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About 55 delegates attended the Libertarian Party's annual state convention April 29 through May 1 at the Roundup Ranch west of Sedalia. They had to put up with Colorado's changeable spring weather, a couple of canceled appearances, food and lodging best described as "ordinary" and "rustic," respectively, and a primitive teleconferencing setup. But they were rewarded with a wealth of information, great speeches, fun entertainment, and lots of opportunities for stimulating conversations. The delegates also conducted some party business during the weekend. In fact, they changed the party's name. The Colorado Libertarian Party is no more; it is now the Libertarian Party of Colorado. The change, which delegates approved handily, was needed in order for candidates to be listed on ballots as "Libertarian" instead of "Colorado Libertarian." De~ates also approved adding two new positions to the Board of Directors, an Date Changed to June 1 Special Denver LP Meeting to Feature Douglas Bruce

Doug Bruce will make a rare Denver public appearance at a meeting of the Denver LP on June 1. He has asked that Libertarians throughout the metro area attend, and is expected to rally support for Amendment 12 (the Election Reform Amendment), as well as help kick off the campaign against the cultural facilities tax. The latter fight will be led by former Denver LP Chair David Segal. The June 1 meeting (rescheduled from June 7 to accomodate Bruce's schedule) will be in the Village Inn at 890 South Colorado Blvd. Bruce will speak promptly at 7 p.m., followed by the party's regular business meeting. This is a reversal of the usual order of business at Denver meetings, and those who want to order dinner should arrive about 6:30, so they can be served before the program begins.

CLiPboard June, 1994

Volume XV Number 6

A Publication of the Libertarian Party of Colorado

Convention Changes Name, Board by Richard G. Combs

Affiliates Director and a Legislative Director. State Chair David Aitken proposed the additions. Only one Board position was contested, with former Board member and Denver Election Commissioner Doug Anderson vying with former Denver LP Chairman David Segal for continued on page 9 In this issue: From and to the editor 2 Affiliates make news 3 Stern talk about Howard 4 LP asked to help push spending cuts 5 Donze challenges environmentalists 6 New referendum launched 7 Talk radio reviews, part three 8

Random notes 10 Directory and calendar 11, 12 And more!

by Richard G. Combs Boy, it's been quite a month for the LPC! (I'll get used to the new acronym soon, I guess.) There were the state convention, several candidacies announced or being contemplated, a ballot access suit being planned, two new petition drives deserving our support, and the first regular meeting of the new LPC Board of Directors. Ah, the board meeting. I think the board and this publication have failed to keep the membership sufficiently apprised of what we are doing, and I'd like to remedy that in the future with a monthly "Boardwatch" feature. No time or room this month, but I'll tell you a little in this space. Keeping the promise that he made at the convention, Doug Anderson presented a multi-year plan building up to 1998, which he sees as our year of opportunity because existing term limits will kick in. Good job, Doug. But can you keep future reports to under 30 minutes? (Yours truly's report on Publications usually takes about 2 minutes, thus giving me more time and energy for butting in on the others.) Bert Wiener is off to a fast start in the new Affiliates Directorship. He reports that Earl Allen, in addition to running against David Skaggs, wants to form an Adams County affiliate. Bert is also talking to people about forming regional affiliates in northeast and southwest Colorado. The Anderson vs. Segal battle continues, I'm sorry to say, and it threatens to turn into a Segal vs.everyone else struggle, with one or more abstentions. I'm definitely abstaining. I like and admire those on both sides. All have much to offer the LPC. I also recognize that all have their weaknesses and flaws, and ask for a little more tolerance. For instance, Segal tends to be challenging and confrontational in his opinions, which works better at rallies than in small group meetings. Perhaps he can try to avoid atlopting that posture. Perhaps the others can try to discount the style of delivery and not become so defensive. We have a collection of good people with fine minds, all of whom share a common goal-liberty. We sometimes disagree on how to achieve it, but that can be an advantage. As individualists, we should rejoice in and benefit from our differences. If we all saw things exactly the same way, it would make me very nervous. To the Editor: Many editorials and letters to · the editor have been written since President Nixon's death praising the accomplishments of his presidency. I am not among those who think highly of him, mainly because of his serious violation of Amendment IV of the Constitution of the United States. Nixon believed that national security justified government prying into our private lives to the extent that our mail could be examined, our telephone lines tapped, and our homes searched for papers 'that might incriminate us. Even J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI, objected to every detail of the Nixon plan to spy on the American people.

CLiPboard A publication of the

Libertarian Party of Colorado

David Aitken, Chairman and Publisher

Richard G. Combs,

Publications Director and Editor Subscription is included with party membership (members by voter registration only must notify the LPC headquarters). For non­members, subscriptions are $6 per year. Make checks payable to and send all correspondence to: Libertarian Party of Colorado 720 E. 18th Avenue #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Editorial Policy: The Libertarian Party of Colorado fully supports the First Amendment; however, since we do not wish to invite lawsuits, we will screen materials for libelous content. Otherwise, this publication will serve as an open forum for libertarian news and commentary. All remarks made in open meetings will be considered "on the record." Copyright © 1994 Libertarian Party of Colorado. Opinions expressed in the CLiPboard are not necessarily the official positions of the Ubertariafl Party. Unless-otherwise-ooted,Fer,FiAtiA§-of the material, with credit, is permitted.

