '" 1'/\urman said.

. -

·~'.Li f'bOctl"d Co I<1i-:.1L1t.-Lil.)ertarian Party Mo nth1 y N(• ws 1e t Ler -Apri 1 , 198S ~ -----\0le1· Registration -----* ln Colorado, you caI1 r e~is l er Lu vote as a Libertarian. Doing so he lps µrornote the li berlnrlan movement by letting elected officials know there's an alternati ve. Call the Election official in your county for details.

t -----Party Officers and Contacts -----*

David Daniels, Chai r man 733-7757 Irma Lanning, Communicati ons 598-0824 David Ai t ken, Finance 831-4334 Party Office, 720 E. 18Th Ave., Suite J09, Denver 80203 837·-9393 Mesa County Libert y (G1and J unction Area ) 243-1088 Bill ~obins on , Ron Pau l Coordinator 756-6601 Penn Pf lffner, National Committee Cont act 427-.!t357 Charlf~s Stogs dill, Oucse1· Uoolh Coordinator 796-7444 (w) Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18Th Ave, Suite 309 Denver, Co 80203  ! ! Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit #675  ! Denver , Co  ! Address Cor rection Reques t ed Forwarding Requested


P.:.w,e (, ~-----l<