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CLiPboard March, 1994

A Publication of the Colorado Libertarian Party Is it authentic?

HCl's Secret Agenda Revealed

by Richard G. Combs The CLiPboard has obtained a copy of what may be a confidential internal memorandum lifted from the offices of Handgun Control, Inc. HCI is the most aggressive and effective anti-gun lobbying group in the country. The document spells out the organization's short and long term plans to outlaw private ownership of handguns, and eventually all firearms, gun replicas and toys, violence in the media, and "dangerous literature." But is the document real, or is it a clever forgery? · David Kopel, a highly-respected voice in the gun owners' rights movement, doubts the document's authenticity. He notes that one of the people on the distribution list is dead, and another is no longer with HCI. However, a hand-written note on the cover page reads "UPDA 1E DIST. LIST!" Bill Pittman of the Firearms Coalition ( our source for the document) stated that "We have taken all the steps we think are necessary to verify the source," but did not elaborate. The first part of the document is the "Notes and Minutes" of a December 17, 1993 planning meeting. It begins by mentioning a series of "brainstorming meetings" to be held at the White House, then outlines ideas for fundraising, lobbying, and public relations efforts in support of HCI's legislative agenda in general and the Feinstein "assault weapon" ban in particular. Proposed goals are then outlined, ranging from "can be law in 1994!" to fifteen year goals. Immediate goals include: • Banning semiautos that hold more than a six rounds.

• Banning possession offirearms in homes within 1000 feet of a schoolyard.

• Making manufacturers and dealers liable for damages to victims of gun violence.

• Licensing handgun purchases. Longer-term goals include: • Requiring all guns and ammunition to be stored in an approved licensed safe, with surprise random inspections.

• Strictly licensing all firearms and all ammunition.

• Banning handguns totally "within five years."

• Banning "high-powered ammunition," hollow points, and all calibers ofammunition that fit post-WWII military firearms.

• Banning gun shows and outlawing the assembly of more than four armed private individuals.

• Restricting hunting on public lands.

• Instituting random police checks for weapons along the

lines of sobriety checkpoints. Within fifteen years, the document aims at, among other things, totally eliminating firearms from society, including police, except for "special units like SWAT or the military." An eight page attachment suggests license fee schedules and penalties, estimates the fiscal impact on typical gun owners ($1500 to $3400 per year), recommends uses for the estimated $21 to $48 billion in new revenue, and suggests new ideas for future legal action against gun owners, groups like the NRA, and companies that make toy guns, other "violent" toys, and violent video games, films, and TV shows. If this document is a forgery, it is not an unbelievable one. Many of the proposals in it have already been advocated publicly by members of HCI or other anti-gun groups. More than a few have been introduced in Congress. The more novel and outrageous ideas are simply logical extensions of the more familiar ones. The impact comes simply from seeing it all laid out so neatly in one place. IfHCI didn't write this document, they could have. In this issue: From the editor and the chair 2 Affiliates make news 3 Membership application 3 Letter, labels, and rally 4 Updated state convention schedule 5 Plea for help 6 Random notes 6 Libertarian directory 7 Calendar of events 8

CLiPboard A publication of the

Colorado Libertarian Party David Aitken, Chairman and Publisher Richard G. Combs, Publications Director and Editor Subscription is included with party membership (members by voter registration only must notify the CLP headquarters). For non­members, subscriptions are $6 per year. Make checks payable to and send all correspondence to: Colorado Ubertarian Party 720 E. 18th Avenue #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Editorial Policy: The Colorado Ubertarian Party fully supports the First Amendment; however, since we do not wish to invite lawsuits. we will screer:i materials foi:...lioolGl.lS GGAteAt.-Otherwise,this-~l;ili0atr0

