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CliPboard August, 1994

Volume XV Number 8

A Publication of the Libertarian Party of Colorado

Sabus Wins Sanitation District Seat by Richard G. Combs

Tim Sabus received almost 50% of the vote in a three- way contest on May 3 to win a two-year term on the Board of Directors of the Blackhawk/Central City Sanitation District. Although registered as a Republican, Sabus is a dues-paying member of both the state and national Libertarian Party. The election was a non­partisan race. Sabus lives in Golden, but owns a small amount of property in Central City. He is the first non-resident ever elected in that area. Property owners (real or personal) are eligible to vote and run for office in Special District elections such as this one. Instead of hiding his non-resident status, Sabus made the most of it. In addition to sending a letter to every resident of the district who was · red to vote, he also sent ak!~r to every non-resident 2r..9peJ:!Y..owner'-­In this second letter, Sabus pointed out that they may vote in the election and explained how to do so by absentee ballot. Both letters emphasized issues of fairness in the assessment of user fees and control of the district's ballooning budget. Sabus also used local newspaper ads in his campaign, and tried to meet as many voters as possible. continued on page 4 Newly elected Blackhawk/Central City Sanitation District Director Tim Sabus Major publicity effort planned

Alliance Aims for Big Rally Turnout The Liberty Alliance is preparing to launch a major effort to promote its Sept. 25 Right to Bear Arms Rally. Ads will run in scores of daily and weekly newspapers throughout the state for at least four weeks. Organizers also plan to generate significant publicity via press releases, talk radio, and letters to editors. They hope to draw several times the 1000+ who turned out for the April rally. The rally is scheduled for 1 p.m. at the State Capitol. It will provide a forum for pro-freedom candidates to pledge their support for gun owners' rights, and a chance for citizens to make a strong statement on behalf of the Second Amendment and Constitutional government. Talk radio personality Marty Nalitz will MC the event, which will also have live music and a variety of booths and literature tables. "We still need more money and volunteers," said Liberty Alliance Co-chair and rally organizer David Segal. "Ifyou can contribute money, please send a check to the LP with a note earmarking it for this event. If you can write letters, make signs, or call radio shows, please call me at 303-296-4059." Are you registered to vote? Deadline for November elections is October 14. In this issue: To and from the editor 2 Affiliates make news 3 Libertarian bookshelf 4 Board report 5 Helping Bill and Hillary 5 Random notes 6 Directory 7 Calendar ofevents 8

Poge2 CLiPboord August, 1994

To the Editor: I read ...portions of a speech by Mr. Douglas Bruce in which he is quoted as saying "I am John Galt ..." and I just about heaved! An Ayn Rand-type book about Mr. Bruce-it would have to be a parody, really-would be called "Drinking Fountain" or "Jingle," not Fountainhead or Anthem. What a gross joke for that blithering little slumlord to liken himself to John Galt, a noble inventor who dedicated himself to making a profound contribution as a human being, whose complaint transcended Bruce's niggaring the way Beethoven transcends Pearl Jam. Howard Roark freely associates with people from all walks of life, looking only for their self-respect, dignity, and independence and clarity of mind and vocation; Douglas Bruce would make Howard Roark's skin crawl, and you and everyone who loves Ayn Rand knows it, even if you won' t admit it. Can't you see how shallow and meaningless your--our­Party becomes to elevate the visionless banality Mr. Bruce is and represents? Can' t you see it will take the Party, its causes, and candidates into well-deserved oblivion? Amendment One without vision-the actual case-is no more than a prescription for piling more work on already benumbed school-teachers and road-engineers, just so the silver in our pockets bulges a bit more promiscuously. This is the betrayal, not the accomplishment, of Libertarian ideals. We must assert our right to become ourselves fully and accomplish astonishing things in free association with our fellow human beings, not.jusua withdraw~ like King....Whatsisname.-into oUL counting houses! Respectfully, Thomas Maxwell Denver

