California Convention 2019

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LPC Convention 2019
Dates: 5-7 April 2019
Location: Concord, California
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An annual convention of the Libertarian Party of California was held 5-7 April 2019 at the Crowne Plaza in Concord, California.

At this convention, the Bylaws and Convention Rules were amended, and elections were held for various positions on the state Executive Committee. Four officers and three Area Coordinators were elected for two-year terms. In addition four at-large members were elected for two-year terms and one for a one-year term, along with two alternates. The convention also voted to delete all planks of the existing platform.


  • Chair - Mimi Robson
  • Vice Chair - Kenneth Brent Olsen
  • Secretary - Paul Vallandigham
  • Treasurer - Steve Haug
  • Northern Area Coordinator - Brandon Nelson
  • Central Area Coordinator - Justin Quigley
  • Southern Area Coordinator - Wendy Hewitt
  • At Large - 2-year terms: Rick Dawson, Kalish Morrow, Boomer Shannon, Joshua Smith; 1-year term: Jason Quintero
  • At Large Alternates - Devin Harris,Jillian Olsen

For all of the officer positions except Chair, and all of the area coordinator positions, there was only one candidate. Following are the votes reported in the elections in which there was more than one candidate.

Mimi Robson 92
Joshua Smith 24
Robert Imhoff 17
At Large
Kalish Morrow 69
Joshua Smith 64
Boomer Shannon 57
Rick Dawson 55
Jason Quintero 45
Jillian Olsen 39
Christopher Stare 31
Eduardo Flores 23
Michael Mahoney 19
Thomas Soules 11
At Large Alternate
Jillian Olsen 37
Devin Harris 35
Christopher Stare 33
Eduardo Flores 23
Mark Herd 17
Gail Lightfoot 11


Video recordings of portions of this convention:

Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon
Sunday Morning
Sunday Afternoon

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