- will serve as an open forum for libertarian news and commentary. All remarks made in open meetings will be considered "on the record." Copyright © 1994 Colorado Ubertarian Party. Opinions expressed in the CLiPboard are not necessarily the official positions of the Libertarian Party. Unless otherwise noted, reprinting of the material, with credit, is permitted. In order to accelerate our growth and expand our influence, I believe a couple of additions to the board are advisable. I make these recommendations cautiously, because I don't want the board to become too large and unwieldy. The first position I would like to add is an Affiliates Director. This individual would focus on developing and supporting affiliates in all areas of the state and at all levels---county, city, legislative district, and high school and college campuses. The second position I think is necessary is a Legislative Director. He or she would monitor legislation in Congress and the General Assembly, develop issue groups or work with other groups to influence the process, and lobby. None of the tasks these two positions represent have the focus they deserve. And that keeps us from growing at an even faster rate. Adding them to the board will emphasize their importance and assign someone specific responsibility for their completion. Please let me know if you think this is a good idea or if you have a better alternative. I look forward to seeing you at the state convention next month.

From the Editor by Richard G. Combs

I've turned most of this page over to David Aitken this month, both because he has something important to say and because I'm too pressed for time to say much of anything. I do want to mention a couple of things, however. First, I apologize that this issue is not going out in a more timely manner. I had hoped to have things more under control by now than I do. I still plan eventually to have each issue in everyone's hands by the first of the month. To that end, I'm making the 7th of the month the deadline for inclusion in the following month's issue. Yes, I know what day it is as you read this (well, I can guess), and I won't be strict about that for a while. But we're going to try to shoot for that, and your cooperation is appreciated. Second, if you put out a newsletter for a local LP group or other liberty-loving organization, please put the CLiPboard, in care of the CLP office, on your mailing list. We can't pay for it, but will return the favor if you ask. Let us know your policy on reprinting material. Finally, check out the letter on page 4. Boy, did reading that make me feel good! Suddenly, I remembered why I'm involved in all this. Hope it cheers you up, too!

From the Chair by David Aitken

-Dver the past coup1e of months, because of some discussions ·· on the LPUS net, I have become refocused on membership growth. Colorado has, believe it or not, one of the best records of membership growth. Both national and state membership have grown at about 16 percent per year for the past 4 years. Colorado is second only to New Hampshire in national members per million population. We have more than twice the number of national members you would expect given our population. We're in ninth place measured by total national members. And the number of registered Libertarians here in Colorado is up to 1682, 50 more than a couple of months ago. Much of the credit for this goes to David Bryant, our Membership Director for the last three years. Other factors which I believe played a part are 1) low turnover on the board; 2) our organizational structure, which is functional in nature; 3) lack of focus on political issues within the management team; and 4) general harmony among board members. Because of the progress we've made in recent years, I am willing to serve as your chairman for at least another year, and possibly through the 1996 election cycle, if that is your choice. Last year's expansion of the board is beginning to pay off. You'll recall that we split Communications into Publications and Public Relations, and Finance into Treasurer and Fundraising. Both Dale Doelling (PR) and ·Ray Hambric (Fundraising) are beginning to pn;:,vide the focus these jobs need.

---Aurora --­

Aurora Libertarians hosted members of the Guardian Angels in February. The Angels talked about their corps of uniformed, unarmed "guardians" who patrol the streets in areas with crime problems. Denver's first class of Angel trainees will be graduating this month. The group is meeting in Durango' s Mexican Restaurant, at Iliff and Havana, but still looking for a better permanent location. Contact Jeff Orrok at (303) 360-7005 with ideas. --Boulder-­

Several Boulder libertarians spoke at a February Planning Commission meeting, opposing proposed restrictive new zoning regulations. They passed out the BCLP's proposed zoning alternative to 200 of the county residents attending. Members also attended a town meeting on health care sponsored by Rep. David Skaggs, and promoted the LP's "Project Healthy Choice" alternative. Its goals are to reduce the size of state and local government, generate publicity, and increase membership in the two-county area. Specific projects for 1994 include: repeal of food taxes, opposition to zoning in East El Paso County, outreach at fairs, radio interviews, coordinated letter-writing, and support for a presidential recall initiative. The group has assigned projects to specific individuals, and formed project teams and a phone tree. A steering committee meets on the last Saturday of each month (see the calendar). ---Western Colorado Libertarians --­

Mesa County Libertarians have been reorganizing and trying to build membership in recent months. The group is surveying its members about their commitment to Libertarian activism in western Colorado. Activism in Montrose and Delta counties is planned in the near future. Dann Hayes has been working on two brochures, one with voter information and one called "The Second Amendment People." Dale Doelling continues to appear regularly on local radio talk shows. ---Denver --­