By executive action in 1970, Nixon turned government spy agencies against the people. To quote Theodore H. White, from his book, Breach of Faith, "What crimes and abuses had occurred up to that point were no worse than those committed by previous Presidents. But from 1970 on, the heresy of the President was to sanction his lieutenants on their road to unpardonable crime." Unknown to most people, federal agencies continue to this day to violate the Constitution by using electronic surveillance, by cross-matching confidential information you give government agencies and banks, and by obtaining membership information from political organizations, clubs, and other sources you may consider unimportant. Even this editorial letter may find its way into my "file." If you use a telephone or fax, each message may be checked for keywords, recorded, analyzed, and combined with other information in the effort to determine whether or not you are a danger to "national security," using your tax dollars to finance the effort. You may scoff at this, but modern technology has made it possible. For this violation of my civil rights, I do not forgive President Nixon, nor those who have followed him and allow this travesty to continue. Philip C. Freytag Canon City '

---Aurora -----Mesa County -­ The May meeting featured Kevin Swanson of the Colorado Taxpayers Party. Swanson described his own political history, which included LP activity in California, and the history and goals of the Taxpayers Party. He believes the two parties have much in common and should cooperate when appropriate. Swanson described the book he has written, The Second Mayflower, and sold several copies. He also announced that he is the CTP's candidate for Governor. ---Boulder County -­ Boulder Libertarians were disappointed to hear that the county' s most famous libertarian, Trigve Bauge, was caught by the INS, held incommunicado for several days, and finally deported to his native Norway. His mother, still living in Nederland, is being hassled by the local government for alleged zoning violations because of the unusual construction of the house and the frozen human bodies found in Trygve's backyard cryonic storage facility. Dann Hayes reports that there are now 57 registered Libertarians in Mesa County; 10 of those are new in the last four months. Dann also mentioned that he is starting a newspaper, the Grand Valley Business Times, whose editorials will have a libertarian point of view. --Southern Colorado Libertarian Party -­ At the El Paso group's steering committee meeting in May, representatives of the Firearms Coalition, American Bulletin, and the Hemp Coalition gathered and formed a coalition called the Liberty PAC, which will meet separately from the Libertarian Party from now on. Libertarians are continuing their efforts on two local petition drives, and are working on building a phone tree of their membership. Boulder chair Kevin Wilkerson said his May 2 appearance with Jeffco chair Brandt Swanke on John Loeffler's radio show went well, and their knowledge of different subjects allowed them to complement each other. At the May 10 county meeting, the group voted unanimously to nominate Earl Allen as a candidate for US Representative, 2nd district (David Skaggs' seat). Earl gave a sample stump speech on the problems with the Clintons' health care plan and the benefits of a free market in health care. Judd Ptak officially announced his candidacy for the State Senate, district 13. The incumbent is Republican Sally Hopper. Judd talked to the group about his plans for the campaign. ---Denver County --­ At the May meeting, the Denver group signed up volunteers for the People's Fair. The LP booth at this two-day event is always busy, and is one of the bigger outreach efforts in the state. Volunteers from outside Denver are encouraged to help. This year's People's Fair takes place June 4 and 5 at the Civic Center Plaza, Colfax and Broadway. Denver's June meeting has been changed to Wed., June 1 to accomodate the schedule of our very special guest speaker, Douglas Bruce. All area libertarians are urged to attend. ---Jefferson County --­ Libertarians in Jefferson County will be electing their party's officers at the June 1 business meeting. County residents who are registered to vote as Libertarians, or who are dues-paying members of the state party, are eligible to vote at the meeting and are encouraged to attend. Call 424-9687 for more info. The Jeffco Libertarians also voted unanimously to nominate Earl Allen for US Representative. The second district covers Boulder, Jefferson, and Adams counties, although there is at present no official Adams County affiliate.

Libertarian Party Membership

Join the Libertarian Party today and help the cause of Freedom in 1994. State dues include a CliPboard subscription. National dues include the LP News. Check One: D $30 Combined State and National LP Membership D $15 State Membership Only D $25 National Membership Only Add $5 for Basic or $20 for Deluxe (circle one) Project Healthy Choice package. Name: _______ ____________ Address: _________ _ _ _____ City, State, ZIP ______ _ _ ____ Telephone: _______________ Work Phone: ____ ___________ I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals. Signature ___________ ______ (Signature is required only for national membership.) What does the above pledge mean? We ask our members to disavow the initiation of force. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself; you do have a right to defend your life, liberty, and property. It means that you cannot use the coercive power of government to forcibly achieve your personal, ethical or religious goals. This commitment helps us maintain our principles and provides us with a measuring stick to determine if we have strayed from our common goal: a society where all relationships among persons are based on voluntary cooperation. Make checks payable to Libertarian Party of Colorado 720 E. 18th Ave, #309 Denver CO 80203

by "Harry H." Hoffenberg Howard Stem is: a) a herniated hemorrhoid e) a hellish headache b) a hell-bent hellion f) a humongous hangover c) a half-cocked hack g) all of the above d) a humanoid horsefly h) none of the above

However you perceive him, he's not a horrible hallucination or a hyperactive hologram; he's for real and he's definitely not going away. Howard Stern is America's leading radio shock jock, and he is the Libertarian Party's gubernatorial candidate for New York State. (See the Libertarian Party NEWS, May 1994, for related articles.) Stern poses a major dilemma for the LP. Via his nationally syndicated radio show, he's one of the most listened-to persons in America. And also one of the least respected (mostly by non-listeners.) Ifyou haven't heard him on the air, you still may have heard of his difficulties with the FCC, which has charged him with numerous violations of their indecency standards. There's little doubt that at times, Stern is obnoxious, offensive, and obscene, according to many people's mores and moral standards. The LP certainly supports Stern's freedom to be obnoxious, offensive, and obscene. The LP also supports the freedom of any offended listener to turn off the radio or tune in to another program. People don't have to listen to Stern. The LP also supports the freedom of his radio syndicate to cancel his services (if they so choose) because of sufficient complaints from the radio audience. Radio stations aren't required to carry his program. Fortunately or unfortunately, Stern's candidacy has already begun to generate a significant amount of publicity for the LP, not only in New York but across the country. Much of the publicity can be expected to be uncomplimentary to the LP. Not only must the New York and National LPs have game plans to handle "the Howard Hullabaloo," but every registered Libertarian should be prepared to discuss the status of the LP in a professional and persuasive manner. One-on-one outreach is the party's most effective educational tool, and we should capitalize on every opportunity. H< .,.