From the editor I've switched the normal order of this page because I feel compelled to respond to Mr. Maxwell, and it wouldn't be fair for my remarks to precede his letter. I suppose I must point out the following: Douglas Bruce always emphasizes that the true significance of Amendment One is not the dollars it saves from the tax collector, but the control it returns to the citizens. The Taxpayers Bill of Rights re-established the proper employer-employee relationship between us and the politicians and bureaucrats. Amendment 12, as Bruce note4 in his remarks to the Denver LP, is even more clearly "...not about money, but about morality." But this is not my real point. I'm amazed, Mr. Maxwell, that a professed admirer of Ayn Rand would write a letter that is so anti-capitalist, anti­individualist, and anti-selfishness. I hope you will give some serious thought to the following: => The "silver in our pockets" that you begrudge us is our silver, the product of our honest labor, and not something we should feel shame for wanting to keep.

CLiPboard A publication of the

Libertarian Party of Colorado

David Aitken, Chairman and Publisher

Richard G. Combs,

Publications Director and Editor Subscription is included with party membership (members by voter registration only must notify the LPC headquarters). For non­members, subscriptions are $6 per year. Make checks payable to and send all correspondence to: Libertarian Party of Colorado 720 E. 18th Avenue #309 Denver, Colorado 80203 Editorial Policy: The Libertarian Party of Colorado fully supports the First Amendment; however, since we do not wish to invite lawsuits, we will screen materials for libelous content. Otherwise, this publication will serve as an open forum for libertarian news and commentary. All remarks made in open meetings will be considered "on the record." Copyright © 1994 Libertarian Party of Colorado. Opinions expressed in the CUPboard are not necessarily the official positions of the Libertarian Party. Unless otherwise noted, reprinting of the material, with credit, is permitted. => The idea that Galt dedicated himself "to making a profound contribution as a human being" makes my skin crawl, and would make Rand just about heave. Galt pursued his own goals for his own benefit, and rejected the altruistic notion that he should serve some higher purpose. ("I swear-by my life and my love of it-that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.") => Admittedly, Mr. Bruce has done nothing on a par with inventing a new source of energy. But he has taken uninhabitable HUD-owned shells and transformed them into livable low-rent housing. He has created value where there was none, and it is honorable and honest work for which he deserves to be rewarded. I expect contemptuous references to the term "slumlord" from leftist parasites such as Regis Groff, but not from Libertarians. (I did like the Beethoven-Pearl Jam simile, though.) We have a new name! Winners in the Rename This Newsletter Contest have been selected and will be notified soon. The first place winner gets a T-shirt and a one year state party membership. Three runners-up also receive one year memberships. Don't miss the debut issue under the new name next month!

August 1994 CLiPboard Page3 --Aspen Liberty Coalition -­

Tom Peckham reports that his literature table at the Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming was well-received, effective outreach, and he's enthusiastic about doing it again next year. The Liberty Coalition has been invited to set up a booth at the One World Music Festival. This reggae/worldbeat festival will be in Snowmass on the first weekend in September. ---Aurora --­

At the July meeting, Larry Hoffenberg reported on the status of the lawsuit against the City of Aurora for election violations, in which he is a plaintiff. The Colorado Supreme Court has agreed to hear the plaintiffs' appeal of a lower court ruling, and may combine the case with a similar case involving Arvada that is already before it. Dennis Polhill spoke to the group about RTD and its light rail plans. More information on the subject of RTD will appear in the September issue. The August 16 · meeting will feature Aurora City Councilwoman Deborah Vickery. --Boulder County -­

The Boulder group has been concentrating on Judd Ptak's campaign for State Senate. Most of the group lives outside Senate District 13, which has made p_etitioning difficult. _

Peckham and Company Commercial and Residential Real Estate!REO Thomas C. Peckham Broker Po~t Office Box 9766 • A~pen, Colorado 81612 • 303-925-6027

Porcupine Silver Rounds One ounce fine silver coins ( .999 pure silver) $8 each or spot plus $1 for 10