State Rep. Phil Pankey (R-Littleton) addressed the February meeting of Denver Libertarians. He assessed key issues in the current legislative session, including gun laws and the state's accom..9_dation to life with Amendment One. State Chair David Aitken gave Pankey a complete Project Healthy Choice package. Pankey was delighted with how closely the plan mirrored his own ideas. Pankey has introduced several state health care reform bills, including a measure that would institute medical savings accounts like those proposed by the LP. He has advocated such a plan for several years. Pankey seemed to enjoy his visit, and said he would like to speak to the group again. Chairman Richard Combs suggested that he return after the legislative session ends and report on the results. A furn date will be set later. The March meeting features John Voss of the NCBA, discussing his group's continuing battle with the IRS. Plans will also be made for the April 17 Right to Bear Arms Rally --Jefferson County -­

Dennis Clark, president of the Colorado Union of Taxpayers, spoke to Jeffco Libertarians this month about CUT's efforts. He told the group that the public cannot control the government unless it controls its supply of money. He outlined CUT' s efforts to track how the government spends money and to root out fiscal inefficiency. Jeffco activist Sandy Johnson talked to a high school government class this month about the Libertarian Party. ---Southern Colorado Libertarian Party -­ Jeff Wright of El Paso County and Phil Freytag of Fremont County have formed the Southern Colorado Libertarian Party.

Libertarian Party Membership

Join the Libertarian Party today and help the cause of Freedom in 1994. State dues include a CLiPboard subscription. National dues include the LP News. Check One: D $30 Combined State and National LP Membership D $15 State Membership Only D $25 National Membership Only Add $5 for Basic or $20 for Deluxe (circle one) Project Healthy Choice package. Name: ___________________ Address: _ _________ ______ City, State, ZIP _____________ Telephone: _ _______ _ _____ _ Work Phone:,_ _ _____________ I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals. Signature _____ ___________ (Signature is required for national membership only.) What does the above pledge mean? We ask our members to disavow the initiation of force. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself; you do have a right to defend your life, liberty, and property. It means that you cannot use the coercive power of government to forcibly achieve your personal, ethical or religious goals. This commitment helps us maintain our principles and provides us with a measuring stick to determine if we have strayed from our common goal: a society where all relationships among persons are based on voluntary cooperation. Make checks payable to Colorado Libertarian Party 720 E. 18th Ave, #309 Denver CO 80203 To the Editor: This is a letter of affirmation for your dedication and persistence. My husband (former LP Congressional candidate) and I attended LP meetings in Denver when we were 2 of 4-6 attendees (in the late '80s). After the frustration of trying to function in a soon to be socialized medical environment, we too "shrugged" and ceased our productivity. We sold his solo medical practice in 1990, did philanthropic work in the Caribbean and Mexico, and returned to the States in 1992.

I recently received the CLiPboard; it found us here in Florida where we relocated. When I saw the progress and growth you have made in the last four years, I was truly motivated and inspired. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I started to recall axioms like "It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness." I consequently have volunteered to chair and help form the Manatee County / Bradenton Florida Affiliate of the LP. Thanks again to all you Colorado Libertarians. Your successes are not always apparent, but nonetheless are there and meaningful. Please continue to send me the CLiPboard, so I may continue to have a model to emulate. Sincerely, Irma Lanning Holmes Beach, Florida Thank you, Irma! You've made our day here at the CLP officeHell, you'-ve madtrourmonth!-­ -RGC

Rally Plans Take Shape

Organizer David Segal confirms that the Denver LP has received a permit for the second annual Right to Bear Arms rally at the state capitol. The rally will take place Sunday, April 17, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and will feature the Independence Institute' s David Kopel. Those who attended last year's rally can confirm that hearing Kopel is a real treat.

Other speakers and complete details about the rally will be announced in next month's CLiPboard. If you can help, please call David Segal at 296-4059.

