Antelope Valley Libertarian Party

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Antelope Valley Libertarian Party
General Information
Jurisdiction: Los Angeles County, California
Status: Defunct

The Antelope Valley Libertarian Party is a former regional affiliate of the Libertarian Party of California. It is located in Los Angeles County. It was part of region 68.

Executive Committee

Jim Hoericks, chair

Past Officials, Staff, and Other Contacts

Jason Gonella, chair
Aaron Demyen, vice chair
Doc Ellis, treasurer
Greg Bashem, chair, secretary
Shawna Bashem, webmaster
Bob Burke, secretary (c. 1995)
Pablo Campos, newsletter publisher
Clyde Dotson, membership
Doc Ellis, vice chair, treasurer
Dave Erickson, vice chair
Eric R. Fussell, chair (c. 1995)
John Gibson, traesurer
Jason Gonella, chair, treasurer?, newsletter, website
Rose Gonella, secretary
William Holmes, vice chair
Richard Huemer, secretary
Deanna Peugeot, chair, secretary, website administrator, newsletter
Sandra Roundtree, vice chair (c. 1995), newsletter editor (c. 1995)
Dorthea Taylor, treasurer
Ronald Tisbert, treasurer (c. 1995)

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