[li-----, e Peckham and Company Commercial and Residential Real Estate/REO Thomas C. Peckham Broker

Post Oftice Box 9766 • Aspen, Colorado 81612 • 303-925-6027 Here are a few suggestions for responding to questions or comments from your non-libertarian friends, co-workers, etc., about Howard Stern and the LP: 1. Stern received the New York State LP's nomination for Governor in accordance with that state's convention procedures. He received 287 out of 381 convention votes to beat four opponents for the nomination. He did not bully or buy his way onto the ticket.

2. Stern is a celebrity whose fame and fortune were made through his outrageous image and statements. Stern is actually a dedicated family man with three children, married for 15 years to wife Allison. His radio persona is not representative of his personal life, or that of most LP members. Most Libertarians are courteous, respectful people.

3. The Libertarian Party

Most Libertarians is America's third largest and fastest

are courteous, growing political

respectful people. party. We are a serious, professional organization committed to running viable candidates for elective office. The Democrats and Republicans also run their fair share of candidates who are political novices and controversial figures. 4. If elected (admittedly a long-shot), Stern has promised to resign from office upon implementation of his three-point program (the death penalty, nighttime construction on the roadways, and spreading out tollbooths on the highways). He plans to turn the Governorship over to LP Lieutenant Governor candidate Stan Dworkin, a former member of the NY State House of Representatives.

5. Ask whether your friends have actually heard Stern on the air or read his best selling semi-autobiography, Private Parts. If not, ask how they have formed their opinions of him. They may have only third-hand knowledge of Stern.

6. Stern indeed may be a reckless S.O.B. gone awry, but so what? That hasn't stopped Bill Clinton!

7. Try to turn the focus of the discussion from Stern's radio personality to the LP' s position on the issues (limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, etc.). If you need specific information about LP positions on the issues, please refer to the official LP Platform or other resources. Feel free to call your local LP affiliate (see page 11) or the state party office in Denver at

(303) 837-9393 for assistance or information.

8. If anyone you're speaking with is interested in joining the LP, you won't get a commission, just the personal satisfaction of doing your part in helping build the party. Please have them call National Headquarters at 1-800-682­1776 or Colorado Headquarters at (303) 837-9393. Or, invite them to your next local affiliate meeting.

Who knows, maybe we'll be more fortunate the next time a celebrity libertarian runs for o~fice. Maybe it'll be Clint Eastwood. "Go ahead Clint, make our day ..."

Warning: This commentary is not politically correct. Please do not read it ifyou fall for sucker pitches or donate money to the Hare Krishna orpolitical campaigns. April 27, 1994-A brilliant new paradigm was launched today by Bill Clinton. I refer, of course, to the "Nixon Day of Mourning," or "the day the federal employees were given the day off." Think of what this concept might mean. A day when the federal bureaucrats are wearing black suits while watching TV or barbecuing or just sleeping. A day when a DEA agent goes to a movie. A day when an IRS agent goes fishing. I just gotta believe that a concept this fabulous wasn't an accident. Clinton and his think tank buddies must have pulled this idea out in the wee hours of the morning when all brilliant ideas emerge or Playboy magazines are passed around. Now if one day like this is a good idea, just think what 365 days per year dedicated to this approach would be like. Super-califra jilistic-expeealidoecious ... Let us imagine a United States where federal employees are off every day: ~ The clerks in charge of mailing the support checks to the

tobacco growers would be at a baseball game. ~ The clerks in charge of collecting taxes on tobacco sales would go golfing. ~ The lawyers that file government lawsuits against tobacco companies would be lounging around a pool. ~ The lawyers retained by the tobacco companies to counter-sue the federal government would get voice-mail whenever they phoned the US attorney's office. ~ The DEA would have to postpone breaking down doors indefinitely. ~ Bill Clinton could spend more time on the Air Force One jet that costs $37,000 per hour to maintain. "Now, wait a minute ..." you say. "This isn' t fair! These guys are being paid for doing nothing." "Aha," I say. "This is the bonus part of the plan. All these guys ('guys' is vernacular for 'persons') will be able to spend a lot of time shopping." The effect on business will be immense. The GNP of the United States will go through the roof. Some of these guys may even get a job, given their new-found leisure time. More stuff will get done by these new employees. Imagine a United Production will zoom. Regulations that hamper

States where federal the US from crushing

employees are off the rest of the business world will be gone. The every day. sharks and tigers that inhabit the US business community will take no prisoners. Japan will wish they had given us better discounts on VCRs. Europe will learn it is only good as a vacation spot. France will have to kiss our... The US rules, we are the dudes ("dudes" is vernacular for "persons"), heh heh heh, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! In conclusion, I have to reiterate how impressed I am that someone as hasbro as Bill the Prez came up with this. This is major stuff. This is what we always wanted from the big honcho ("honcho" is vernacular for "person") at the helm, but never thought we would see. One can only hope that Clinton sees the light and extends his breakthrough thinking to its logical conclusion. It just goes to show .. .it's always something. Congressman calls on LP for help