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Truth in Labeling? -Not Yet, but Soon by Richard G. Combs Have you looked at your CLiPboard's mailing label lately? Did you notice a new line last month? Perhaps yours said "Last Free Issue," and you panicked ( or shrugged and thought, "One less piece of junk mail"). Now you're wondering why you have this issue in your hand. The staff of the CLiPboard (that means me) is working with Membership Director David Bryant and State Chair and resident database guru David Aitken to professionalize some aspects of our membership and subscription operations. The new line on the mailing label is the first, and not yet perfected, result of our efforts. At least it scared some of you into sending us money, which has been in very short supply lately. No, we didn't cut you off as threatened. But we will soon. As soon as we have all the bugs out of the system. So the threat is still there, only held in abeyance for now. Please join or subscribe now! Those of you who've read the masthead may be thinking, "Registering as a Libertarian qualifies me as a state member, and membership entitles me to a subscription. What kind of gyp is this?" You're right. (You're also extremely cheap, but that's another matter.) Although we'd like to have everyone send us at least the $6 cost of a subscription ( and that is our cost), we do believe it's important to stay in touch with as many Libertarians as possible, and will continue to include a subscrjption with membership, whether dues-paying or not. Please note, however, that "members by voter registrati0 only must notify the CLP headquarters." Some of you we last heard from years ago, some of you never. Since memberships are annual, we' re going to ask you to reaffirm your registered Libertarian status annually. If you can' t or won't send any money, OK. But you have to at least invest the price of a postcard to let us know you're out there, you're still with us, and you want us to stay in touch with you. So what's your label going to tell you, once you can rely on what it says? I'm not certain yet. We make a database entry, with a code and date, whenever we have a "transaction" for someone--dues, donation, notification of party registration, materials order, etc. The methodology used now is to pull up the most recent code and date and put them on your label. I'd prefer to look only at codes that determine membership or subscription status, and calculate an expiration date. Then the label could say, for instance, "28-Member through 9/94." We'll see if I get my way or not. In case you're wondering, here are a few of the codes currently in use: 21-state dues paid; 22-state & national dues; 23-national dues only; 24-monthly pledger; 25-life member; 28-registered Libertarian; 90-contribution; 92-subscription. If you're a 28, let us hear from you, with or without a check. If you're a 23, why? If you're one of the others listed, thank you sincerely for your support. If you're not listed, please become one of the above, or contact us if you think you should be.


March 1994 CLiPboard Page5 Colorado Libertarian Party 1994 Convention April 29 -May 1, 1994 Featuring I)urk Pearson and Sandy Shaw (via teleconference) Larry Dodge, Tom Tancredo, Eric Klien, David Kopel, L. Neil Smith, David Rosdeitcher and Clyde Harkins For: Anyone interested in non-aggression. Information. (303)484-8184. When: . . . April 29 -May 1, 1994. Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. Where: . • Roundup Ranch. 11.5 miles west ofSedalia on Colorado highway 67. Just south of Denver. Lodging: . The second floor of the lodge has several bunk rooms. You provide all bedding and linens. Camper hookups and tent

spaces are also available. Lodging space is provided with the $45 meal ticket. Cost: . . . . Full package includes all programs and materials. Meals and lodging are extra. Business Meetings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . free ala carte: Regular . . before April 15, 1994 . . . . . . . . . $35 Half Day or Evening . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12 Late . . . . . before April 22, 1994 . . . . . . . . . $45 6 Meals and Camp Lodging . . . . . . . . . . . . $45 Door . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $55 Free Market/Information Tables . . . . . . . . $10 PROGRAM Friday: 5:30-7:00 pm ..... registration, reception 7:00-8:30 pm ..... dinner 8:30-10:00 pm ..... welcome: Mary Margaret Glennie

