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Chris Powell
Oklahoma Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Aaron Lein
Oklahoma Libertarian Party
Predecessor: Richard Prawdzienski
Successor: Steve Galpin
Personal Details
Birth: 1971
Midwest City, OK
Military: U.S. Marine Corps Reserve with combat service in the First Gulf War
Occupation: Evidence specialist
Residence: Bethany, OK
Party: Libertarian Party
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter

Chris Powell of Bethany, ran for State Representative(HD 100) in 2000, getting nearly 15% of the vote. In 2001 he became Vice-Chair of the OKLP. In 2002 he ran for Bethany City Council as the only Libertarian among a loose coalition of four candidates, each challenging one of the incumbents. Powell received 34% of the vote in his race, the highest of the four challengers. The next year he became Chair of the OKLP, serving until 2005 when he was succeeded by Steve Galpin.

In 2016 when the OKLP regained ballot access Powell ran for Oklahoma County Clerk, amassing 89,019 votes. His 36% in this race is the highest percentage for any Libertarian candidate in Oklahoma, and his vote total in the county beat Gary Johnson's statewide total by over five thousand votes.

Powell recently served as Treasurer of the Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party and is currently an officer of the Oklahoma County Libertarian Party. He has had commentary published in the state's largest newspaper and at as well writing articles at

Powell is running for Governor and finished first in the LP gubernatorial primary on June 26th with 49% of the vote.

Organizational Positions

Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Chair (2003—2005)
  • Vice-Chair (2001—2003)
Central Oklahoma Libertarian Party
  • Treasurer (2017—2018)
Oklahoma County Libertarian Party
  • District Representative (2018-present)