Libertarian Party to Push "A-Z Spending Cut Plan" LP National Chair Steve Dasbach is urging Libertarians across the country to lobby for the "A-Z Spending Cut Plan," sponsored in Congress by Reps. Bill Zeliff (R-NH) and Rob Andrews (D-NJ). Dasbach called the plan "a drop in the bucket compared to what is needed. But it is a definite step in the right direction. I urge every Libertarian to help." The plan consists of two parts. HR 406 sets aside 56 hours for debate of spending cut proposals "from A to Z", requires a recorded vote on each cut, and forbids consideration of tax increases. HB3266 mandates automatic reductions in spending limits by the amount of the approved cuts. Last August, a majority of the House endorsed such a special session, but Speaker Tom Foley has stonewalled the plan. Zeliff and Andrews are trying to get enough signatures on a discharge petition to force a vote on the plan. The LP became involved when Rep. Zeliffs legislative assistant called the party May 11 to ask for assistance. National Director Perry Willis said "As far as I know, the National LP has never been asked for help by a US Congressman before. This is an excellent opportunity for us to become a more serious player in Washington politics." Call or write your Congressperson as soon as possible. Ask if they have signed the discharge petition for the "A-Z Spending Cut Plan." If not, ask that they do so immediately. Call any member of Congress at (202) 224-3121, or write to them at US House of Representatives, Washington DC 20515.

Rename this Newsletter! Since we're now the LPC, not the CLP, CLiPboard just doesn't seem right anymore. So we're having a contest to find a new name. Send entries (with brief explanations, if you wish) to Newsletter Contest, c/o the LPC office. Three top entries receive one year state membership; winner also gets choice of T-shirt from our Curio Shop. In case of duplicates, earliest postmark wins. Decision of the LPC Board of Directors is final. Contest closes when we think we've seen enough entries. Winners announced when we're good and ready.

by Terry W. Donze In the oil industry over the last 20 years, environmentalism has increased industry awareness of pollution, cleanup, and disposal problems. Industry responded by changing many bad habits, cleaning up well sites, rerouting pipelines, redesigning refining technology, and promoting a minimal disturbance attitude in exploration and production. The thanks for these extensive and expensive efforts has been yet more rules and regulation. Large oil companies continue to close operations throughout the US Even smaller ones are abandoning domestic enterprises. News releases from Amoco, Exxon, Shell, Mobil, Phillips, Conoco, Texaco, Chevron, Ashland, Crestone, Tipperary, Hondo, Anderman/Smith, True Oil, and a host of others, cite increasing costs of compliance with environmental laws and regulations as a significant factor in making their US operations unprofitable. Congress seems dedicated to environmental protection at all .costs, ignoring the greater likelihood of oil spills from the resulting increase in tanker traffic. The volume of oil spilled from a shipping accident is 1500 times that of a platform spill, and 50 times more likely to occur at present traffic levels. We will soon be importing not only more crude oil than we produce, but also more refined product. Six companies have sold, attempted to sell, or partially shut refineries recently in the US. All cited the costs of excessive environmental regulation as part of the problem. As shipping traffic increases, so will the number of tanker spills. Nowhere has the environmental voice so strongly opposed drilling as in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Harmonious oil and gas development has taken place on refuges in the lower 48 states for years. The Audubon Society even receives royalties from wells in one of their refuges in Louisiana. Plains Resources recently made a significant discovery in Sabine National Wildlife Refuge, a wetlands, no less. We only have a 2% chance of finding any significant oil in ANWR. The impact on the area will be almost zero. Ifthe potential 9.2 billion maximum recoverable barrels were found, development would impact 7000 acres, an area smaller than Dulles International Airport. Such a discovery would create 735,000 jobs, save $250 billion in foreign payments, and generate $125 billion in taxes and royalties. 99% of ANWR would be untouched, with the developed I% reclaimed after 20 to 30 years. Scientific studies of caribou herds at Prudhoe Bay show population increases and no ill effects during the two decades of drilling activity there. Alaska's Governor Hickel emphasizes the economic aspects of ANWR development: " ...we understand that the color of the environment is not just green. It is real. A person who is cold, hungry, or unemployed is in an ugly environment no matter how beautiful his surroundings." Is the preservation of 1% of a wildlife refuge that less than 1 % of our population will ever see worth the enormous cost to our country? From Alar to ozone, asbestos to dioxin, and benzene to global warming, environmentalists have advanced scares of impending doom with minimal or no scientific evidence. Scientific studies of these presumed problems consistently show they aren't. Unfortunately, screams of imminent disaster have drowned out the voices of science and reason. New regulations written into the Clean Water Act specify contaminant levels below those measurable with present technology. If we can measure the contaminant level, we are guilty. If we can't measure it, we cannot prove our innocence. It's time for the environmental community to wake up to the consequences of their actions. Private industry spending on environmental programs has topped $1.4 trillion and continues to grow. The huge economic cost to the country of environmental over-regulation is

If we can measure the just beginning to be felt. It will get

contaminant level, we worse. With that

are guilty. If we can't cost comes a loss of personal and

measure it, we cannot economic freedom,

prove our innocence. loss of private sector investment that spurs technological growth, destabilization of government through voluntary and involuntary noncompliance with a maze of unscientific and often conflicting regulations, increased dependency on unstable countries for our raw materials, and the associated loss of security and power in the world. Terry Donze is an independent oil and gas consultant in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and President of the Denver Geophysical Society.


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Referendum Seeks to Force Government to Mind Its Own Rules by Dennis Polhill Citing the old adage, "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander," a large group of small businesses has formed an organization called the Consumer Protection Referendum Committee, or CPR. CPR is in the process of circulating a petition that will level the playing field between government­run businesses and private businesses. In effect, the amendment says that all rules and laws that apply to the private sector will apply equally to government businesses. Specifically, government-operated businesses must: • Abide by all laws enacted to protect consumers.