L. NEIL SMITH Hillary Behind Bars. Saturday: 8:00-8:45 am . . . . . breakfast 8:45-9:00 am . . . . . break 9:00-10:30 am .... . BUSINESS MEETING

l...state reports 2...bids for 1995 convention on bids for 1995 convention 4...candidate presentations 10:30-10:45 am .... break 10:45-11:45 am .... DURK PEARSON and SANDY SHAW Killing the F.D.A. Before It Kills You. 11:45-12:00 n . . ... break 12:00-1:15 pm ..... lunch CLYDE HARKINS Election Reform 1:15-1:30 pm break 1:30-2:30 pm DURK PEARSON and SANDY SHAW Pulling the Plug: No Unfunded Federal Mandates. 2:30-2:45 pm break 2:45-3:45 pm ERIC KLIEN Oceania: A New Country. 3:45-4:00 pm break 4:00-5:00 pm TOM TANCREDO Amendment One is Good Medicine. 5:00-6:00 pm break

6:00-7:00 pm banquet and entertainment with DAVID ROSDEITCHER (THE ZIP CODE MAN) 7:00-7:30 pm break 7:30-8:30 pm LARRY DODGE FIJA (the Fully Informed Jury Association): Still Growing. 8:30-have fun

Sunday: 8:00-8:45 am . . . . . breakfast 8:45-9:00 am . . . . . break 9:00-10:30 am ..... BUSINESS MEETING

!...elections 2...platform 3...constitution and by-laws 10:30-10:45 am·.... break 10:45-11:45 am .... DURK PEARSON and SANDY SHAW Feds Go Home: Who Own the Western Public Lands? 11:45-12:00 n ..... break 12:00-1:15 pm ..... lunch DAVID KOPEL The Right to Bear Arms. 1:15-1:30 pm break 1:30-2:30 pm ..... DURK PEARSON and SANDY SHAW Personal Life Extension Questions and Answers. 2:45-3:45 pm . . . . . new board meeting



(address) (phone) _Registration(s) at _$35 Regular _$45 Late _$55 Door _Table $10 _$12 half day ___$45 Meals/Lodging TOTAL_ Mail registration and payment to: 1994 LIBERTARIAN Convention; 1317 Lakewood Drive; Fort Collins, CO 80521 Your check is your receipt. Please pick up tickets at the convention. THANK YOU I

CLiPboard March, 1994

Help, We Need Some Money! by M.R. Hambric, Fundraising Director First, thanks to those of you who contributed to the Governor's Race Escrow Fund. It appears that we do not have sufficient interest in my challenge so we'll be returning the funds in the near future. I probably got the cart before the horse in that we need to get our State organization in sound financial shape before mounting a serious race. Back to basics. The State LP organization continues to struggle and needs your financial support. A recent analysis disclosed that some 900 of you receiving the CLiPboard, almost half, have not paid for a subscription to the publication, paid State membership dues, or otherwise contributed to the State organization in over five years! Our organization continues to be funded by only 325 paid members, a dozen or so special contributors and especially the "Davids," Bryant and Aitken, ofthe State Board.

Memberships Pouring In

The CLP office has received about forty new and renewal memberships in the past month, more than twice the monthly average, and maybe the best month ever. Nine people took advantage of one of the special deals to get Project Healthy Choice lobbying kits. These are still available. Order yours today with a new or renewal membership for a great combined price. See the membership application on page 3. Elections Are Approaching

With the state convention rapidly approaching, anyone interested in serving on the CLP Board of Directors needs to start thinking seriously about it. Not only is state chair David Aitken proposing two new positions (see page 2), but some of the present board members may not run again, and of course, all are open to challenge. Campaigns Director Chris Bogart is the only present board member to state categorically he will not seek re-election. Others may be leaning that way. This is also the time (if not past the time) to begin a run for public office this November. Whether you want to mount a serious campaign or simply hold a line on the ballot, start talking to people now, and by all means, attend the state convention to get the support of your fellow Libertarians. Constitution and By-laws Meeting

Another matter of party business at the upcoming state convention is the consideration of changes to the CLP constitution and by-laws. To that end, a Constitution and By­laws Committee meeting will be held at the CLP office on March 12, at J p.m. (following the regular Board of Directors meeting) to consider what changes, if any, should be proposed to the membership at the state convention. Anyone wishing to help with this process or present ideas for consideration is welcome to attend and take part. If you cannot be there, but have input, please send it to the CLP office. We need your help. Ifthose 900 of you joined the State party at only $15 per year, we would be liquid and solvent and.become much more effective in our activities. If you do not wish to join, at least send the $6 annual subscription for the CLiPboard. If you can't join or subscribe, but are still interested in the principles of the Libertarian Party, drop us a note to let us know you're still with us and we'll keep you on the mailing list. We'll understand if you'rejust broke. Although we remain a small group, we're growing and gaining momentum. A financially strong State organization is vital to our main mission, which is to support the local grass roots efforts. We're smart enough, we're good enough, and dog-gone­it, people like us. Thank you. Aitken Appearing on KNUS