Call for details

Robert Clarkson 515 Concord Ave., Anderson, SC 29621 803-225-3061 The July outreach meeting featured David Segal, who talked about the role of the citizen militia in US history. ---Denver County --­ In July, the Denver LP began meeting on the second Tuesday of the month, instead of the first. The new location, the Palace Chinese Restaurant at 6265 E. Evans, was praised by virtually all the 25-30 attendees. Scheduled speaker Rick Grice explained why the Consumer Protection Referendum is dead for this year. Next year, the CPR Committee plans to pursue its goals in the legislature, while preparing for another petition drive, if it becomes necessary. Dennis Polhill spoke to the group on the subject of RTD (more on this next month), and Tim Sabus reported on his election victory (see story on page 1). Former Cafion City Councilman Stephen Stewart, although not yet confirmed at press time, is expected to speak at the August 9 meeting. In an incredible ruling, the Colorado Supreme Court recently upheld a damage award against Stewart in a defamation case brought by a judge who was "upset" by Stewart's questioning of the judge's integrity. --Mesa County -­ Dale Doelling's bid for County Commissioner is occupying the time of Mesa County libertarians. Dale also has the active support of United We Stand. His candidacy, while only the second Libertarian candidacy in Mesa County history, has caused a stir among local Republicans. David Aitken's gubernatorial bid has also attracted attention in the area because his running mate, Robert Martin, is well known. Their candidacy has been mentioned in the Grand Valley Business Times. Libertarians will be distributing flyers during Dinosaur Days, and will join with the Aspen group to set up a booth and petition at the Carbondale Mountain Fair. Libertarians from all over the state are invited to join them at this event, which has become an annual tradition for western slope Libertarians. --Southern Colorado Libertarian Party -­ Libertarians invited Doug Bruce to debate city and county attorneys in Fremont County concerning Bruce's election reform amendment. The debate was broadcast on television and radio, and drew a crowd of more than thirty people. Phil Freytag has helped the county draft a resolution in support of the 10th amendment to the US constitution, supporting a similar resolution the state legislature passed. Freytag is confident that the resolution will be adopted. The Cafion City Council has already adopted such a resolution. Freytag suggested that libertarians in other parts of the state should encourage their local governments to do the same.

Page4 CliPboard August, 1994

AIDS-What the Government Isn't Telling You (CENSORED) by Lorraine Day, M.D. Available from Rockford Press, PO Box 952, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270, or 1-800-574-2437 (not available in bookstores).

Reviewed by Terry Donze. AIDSpeak is a disease of the tongue generally affecting bureaucrats at the Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control, but highly contagious to other public health authorities and medical establishment personnel. It has been known to infect the unknowing general public. Dr. Day was Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and a faculty member of the University of California, San Francisco, for 15 years, operating on as many AIDS patients as any surgeon in the country. Working in the only trauma center in that city, she was exposed to contaminated blood routinely from patients who were victims of stabbings, shootings, and other massive injuries. The victims of AIDSpeak kept reassuring her that her work was not hazardous. Her book tells how she discovered the AIDSpeak disease of disseminating lies and hiding the full truth about AIDS hazards from both the medical community and the general public. Her well-documented facts about the epidemic and the transmission of AIDS will empower the public to protect itself from this 100% fatal disease, as well as from the AIDSpeak disease being transmitted through government-run health centers. Learn through this book that the "negative window," the time period between infection and ability to detect, is an order of magnitude longer than what AIDSpeak tells us. Learn that the virus can survive for long periods of time outside the body, and why even blood contact with intact skin is risky. Learn about the risks from HIV-positive children in schools and day­care centers. Learn how, through AIDSpeak, the government destroyed the integrity of the nation's blood supply, infecting thousands of hemophiliacs and putting others at high risk,