• Use "generally accepted accounting principals."

• Lose their protection under the doctrine of sovereign immunity.

• Pay the same fees and taxes that private businesses pay. CPR is composed of small business people and some trade organizations who are tired of seeing government agencies take away their business and not play by the same rules. The small businesses include: day care centers, restaurants, hotel operators, engineers, architects, health clubs, Christmas tree farms, landscapers, fish farms , tour operators, contractors, and many others. The amendment also has a provision which will, for the most part, stop tax dollars from being used to pay lobbyists. As it stands now, a large number of the lobbyists at the state capital are hired either directly or indirectly at taxpayer expense. The proponents of the CPR Amendment believe that these lobbyists often lobby against business interests and have expressed the idea that legislators are sent to represent them and we shouldn't also have to send lobbyists as well. Many members of CPR were behind efforts to get pro­business bills passed in the last two legislative sessions. The bills would have restricted government's ability to compete with the private sector. Each time, the Colorado Municipal League (CML), the lobbying group for city governments, fought hard to keep the bills from passing. They were successful. Now the CML is using tax dollars to fight the CPR Amendment. They are using a tactic often used to fight citizens' initiatives-court delay. The CML has turned its legal staff loose on the citizens by challenging the title that the Secretary of State chose for the CPR initiative. In that way, the CML apparently hopes to delay the process so that it will be tougher to get the number of signatures (49,279) required to put the question on the ballot in November. Fortunately for the proponents, the Supreme Court rarely upholds the sort of challenge being brought by the CML and almost always supports the title chosen by the Secretary of State's Title Setting Board (see title below.) With that in mind, the CPR committee has chosen to take the slightly risky tactic of beginning the signature gathering phase before the Supreme Court has ruled finally on the issue. Since the signatures must be gathered by August 6, if the group doesn't begin the process until after the Supreme Court rules, the gathering of that many signatures in such a short time will be virtually impossible. On the other hand, by beginning now CPR can be ahead of the game by tens of thousands of signatures when the court does rule.

CPR is asking for help from all business people who are interested in seeing the CPR Amendment pass. CPR needs volunteers to help circulate petitions and contributions to help fund the campaign. People who are interested are urged to contact either Dennis Polhill or Rick Grice at 232-4779 as soon as possible. Copy of title


Call for details Robert Clarkson 515 Concord Ave., Anderson, SC 29621 803-225-3061 ,

by Larry Hoffenberg Our look at the socio-political talk shows concludes this month with the shows for insomniacs. If that chili con came you had for dinner won't keep quiet overnight, Denver' s talk radio stations also are still going strong. The Rush Limbaugh Program, Encore Presentation The January -March Arbitron ratings confirm Limbaugh's dominance of the daytime Denver market. His number one rating of 10.8% propelled KOA to the number two overall spot, behind perennial country music star KYGO FM. KOA is the only AM station within the top ten. If you can't tune-in Limbaugh from noon to 3:00 p.m., the management of sister stations KOA/KTLK now accommodates you with a late night rebroadcast of the day's show. Die-hard "dittoheads" rejoice! See Part 1 of this series in the April CLiPboard for a full review of the program. Showtime: Midnight to 3:00 a.m. Station: KTLK 760 AM Origin: Nationally syndicated Rating: * * * * 1 /2 (out of * * * * * )

The Rick Barber Show You may not know it from his broadcasts, but Rick Barber is a card-carrying member of the LP. That's probably because Rick's program covers perhaps the broadest range of topics of any program. Five full hours of overnight broadcasting to "38 states from Canada to Mexico" demands a diverse selection of topics lively enough to keep the truckers truckin' but tame enough to keep the insomniacs barely squirming in their beds. Open lines, comedy, music, weird science, and other disparate subjects just don't lend themselves to a libertarian emphasis often enough. Showtime: midnight to 5:00 a.m. Station: KOA 850 AM Origin: Denver based Rating:*** The Art Bell Show Broadcasting from his state-of-the-art home studio in southern Nevada, Art lends an informed, critical eye and ear to current events and political trends. Art challenges his listeners to think for themselves and form their own conclusions. Art is also an aficionado of "weird science" interviews and discussions. Showtime: Midnight to 5:00 a.m. Station: KNUS 710 AM Origin: Nationally syndicated Rating: • • • 1/2 The Michael Reagan Show, Encore Presentation Since the Gipper won a second term as president, apparently son Michael is entitled to a second "term" of his own: an overnight rebroadcast of the 7:00 p.m. nightly program. See Part 2 of this series in the May CLiPboard for a full review. Showtime: 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Station: KTLK 760 AM Origin: Nationally syndicated Rating: * * • Updates and Amplifications =} KNUS's star, Ken Hamblin, readily admits to agreeing with the LP's underlying philosophies of limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. In the past, however, Ken has expressed difficulties with the some of the LP's specific positions and with the LP itself, and in particular with the Colorado LP (see May CLiPboard, From The Editor). On May 13, Ken (perhaps) turned a more sympathetic ear and agreed to have a spokesperson from the national LP as a guest on his program. At press time, details were being arranged with the LP national headquarters. =} On April 29, a Jeffco District Court Judge settled the long-running dispute over ownership of KNUS AM 710. New owner Paul Stebbins said he has no immediate plans to change the talk show line-up, but popular sportstalk host Jim Turner has already been dismissed. Unfortunately, we will probably see many other changes in the excellent KNUS line-up. =} For Northern Coloradans (north of about Colfax Ave. in Denver): KHNC AM 1360 may be a low budget, low powered station, but it packs a high powered line-up of talk shows. Based in Johnstown, the station bills itself as "right-minded radio." Indeed, most if not all of the station's offerings are along conservative/libertarian/constitutional/patriot lines. Programming includes locals Dr. Norm Resnick, Bob Enyart and Tim Kem, and syndicated offerings from the People's Radio Network, such as Bo Gritz. Keep your eye (and ear) on this upstart station on the cutting edge of talk radio and political activism. Earlier this year, the station earned well-deserved respect for its live coverage of Red Beckman's successful standoff in Montana against hundreds of federal marshals and IRS agents intent on seizing his ranch for payment of back taxes. =} It may only be the weekend graveyard shift, but Tim Kern (KHNC) also has his foot in the door at KNUS as host of its Friday and Saturday overnight program from midnight to 5 :00 a.m. If you're awake at these ungodly hours, check out Tim's Talking Sense program. The show carries a typical mix of late night fare, but concentrates on current events and political issues. Tim is a self-described libertarian, with the notable exception of being strongly anti-choice on the abortion issue. =} After several years' absence, Larry King, a "founding father" of nationally syndicated talk radio, can again be heard along the southern Front Range. The Larry King Show is now carried on Colorado Springs station KWTK 740 AM from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. If you're a fan of his CNN TV show, you'll love the radio version. =} Talk radio has become so popular that it has infected FM, once the sole domain of progressive rock music. Sister stations KRKS FM 94.7 in metro Denver and KGFP FM