State chairman David Aitken will be appearing on Bob Heckler's show (KNUS 710am) on March 16th, 7pm to 10pm, along with representatives from the Republicans, Democrats, and United We Stand America. There will be a live audience; for free tickets, listen to the Bob Heckler show. Kudos to ...

• L~rry Hoffenberg,~h~~ excellent letter on the Clinton health care plan appeared in the Feb. 12 edition of the Rocky Mountain News. Hoffenberg wrote in response to a Clifford May column that was itself outstanding. Hoffenberg was identified as the Denver LP secretary. + Doug Anderson, just for being remembered by RMN political columnist Peter Blake. Blake recently wrote about Tom Sutherland's call for banning guns and legalizing drugs. Blake let Sutherland's idiocy about guns (drive-by shooters are just "ordinary citizens") go without comment, but sounded very sympathetic towards drug legalization. He noted that Bill Buckley and Milton Friedman support the idea, but that in Colorado "(t)he only officeholder who's had a good word to say about legalization was libertarian Doug Anderson, a former Denver election commissioner."

+ Brian Holthouse, Bill Robinson, Sharon Voss, and Sandra Johnson, all of whom were mentioned in the Winter 1994 issue of the FIJActivist (newsletter of the Fully Informed Jury Association) for their involvement in Colorado FIJA activity. This issue of the FIJActivist also reprinted a brief editorial from the December CLiPboard. The editorial described the response at the courthouse to just a few hours of FIJA pamphleteering by David Bryant, Ed Hoskins, and Tod Wasserman.

Let's make Kudos a regular feature! Know someone (maybe you) who wrote a letter, manned a booth, made a speech. distributed literature, or got mentioned in print doing something for the cause? Tell us about it or send us the clipping. We'll do the rest. Page7

Colorado Libertarian Party Directory

National Libertarian Party HQ (202) 543-1 988 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003 National Chair Steve Dasbach (219) 432-7145 4523 MomingWind Pl., Ft. Wayne IN 46804 LNC Regional Representative James Dan (702) 626-1776 Box 10833, Reno NV 89510 New Member Info 1-800-682-1776 LP Nat'I Newsline 1-900-4LiberT $1 .95/minute (454_2378)

Election results. Congress Watch, LP news

Colorado Libertarian Party State LP Office (303) 837 -9393 720 E. 18th Ave. #309, Denver CO 80203 State Chair David Aitken (303) 831-4334 1240 Ogden #4, Denver CO 80218 Campaigns Director Chris Bogart (303) 449-6327

1707 22nd Street #101 , Boulder CO 80302 Fundraising Director Ray Hambric (303) 740-7568 10976 E. Crestline Place, Englewood CO 80111 Publications Director Richard Combs (303) 871 -8824 1382 S. Lincoln St., Denver CO 80210-2209 Public Relations Director Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Treasurer Cooper Jager (303)530-7620 2888 Bluff St., Boulder CO 80301-1200 Membership Director David Bryant (303) 744-6577 520 S. Corona, Denver CO 80203

Local Contacts Adams County Dan Gallegos (303) 650-6788 12228 S. Circle Dr., Conifer CO 80433 Arapahoe County (Englewood/Littleton) Chris Bennett (303) 770-5033 8159 S. Monaco Circle, Englewood CO 80112 Aspen "The Liberty Coalition" Tom Peckham (303) 925-6027

P.O. Box 9766, Aspen CO 81612 Aurora Libertarians Jeff Orrok (303) 360-7005 1367 4 Parkview, Aurora CO 80011 Boulder County Libertarian Party Kevin Wilkerson (303) 443-1870 4849 Baldwin Place, Boulder CO 80301