Sabus Wins Special District Vote continued from page 1 "There were a lot of absentee ballots," said Sabus. "In fact, absentee ballots gave me my margin of victory." Sabus was chosen Treasurer of the Board, and has already begun to make good on his campaign promises. In June, he successfully opposed the imposition of "user" fees on property that does not use the district's sewer system. He has also fought for cost controls that will result in savings to the people served by the district. "There are lessons other candidates can learn from this race," Sabus maintains. "You have to have meaningful, substantive positions on the issues, and you have to have a meaningful set of beliefs that are driving you. Then you have to communicate those things to the voters." Sabus believes that the time is right for libertarian ideas, and that there are many local races where a committed pro­freedom candidate can duplicate his success. while for years they chose not to disseminate an available AIDS test. Learn why certain viral studies attempting to learn more about transmission of a fatal disease were stopped. Learn about the size of the virus versus the protection offered by latex condoms. Learn about the virus being in saliva, tears, sweat, urine, and all other bodily fluids. Learn how AIDSpeak launched personal attacks on Dr. Day for exposing the truth about medically unhealthy lifestyles, without refuting any of her evidence. Learn how AIDSpeak has let this virus get out of control. Learn how contagious diseases have been contained in the past, and what must be done to control this

' deadly epidemic. I Learn how a medical problem has been so highly politicized through AIDSpeak that it is difficult for the medical community to stand up and shout the truth. Is it any wonder why the Libertarian Party is pushing for Project Healthy Choice and the Cato Institute advocates Patient Power? The main lesson to be learned from Dr. Day's book is that the government has neither the technical expertise nor the personal interest to run our health care industry for the betterment of the populace. Learn also that Atlas is shrugging. Dr. Day retired from orthopedic surgery because AIDSpeak put her family and coworkers at risk by denymg tnefruth-:­ QUALITY PRESS

Books Perfect Bound -3 Ring -Saddle Stitched Publications -Manuals 1,000 to 20,000

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3964 South Mariposa, Englewood 761-2160

The board met in two sessions on Saturday, July 16th. The morning session was devoted to a goal-setting and communications workshop led by Janice Prince, longtime libertarian activist.

She told us that conflict is like manure; it's not good or bad, it's how you use it. You can pile it up in a big, smelly heap, or use it as fertilizer to make things grow. Go into curiosity mode and ask people questions. For example: How does nationalized health care help people? We also learned six ways people know things: Authority, Mysticism, Feels Good, Personal Experience, Common Sense, and Scientific Inquiry. These are like languages; if someone is talking to you in Feel Good language, and you answer them with Scientific Inquiry, you aren't communicating; you have a conflict. Answer them with a paraphrase. We developed a PURPOSE for the LP which we'd like you to think about: To enable individuals to interact voluntarily, to think freely, and to take responsibility for their own lives, thereby maximizing human potential and dignity.

One STRATEGY we talked about is to Lower Barriers to Ballot Access. This promotes a VISION of a Greater Opportunity to Promote Our Message. We can achieve this with GOALS of Court Action, Lobbying, or Initiatives. Another STRATEGY might be to Recruit More Members. This promotes a VISION of having More Influence on the Political Process. We can achieve this with GOALS of Outreach Booths at Fairs, Mailings to Registered Voters, TV or Radio Ads. Participants felt that this was quite a useful and informative exercise. We may repeat it with each new board of directors, and some board members felt it might be useful to do at the state convention so all members could benefit.

The afternoon session was our regular board meeting. David Bryant, Membership, reported 13 combined (state and

national) memberships, and 8 state memberships. National membership is up to 336. Doug Anderson, Campaigns, reported about 300 signatures

for Judd Ptak and about 200 for the Aitken/Martin campaign. The ACLU will be filing a pro bono ballot access lawsuit on behalf of Carol Hill and John Lappart, two members who are attempting to get on the ballot for county offices.

Richard Combs, Publications, said the newsletter will go to the printer July 19th or 20th. We need an Advertising Manager to solicit ads and make sure they get billed and paid.

Dann Hayes, Public Information, is working on press packets

for candidates. The board authorized up to $150 for this. Dave Segal, Fundraising, expects to have the pledgers database completed within 30 days. He will be using office volunteers to get the next (and long-overdue) pledge letter out.

We expect to have some volunteers in the office on a regular basis. Each board member present identified one task the volunteers could work on.

Richard Combs is beginning to compile questions for a survey to be included in our information packet.