100.7 in the Colorado Springs area offer a variety of Christian-oriented programming, mostly "Christian rock" music. A worthwhile exception is The John Loeffler Show, a quasi-mainstream talk program heard from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. weeknightly. Brandt Swanke and Kevin Wilkerson, Jeffco and Boulder LP chairs, were recent guests on the show.

• June 1994 CLiPboard Page9 FIJA Leader Addresses Convention by David Bryant National FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association) co-ordinator Larry Dodge spoke to the state LP convention after dinner on Saturday, April 30. He had just driven straight through to Sedalia from Dallas, where he got one day's rest after a long flight back from Albania. Nevertheless, the tireless crusader for fully-informed juries still had the energy to fire our imaginations with a dynamite progress report. =} An injunction ordered FIJA activists in San Diego to stay 150 feet away from the courthouse. They responded by painting a green line on the pavement, with the words "Free Speech Zone" just outside the line. =} In Atlanta, the Federal district court sent the entire jury pool home because of "contamination" by FIJA activists. =} Activists in San Antonio contacted all the jurors in the trial of Branch Davidian survivors, a difficult task because of tight security. The breakthrough came when a FIJA supporter followed a bus away from the courthouse-and straight back to the lot where all the prospective jurors had parked their cars! After that, it was easy to trace the owners of the cars and mail FIJA materials to their homes. =} Legal scholars are beginning to notice FIJA. Larry cited several recent law review articles that deal with jury nullification. Surprisingly, most supported our position! FIJA is a movement whose time has come. To learn how you can get involved, contact FIJA National at P.O. Box 59, Helmville, MT 59843. nowledge Resource Computer BBS 303-678-8439 -Longmont 303-545-2736 -Denver Metro Attention libertarians with a computer & modem! No need to wait a month for Libertarian information. The Knowledge Resource BBS carries the three major Libertarian e-mail lists. Libernet (conference 29) contains important announcements. Libernet-D (conference 41) contains follow up discussions on topics mentioned in Libemet. The LPUS Jist (conference 40) is used for national party business. BBS Using PCBoard 15.1 -6 CO-Roms online • Internet e-mail • Internet USENET conferences (N.l'N,NV.._.,l',N'_.,NV,NV,/'N,NVVN,N',l',NV,N.l',N',IVN,/\f'_..N'_.JY_._..,._._.N_._._..,..,.,,.,.,,.,.,N',1'_._..,.,,,_._._..,..,,,_._._._._.,,,,,,.,..,.,.,.,,.,,,.,.,.,..,,,NN,/\f'N,.IV'.l'-'J'"'$,. IMONEY .Call,_writeor I I Email for your i


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Convention News continued from page 1 retiring Campaigns Director Chris Bogart's seat. During Saturday's candidate presentations, Anderson emphasized his political experience and personal qualities, while Segal presented an ambitious multi-year plan to make the party more aggressive and effective in the electoral arena. Anderson did outline a plan to challenge Colorado's restrictive ballot access laws, originally proposed by Richard Winger and backed by the Colorado ACLU. During the next 24 hours, extensive politicking took place, especially by Anderson partisans. Anderson won the seat by 18 votes to 13, with 2 opting for None of the Above. In a conciliatory gesture, Anderson told the convention that he felt "somewhat chastened" by the outcome, and would strive to address the concerns of the Segal supporters. Segal later found himself nominated for the office of Fundraising Director, and, after first declining the nomination, reconsidered and was elected without opposition. He noted afterward that effective campaigns require money. The new 1994 Board of Directors consists of (re-elected incumbents in bold): State Chair David Aitken Affiliates Bert Wiener Campaigns Doug Anderson Fundraising David Segal Legislative Dale Doelling* Membership David Bryant Public Relations Dann Hayes Publications Richard Combs Treasurer Cooper Jager

  • Dale Doelling remains on the Board, but in a new post. He served as Public Relations Director on the 1993 Board.