Chaffee County Bill Harrington (719) 539-7415 P.O. Box 83, Poncha Spgs, CO 81242 Denver Libertarian Party Richard Combs (303) 871 -8824 1382 S. Lincoln St., Denver CO 80210-2209 Douglas County

Rick Shaw (303) 693-5113 P.O.Box 1141 , Parker CO 80221 El Paso County Libertarian Party Keith Hamburger (719) 471 -8880 627 Skyline Ave., Colorado Springs co 80905 Fort Collins "Freedom Now" Mary Margaret Glennie (303) 484-8184 1317 Lakewood Dr., Fort Collins CO 80521 Fremont County Libertarian Party Philip C. Freytag (719) 27 5-3115 750 Cone Ave., Canon City, CO ·81212 Jefferson County Libertarian Party Brandt Swanke (303) 424-9687 6259 Reed St., Arvada CO 80003 Lake County Carol Stuckey (719) 486-3130 424 E. 11th, Leadville CO 80461 LaPlata County Mike Sheehan (303) 259-2733 303 E. 8th St., Durango CO 81301 Pueblo County Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonny Mede, Pueblo CO 81001 Routt County Robert Jahelka (303) 879-4127 P.O. Box 881987, Steamboat Springs CO 80488 Teller County Michael DeNoto, Jr. (719) 689-2348 10239 County Rd. 11, Florissant CO 80816 Western Colorado Libertarians Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506

Campus Organizations Adams State College Cate Varhely (719) 589-6880 523 Bell Court, Alamosa CO 81101 Auraria Campus Jessie Stephenson (303) 839-8124 1376 Pearl St., Denver CO 80203 Colorado School of Mines Sarah Lambert (303) 278-4820 214 S. Holman Way, Golden CO 80401 CSU Campus Libertarians Bruce Lockhart (303) 223-7 504 2500 E. Harmony Rd. #71, Ft. Collins CO 80525 Mesa State College Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Red Rocks Community College Doug Turner (303) 278-3027 1460 Kendrick St., Golden CO 80401 University of Colorado -Boulder Walter Sigafoos (303) 447-2784 805 29th St. #104, Boulder CO 80304 University of Denver Robert Miller (303) 777 -1655 1275 S. Columbine, Denver CO 80210 UCCS Campus Libertarians Robert Cramer (719) 637-8078 University of Southern Colorado Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonnymede, Pueblo CO 81001 Western State College/ Gunnison Paul Labecki (303) 641-1972 312 1 /2 South Boulevard, Gunnison CO 81230 Need Software for your Business? Gilt-Edge Software has been providing Colorado businesses the right software: • to manage products or people.

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(303) 861-3031


March 1 Denver LP, Village Inn, 890 S. Colorado, 7:00 p.m. Speaker. John Voss, NCBA. (303) 871-8824. Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184.

2 & 16 CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center. Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 8 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 12 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shootist Society. (303) 484-6824. 15 Aurora Libertarians, Durango's, Iliff &Havana (tentative), 7p.m. (303) 755-4843. 16 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 2oth Ave., 7 p.m. Speaker. Phillip Burgess, Center for the New West. (303) 424-9687. 20 Denver Libertarian Gun Club. (303) 296-4059. 20 Boulder LP, Old Train Depot, 30th &Pearl, 7p.m. (303) 443-1870. 21 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184.

April 5 Denver LP, Village Inn, 890 S. Colorado, 7:00 p.m. Speaker or video. (303) 871-8824. · 5 Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184. 6&2> CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center. Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 9 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shootist Society. (303) 484-6824. 12 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184.., 19 Aurora Libertarians, Durango's, Iliff &Havana (tentative), 7p.m. (303) 755-4843. 20 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library,, 10200 W. 2oth Ave., 7p.m. Speaker. (303) 424-9687. · 17 2nd Annual Right to Bear Arms Rally, State Capitol, 1p.m. David Kopel and other speakers. (303) 296-4059. 17 Boulder LP, Old Train Depot, 30th & Pearl, 7p.m.

(303) 443-1870. 18 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 29 CLP State Convention, Roundup Ranch, Sedalia, through Sunday, May 1. See page 5or call (303) 484-8184.

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