Colorado Convention 2017

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2017 Colorado Libertarian Party Convention
LPCO ConventionLogo2017.png
Liberty City
Dates: March 24-26, 2017
Location: Westminster
Venue: Westin-Westminster
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The 2017 Colorado Libertarian Party Convention was the annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO). It was held at the Westin-Westminster Hotel in Westminster, Colorado from March 24 through March 26.[1]


The convention consisted of amendment proposals to the bylaws and constitution of the Libertarian Party of Colorado. Delegates elected board officers to the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Regions Director, Campaigns Director, Outreach Director, Membership Director, Communications Director, and Fundraising Director.

Other features included seminars, an exhibition/merchant hall, and a fundraiser banquet.

The main event was the 'Liberty City' panel, featuring Nebraska state senator Laura Ebke, LNC Vice Chair Arvin Vohra, and 2016 Presidential candidates Austin Petersen and Steve Kerbel. The panel was hosted by 2014 Colorado Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor Matthew Hess.[2]

Election of Board of Directors

LPCO Chair

Wayne Harlos was confirmed via voice vote.

LPCO Vice Chair


Richard Longstreth was elected Vice Chair.

Regions Director

Daniel Lutz elected as Regions Director.

Campaigns Director


Kim Tavendale was elected as Campaigns Director.

Outreach Director


Kevin Gulbranson elected Outreach Director

Membership Director


Steve Gallant elected Membership Director.

Communications Director


Caryn Ann Harlos elected Communications Director.

Fundraising Director


Eric Mulder elected as Fundraising Director.