In other business, the convention endorsed the candidacies of Earl Allen, 2nd US Congressional district, and Judd Ptak, 13th State Senate district (see Affiliates News on page 3). Non-business highlights included Neil Smith's hard-hitting "Hillary Behind Bars," in which he explained why the LP must maintain a radical pro-freedom position. Smith proposed that we proclaim ourselves the enforcers of the Bill of Rights, insist that violations of citizens' Constitutional rights are crimes with no statute of limitations, and promise to convict and jail those who have violated our rights. Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, despite the low-tech audio­teleconferencing system, impressed many with the breadth of their knowledge and extent of their activism. They were equally comfortable discussing federal mandates, the Sagebrush Rebellion, and details of molecular biochemistry. Other highlights included presentations by Larry Dodge, David Kopel, and Clyde Harkins, and the corny jokes and amazing memory of David Rosdeitcher, who apparently has memorized the location of every ZIP code in the country. A fund-raising auction of donated items netted the party over $800, including $350 for two copies of Neil Smith's Pallas, donated by the author (see Kudos on page 10).

June 5 Deadline to Sign Up for Seminar & Help LP

"Political Action for Modern Freedom Fighters," a 2-day seminar for activists will be held in Fort Collins on June 25 and 26. The seminar is being presented by the American Liberty Leadership and Organizing Workgroup (ALLOW). Joseph Knight, Director of ALLOW, will conduct the seminar, with the Nevada LP's Tamara Clark as special guest speaker. If you haven't signed up yet, get your check to the LP office today! Some of you may have received mailings about this event. You should know that registering through the Colorado LP, instead of directly with ALLOW, earns much­needed funds for your state organization. But we must receive your check by June 5! The seminar consists of three sessions. You must attend the first to attend the second. You must attend the first and second to attend the third. Topics covered include: Session I: Saturday morning (9 a.m. -I p.m.) Organizing: Group Management Communicating Ideas Organizing: Group Fundraising Outreach Activities Session 2: Saturday afternoon (2 p.m. -6 p.m.) Publicity and Media Relations Publishing Pamphlets and Newsletters Political Process Participation Lobbying Legislative Bodies Session 3: Sunday (9 a.m. -I p.m.) Campaign Strategy Campaign Financing Campaign Management Research Polling Advance registration fees are: Session 1 only -$50.00; Sessions 1 & 2 -$80.00; All three sessions -$98.00. Prices at the door will be higher. Friday evening, June 24, Knight will present a free program entitled "The Politics of Freedom -An Introductory Presentation of the Libertarian Party." This presentation is open to the general public as well as seminar participants. Don't miss this opportunity to become a more effective activist! Send your check or money order, payable to the LPC, today! Note on your payment that it is for "ALLOW Seminar." Complete details will be mailed back to you. Payment must be received by June 5. Drive to Extend & Tighten Term Limits Begins

State Chair David Aitken and political activist Dennis Polhill are spearheading a new Term Limits Initiative drive. The initiative, sponsored and supported by the national organization, US Term Limits, would limit all elected non­judicial officeholders to no more than two terms, or three if the term is two years or less. Aitken expects to have petitions for this initiative, as well as for the CPR initiative co-sponsored by Polhill (see page 7), at the LPC's Peoples Fair booth on June 4 and 5. We hope to have more about the initiative in the next issue. E-Mail Lists for Colorado Libertarians Available For those libertarians in Colorado with e-mail access who are interested in keeping in contact with other libertarian activists around the state, Bryan Griffin has set up an electronic mailing list on the internet. To subscribe, send a message to The text of the message should be: subscribe lpc. Messages can be posted to the list by sending e-mail to Bryan has also set up a list for Boulder County activists (although anyone can subscribe)-send the subscription message subscribe help, and post messages by mailing to It should be possible for people with access to the internet, America Online, Compuserve, or a Fidonet BBS to subscribe to either of these lists. Kudos to ... + Carol Stuckey Hill, John Lappart, and Scott Trent. They have agreed to run for county offices so that the LPC, with the help of the ACLU, can challenge the state's restrictive ballot access law. The law requires 600 signatures, or 20% of the votes cast in the last election, if less, for county offices. In the smaller mountain counties, this far exceeds the 5% guideline set by Federal courts, so this should be a very winnable case.

+ Geoff Allard, who has been working in the CLP office and helping Membership Director David Bryant with a special project: determining the correct voting precinct for every registered Libertarian in Denver County. When they finish with Denver, the two plan to do the same for other areas.

+ Steven Straley and Ken Riggs. At the state convention's fund-raising auction, Straley bid an uncontested $250 for a copy of L. Neil Smith's hot new science fiction novel, Pallas. Smith promptly donated another copy to the auction, and Riggs promptly paid $100 for it. Thanks to both, and to Neil for donating two copies of a great book!

+ Bryan Holthouse, stamp collector extraordinaire, who donated several hundred dollars in stamps to the same auction, and auctioned them off in several small lots. Thanks to Holthouse, who intends to donate more stamps to the LPC, and to all who bought the philatelic bargains!

Know someone (maybe you) who wrote a letter, manned a booth, made a speech, distributed literature, or got mentioned in print doing something for the cause? Tell us about it or send us the clipping. We'll do the rest. Poor Wilma and Wellington Webb, Their fortunes are now at an ebb. DIA, they did say, would be open in May. They'll be lucky to open next Feb!