Is it 1996 Yet? by Larry Hoffenberg Had it with Slick Willie and "the little fust lady with megalomania?" Then join a grass roots movement spreading as fast as a Colorado brushfire this summer. You've probably heard of the Clintons' plea for public assistance with their personal legal defense bills relating to Whitewater, the Paula Jones affair, and whatever else may come along. Well, thousands of disgruntled citizens across the country are sending the Clintons a very firm message in response to their plea. Send your check for "zero dollars and not one red cent," two cents, or whatever amount you feel makes the appropriate statement to: The Presidential Legal Expense Trust Fund Department 70 Washington, D.C. 20055-0070 727 A2-57f/1070 July 4 · ,___2i 9 Presidential Legal Expense Trust Fu~~....:_:__] $ 0.00 _ o_c_E_N_·T_!__·_Vo//ars

07~7 If you'd like, you can call (202) 429-1780 and make your

"contribution" by phone. Note: This is a grass roots effort, not sponsored by the Libertarian Party. Spread the word to everyone!

Page6 CLiPboard August, 1994

Libertarian Book Sale Scheduled

At 2 pm on August 13th, we will be holding a book sale in the LP office. Over 400 hardback ($2) and paperback ($1) books will be available. The selection includes politics, economics, history, psychology, philosophy, and fiction, including Ayn Rand. Books will be sold in round-robin fashion, with each participant selecting one volume on his or her turn. Northeast Colorado Meeting Scheduled

Libertarian activist Bette Rose Smith (formerly Brees) is sponsoring an organizational meeting for libertarians in the northeast corner of the state on August 8th at 7pm. The location had not been set when we went to press, so if you want to attend you should call her at (303) 228-4456. Especially encouraged to attend are residents of Morgan, Logan, Sedgewick, Phillips, Washington, and Yuma counties. Libertarian Party Membership

Join the Libertarian Party today and helg the cause of Freedom in 1994. State dues include a CLiPboard subscription. National dues include the LP News. Check One: D $30 Combined State and National LP Membership D $15 State Membership Only D $25 National Membership Only Add $5 for Basic or $20 for Deluxe (circle one) Project Healthy Choice package. Name: -----------------­ Address: ________________ City, State, ZIP _____________ Telephone:. _ _ ________ _____ Work Phone: _ ____________ _ I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals. Signature ________________ (Signature is required only for national membership.)

What does the above pledge mean? We ask our members to disavow the initiation of force. This does not mean that you cannot defend yourself; you do have a right to defend your life, liberty, and property. It means that you cannot use the coercive power of government to forcibly achieve your personal, ethical or religious goals. This commitment helps us maintain our principles and provides us with a measuring stick to determine if we have strayed from our common goal: a society where all relationships among persons are based on voluntary cooperation. Make checks payable to Libertarian Party of Colorado 720 E. 18th Ave, #309 Denver CO 80203 LP Launches Operation Safe Streets Following in the path of Project Healthy Choice by offering solutions, not just opposition, the national LP has launched Operation Safe Streets (OSS). This eight-page proposal, put together by Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute is, in the words of LP Chair Steve Dasbach, "comprehensive, covering restitution to victims, private prisons, the Second Amendment, drug prohibition, education, and welfare." Dasbach describes the project as the second step toward "putting our party on a business-like footing-selling Libertarian solutions to people's problems." Plans for promoting OSS include running two-page ads in gun magazines, mailing the entire package to 500 radio talk show hosts, and mailing a recruitment letter to a test group of 15,000 gun owners. You can get an advance copy of Operation Safe Streets by making a minimum contribution of $25 to help fund the project. Send your check, or call in a credit card donation, to the national (LPUS) office (address and phone on page 7). Kudos to ... • Michelle Bethke, who, with some help from her sister, Bette Rose Smith (formerly Brees), completely cleaned, rearranged, and redecorated the LP office. Wow! Did they do a great job! + Jon Baraga, Tom Tancredo, Bill Orr, and others for testifying in U.S. District Court against 1993's overly restrictive and unconstitutional petition circulation laws.

+ Clark Marley, Jeff Orrok, and Larry Hoffenberg for speaking out at a recent Aurora City Council meeting. The threesome provided the only public opposition to a proposed ordinance to publish photographs of citizens arrested for, but not convicted of, solicitation of a prostitute.