-David Segal


June 1994 CLiPboard Page 11 Libertarian Party -US National HQ (202} 543-1988 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003 National Chair Steve Dasbach (219} 432-7145 4523 Morning Wind Pl., Ft. Wayne IN 46804 LNC Regional Representative James Dan (702} 626-1776 Box 10833, Reno NV 89510 New Member Info 1-800-682-1776 LP Nat'I Newsline 1-90D-4LiberT $1.95/minute (454-2378) Election results, Congress Watch, LP news

Libertarian Party of Colorado State LP Office (303} 837 -9393 720 E. 18th Ave. #309, Denver CO 80203 State Chair David Aitken (303} 831-4334 1240 Ogden #4, Denver CO 80218 Affiliates Director Bert Wiener (303} 934-3245 1534 S. Clay St., Denver, CO 80219 Campaigns Director Doug Anderson (303} 698-2651 531 Washington, #1, Denver, CO 80203 Fundraising Director David Segal (303} 296-4059 2943 Vine St., Denver CO 80205 Legislative Director Dale Doelling (303} 241 -7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Membership Director David Bryant (303) 7 44-6577 520 S. Corona, Denver CO 80203 Public Relations Director Dann Hayes (303} 434-6109 468 31 Y., Rd., Grand Junction, CO 81504 Publications Director Richard Combs (303} 871-8824 1382 S. Lincoln St., Denver CO 80210-2209 Treasurer Cooper Jager (303)444-7937 2888 Bluff St., #247, BauderCO 80301-1200

Local Contacts Adams County Dan Gallegos (303} 650-6788 12228 S. Circle Dr., Conifer CO 80433 Arapahoe County (Englewood/Littleton) Chris Bennett (303} 770-5033 8159 S. Monaco Circle, Englewood CO 80112 Aspen "The Liberty Coalition" Tom Peckham (303} 925-6027

P.O. Box 9766, Aspen co 81612 Aurora Libertarians Jeff Orrok (303} 393-6855 Libertarian Party Directory Boulder County Libertarian Party Kevin Wilkerson (303} 443-1870 4849 Baldwin Place. Boulder CO 80301 Chaffee County Bill Harrington (719} 539-7 415 P.O. Box 83, Poncha Spgs, CO 81242 Denver Libertarian Party Richard Combs· (303} 871 -8824 1382 S. Lincoln St., Denver CO 80210-2209 Douglas County Rick Shaw (303} 693-5113 P.0.Box 1141, Parker CO 80221 El Paso County Libertarian Party Jeff Wright (719} 598-9241

PO Box 36000-207, Colo. Springs CO 80936-3600 Fort Collins "Freedom Now" Mary Margaret Glennie (303} 484-8184

1317 Lakewood Dr., Fort Collins CO 80521 Fremont County Libertarian Party Philip C. Freytag (719} 275-3115 750 Cone Ave., Canon City, CO 81212 Jefferson County Libertarian Party Brandt Swanke (303} 424-9687 6259 Reed St., Arvada CO 80003 Lake County Carol Stuckey Hill (719} 486-3130 424 E. 11th, Leadville CO 80461 LaPlata County Mike Sheehan (303} 259-2733 303 E. 8th St., Durango CO 81301 Pueblo County Ed Trivett (719} 545-1913 207 Bonny Mede, Pueblo CO 81001 Routt County Robert Jahelka (303} 879-4127 P.O. Box 881987, Steamboat Springs CO 80488 Teller County Michael DeNoto, Jr. (719} 689-2348

10239 County Rd. 11, Florissant CO 80816 Western Colorado Libertarians Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506

Campus Organizations Adams State College Cate Varhely (719} 589-6880 523 Bell Court, Alamosa CO 81101 Auraria Campus Jessie Stephenson (303} 839-8124

1376 Pean St., Denver CO 80203 Colorado School of Mines Sarah Lambert (303} 278-4820 214 S. Holman Way, Golden CO 80401 CSU Campus Libertarians ' Bruce Lockhart (303} 223-7504

2500 E. Harmony Rd. #71 , Ft. Collins CO 80525 Mesa State College Dale Doelling (303} 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Red Rocks Community College Doug Turner (303} 278-3027 1460 Kendrick St., Golden CO 80401 University of Colorado -Boulder Walter Sigafoos (303} 447-2784 805 29th St. #104, Boulder CO 80304 University of Denver Robert Miller (303} 777 -1655 1275 S. Columbine, Denver CO 80210 UCCS Campus Libertarians Robert Cramer (719} 637-8078 University of Southern Colorado Ed Trivett (719} 545-1913 207 Bonnymede, Pueblo CO 81001 Western State College / Gunnison Paul Labecki (303)641-1972 3121/2 South Boulevard, Gunnison CO 81230

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(303) 861-3031

• Page 12 CLiPboard June, 1994

Upcoming Events---------­

June 1 Denver LP, Village Inn, &90 S. Colorado, 7:00 p.m. Note special date (1st Wed.) this month only! Speaker: Douglas Bruce, TABOR Committee. (303) 871 -8824. 7 Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184. 1&15 CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center.

Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 11 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shootist Society. (303) 484-6824. 13 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 15 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th Ave., 7 p.m. Speaker: Ken Ward of VOCAL (Victims of Child Abuse Laws), "False allegations of child abuse." (303) 424-9687. 19 Boulder LP,Old Train Depot, 3oth &Peart, 7 p.m. (303) 443-1870. 20 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 21 Aurora Libertarians, Country Buffet, 1026 South Sable, 7 p.m. Speaker. Jack Woehr, Demo. candidate for U.S. House, 6th district. (303) 755-4843. July 5 Denver LP, location TBA, 7:00 p.m. Speaker or video. (303) 871-8824. 5 Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184. 6&20 CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center. Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 10 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shootist Society. (303) 484-6824. 12 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 17 Boulder LP, Old Train Depot, 30th & Peart, 7 p.m. (303) 443-1870. 18 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 19 Aurora Libertarians, Country Buffet, 1026 South Sable, 7 p.m. (303) 755-4843. 20 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th Ave., 7 p.m. Speaker. (303) 424-9687.

Tired of waiting for bulk mail delivery of your CLiPboard? Send us your membership dues or subscription payment today, and your next issue will arrive by First Class Mail! Libertarian Party of Colorado 720 E. 18th Ave., #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Forwarding & Return Postage Guaranteed Address Correction Requested