+ Bette Rose Smith for taking on the challenging job of producing coherent minutes of LPC Board meetings, often working from a tape of the proceedings.

+ Larry Hoffenberg, who on July 13 had letters to the editor in both the Denver Post and the Aurora Sentinel. The former took the Post to task for its ongoing attacks against TABOR. The latter made Aurora politicians look like idiots for authorizing an $8,000 study of why Aurora's sales tax revenue hasn't grown as fast as Denver's has.

+ George Soros, billionaire international investor and philanthropist, for contributing $6 million to the Drug Policy Foundation, which supports decriminalization of drug use and an end to the drug war.

Know someone (maybe you) who wrote a letter, manned a booth, made a speech, distributed literature, or got mentioned in print doing something for the cause? Tell us about it or send us the clipping. We'll do the rest.

August 1994 CLiPboard Page7

Libertarian Party -US National HQ (202) 543-1988 1528 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003 National Chair Steve Dasbach (219) 432-7145 4523 Morning Wind Pl., Ft. Wayne IN 46804 LNG Regional Representative James Dan (702) 626-1776 Box 10833, Reno NV 89510 New Member Info 1-800-682-1776 LP Nat'I Newsline 1-900-4LiberT $1.95/minute (454-2378) Bection results, Congress Watch, LP news Libertarian Party of Colorado State LP Office (303) 837 -9393 720 E. 18th Ave. #309, Denver CO 80203 State Chair David Aitken (303) 831-4334 1240 Ogden #4, Denver CO 80218 Affiliates Director Bert Wiener (303) 934-3245 1534 S. Clay St., Denver, CO 80219 Campaigns Director Doug Anderson (303) 698-2651 531 Washington, #1, Denver, CO 80203 Fundraising Director David Segar-(303) 296-4059 2943 Vine St., Denver CO 80205 Legislative Director Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Membership Director David Bryant (303) 7 44-6577 520 S. Corona, Denver CO 80209 Publications Director Richard Combs (303) 871-8824 1382 S. Lincoln St., Denver CO 80210-2209 Public Information Director Dann Hayes (303) 434-6109 468 311/.t Rd., Grand Junction, CO 81504 Treasurer Cooper Jager (303)473-9655 2888 BluffSt., #247, BoulderCO 80301-1200 Local Contacts Arapahoe County (Englewood/Littleton) Chris Bennett (303) 770-5033 8159 S. Monaco Cirde, Englewood CO 80112 Aspen "The Liberty Coalition" Tom Peckham {303) 925-6027

P.O. Box 9766, Aspen CO 81612 Aurora Libertarians Jeff Orrok (303) 393-6855 Boulder County Libertarian Party Kevin Wilkerson (303) 443-1870 4849 Baldwin Place, Boulder CO 80301 Libertarian Party Directory Chaffee County Bill Harrington (719) 539-7 415 P.O. Box 83, Poncha Spgs, CO 81242 Denver Libertarian Party Richard Combs · (303) 871 -8824 1382 S. Lincoln St.. Denver CO 80210-2209 Douglas County Rick Shaw (303) 693-5113 P.O.Box 1141, Parker CO 80221 El Paso County Libertarian Party Jeff Wright (719) 598-9241 PO Box 36000-207, Colo. Springs CO 80936-3600 Fort Collins "Freedom Now" Mary Margaret Glennie (303) 484-8184

1317 Lakewood Dr., Fort Collins CO 80521 Fremont County Libertarian Party Philip C. Freytag (719) 275-3115 750 Cone Ave .• Canon City, CO 81212 Jefferson County Libertarian Party Brandt Swanke (303) 424-9687 6259 Reed St., Arvada CO 80003 Lake County Carol Stuckey Hill (719) 486-3130 424 E. 11th, Leadville CO 80461 LaPlata County Mike Sheehan (303) 259-2733 303 E. 8th St.. Durango CO 81301 Pueblo County Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonny Mede, Pueblo CO 81001 Routt County Robert Jahelka (303) 879-4127 P.O. Box 881987, Steamboat Springs CO 80488 Teller County Michael DeNoto, Jr. (719) 689-2348 10239 County Rd. 11, Florissant CO 80816 Western Colorado Libertarians Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Campus Organizations Adams State College Cate Varhely (719) 589-6880 523 Bell Court, Alamosa CO 81101 Auraria Campus Jessie Stephenson (303) 839-8124 1376 Pearl St .• Denver CO 80203 Colorado School of Mines Sarah Lambert (303) 278-4820 214 S. Holman Way, Golden CO 80401 CSU Campus Libertarians Bruce Lockhart (303) 223-7504 2500 E. Harmony Rd. #71, Ft. Collins CO 80525 Mesa State College Dale Doelling (303) 241-7869 P.O. Box 60143, Grand Junction CO 81506 Red Rocks Community College Doug Turner (303) 278-3027 1460 Kendrick St., Golden CO 80401 University of Colorado -Boulder Walter Sigafoos (303) 447-2784 805 29th St. #104, Boulder CO 80304 University of Denver Robert Miller (303) 777 -1655 1275 S. Columbine, Denver CO 8021 O UCCS Campus Libertarians Robert Cramer (719) 637-8078 University of Southern Colorado Ed Trivett (719) 545-1913 207 Bonnymede, Pueblo CO 81001 Western State College / Gunnison PaulLabecki (303)641-1972 312 1/2 South Boulevard, Gunnison CO 81230 Help Wanted We need a volunteer Advertising Manager. Responsibilities include soliciting advertising, arranging for receipt of ad copy, collecting payment for ads, and tracking ad commitments. Contact LP office if interested. Volunteers Needed!

If we don't defeat Referendum "A" and pass Amendment 12, the right to petition will be dead in Colorado. The politicians will be able to kill any petition they don't like! We need help now! Can you do any of the following? Distribute literature Coordinate distribution in your area Write letters to the editor Make calls to talk shows Provide location for sign Sponsor/contribute for sign Contribute to radio/TV ad campaign Help with office/mailing activities If you value your liberty, call or write today: TABOR Committee PO Box 1900 Arvada, CO 80001 303-869-8306 Clyde Harkins, Treasurer

.. ­ Page8 CLiPboard August, 1994-·

\ \

Upcoming Events---------­

August 2 Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184. 3&17 CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center. Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 9 Denver LP, Palace Restaurant, 6265 E. Evans, 7:00 p.m. Note new day (2nd Tuesday) and location! Speaker or video. (303) 871-8824. 9 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 10 Boulder LP, Old Train Depot, 30th &Pearl, 7p.m. Note new day (2nd Wednesday)! (303) 443-1870. 13 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shootist Society. (303) 484-6824. 15 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 16 Aurora Libertarians, Country Buffet, 1026 South Sable, 7 p.m. (303) 755-4843. 17 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th Ave., 7 p.m. Speaker. (303) 424-9687. September 6 Ft. Collins 1st Tue. Breakfast Club, Wally's, Oak Street Plaza, 7 a.m. Speaker. (303) 484-8184. 7&21 CSU Campus Libertarians, CSU Student Center. Bruce Lockhart, (303) 223-7504. 10 Ft. Collins 2nd Saturday Shoolist Society. (303) 484-6824. 13 Denver LP, Palace Restaurant, 6265 E. Evans, 7:00 p.m. Note new day (2nd Tuesday) and location! Speaker or video. (303) 871-8824. 13 Ft. Collins 2nd Tue. Discussion Group, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 14 Boulder LP, Old Train Depot, 30th &Pearl, 7 p.m. Note new day (2nd Wednesday)! (303) 443-1870. 19 Ft. Collins 3rd Mon. Social, 7 p.m., Mary Margaret Glennie's, 1317 Lakewood Dr. (303) 484-8184. 20 Aurora Libertarians, Country Buffet, 1026 South Sable, 7 p.m. (303) 755-4843. 21 Jefferson Forum, Lakewood Library, 10200 W. 20th Ave., 7 p.m. Speaker. (303) 424-9687.

Enforce the Bill of Rights. Vote Libertarian!

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